Winter Skin Care Tips and Home Remedies

We all love winters, for this is the only season, where we can cherish the sun and love it for its warmth, and the cool hoodies and all the winter collection we get to wear with a fairer skin is just amazing. But oopsie, our dry and itchy skin so irritates us, that it almost turns the sweet winter into something too sour to digest.

But now we can enjoy winters, with no worrying about our skin its dryness and itchiness, as stable joys is here to provide you winter skin care tips.

We often worry about our skin and spend lots of money on winter face cream, winter face moisturiser and other skin care products for women, but we should know that none of these work until we work on our skin from inside like with a healthy diet and application of natural products.

So here our few winter dry skin remedies, this is your own skin care school, and we will help you set the best winter skin care routine. Here is the answer to your questions like, How to take care of dry skin in winter? How to avoid dry skin in winter? How to take care of skin in winter at home?

So we begin with some skin care tips for winter and later move on to winter skin care home remedies.

Skin care tips

  • hydrate your skin.

The air is drier in winter than summers,  which often results in loss of water from your body through evaporation and hence, the first and foremost advice is to stay hydrated. If you are not able to drink water than keep up the water content through juices and salads.

  • Skin Care Routine Is a Must

 We are all comfy in our blankets and too lazy to wash our faces before going to bed, but we must cleanse our skin twice a day, also apply a heavy moisturizer at night before sleep, and a light one during day time to lock in the moisture also don’t forget to apply them. In damped skin as it absorbs moisture better.

  • Embrace a healthy diet.

Now say yes to all the healthy food consume all the healthy and seasonal fruits and vegetables like carrot, beetroot, spinach, berries are also a source of antioxidants and vitamins, drink milk to enhance the glow on your skin. Give your body all the nutrients it requires to keep your skin healthy.

  • Avoid hot water

We all love to have hot showers in winters, but it’s better to avoid them and use Luke warm water, to wash your body and face. As hot water, dries your skin faster, and your skin can also develop cracks if moisturiser is not applied immediately after hot showers.

  • Don’t dump your Sunglasses

This advice is applicable mostly for the people, who resides in an area with heavy snowfalls. Glares from the snow and the sun are harmful for the skin around the eyes and can cause issues like fine lines,  brown spots etc.  So whenever you plan to move around, don’t forget to wear on your sunglasses.

  • Exercise

We all are so comfortable in our blankets, that we don’t feel like coming out of them, but if we really love our skin,  we must buck up and exercise regularly to have that healthy glowing skin.

Exercises helps in the pumping of our heart rate,  which further helps in pumping more blood to our skin and other organs.

Skin Care Home Remedies

  • Try the milk and almond pack to get your natural skin back.

Almond contains a high amount of fatty acids and   Vitamin E. Milk also acts as a wonderful moisturizer of the skin face pack of milk and almond will help your skin get a natural glow, making it softer and reducing the dryness.  It is one of the best face moisturizer for winters. And no doubt it is your one step winter skin care solution.

Use 1 tbsp almond powder and 2 tbsp raw milk make a paste of it and apply as a pack on your face, keep it for 10 minutes, massage gently after that and then rinse with water.

PS : Avoid using this step if you are allergic to milk or milk products.

winter skin care home remedies

  • Apply this papaya-banana pack, and avoid the ageing facts.

Papaya is rich in antioxidants whereas bananas are full of vitamins and both together works as best anti-ageing products.  Use this pack and get a rejuvenated, firmer and younger looking skin.

Use a piece of ripe papaya, 2 tbsp of honey and 1 banana, mash both the fruits together and add honey, mix all the contents well. Apply on face and other dry areas of the body.

This is surely one of the most easy winter beauty tips that could be used to get a beautiful and moisturised skin.

  • Coconut Oil, the beauty oil.

Coconut Oil helps make your skin soft and prevents moisture loss as it contains fatty acids, also providing natural moisture to the skin.

Apply virgin coconut oil at night before going to bed in winters.  This is definitely an answer to the common questions like how to take care if dry skin in winter? Or  an answer to your search of winter skin care home remedies. It is best all natural skin care products.

  • Buttermilk and yogurt,

Yogurt contains,  vitamin B6, Zinc, Calcium and other enzymes, It helps cleansing your skin and also lightens up the blemishes, Buttermilk’s peeling property helps clear the dull and dry skin during winters, also it helps in soothing the itchiness caused due to dry skin.

Use 1 cup yogurt and 1 cup buttermilk., mix the equal quantities together and apply all over the body, keep it for  15 to 20 minutes and then wash off with water.

This definitely will help you with the winter skin rash and other skin problems in winters due to dryness. And is an acadian skin care solution.

  • Glycerine is serene

Glycerine which is easily available can help in solving various skin problems in winter and can act as a winter face moisturizer. It’s humectant and emollient properties helps in making skin soft and restoring the hydration of the skin.

After washing your face, pat dry it and then apply glycerine with a cotton ball all over the face, leaving the lips and eye area on a damp face. Do not wash your face, after applying glycerine and leave it on. Glycerine acts as a solution skin care and can act as a skin cream for dry skin in winter.

So these were some of the basic skin care tips and home remedies for your winter care, hope you all like it and next time visit us with a beautiful and glowing skin, you may thank us later for the same, and if you want us to write on some specific topic, you can let us know in the comments section.

Stay fit, Stay happy.

Happy Winters.

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