VEGETARIAN DIET FOR GOOD HEALTH: Being a vegetarian person it is important to take all that foods that are none less than that of a non-vegetarian’s diet. Because people just remember that being a vegetarian one must be away from the health gains that a non-vegetarian diet can provide and the way it can keep you healthy. But there are many things that you should keep in mind to stay healthy maintaining a vegetarian diet, almost equivalent to heavy diet like meat. Vegetarian diets normally do not contain proteins, vitamins and minerals that meat can provide but yes they are really important for the body.

So, here we are, to enable Stable Joys to your lifestyle and tell you about all these nutrients that will not lead to deficiency of important compounds to your body, still maintaining your diet on vegetarian food.

  1. Include good amount of fats in your diet

Fats are very important nutrients that are found in various vegetarian foods, fats help in absorption of important vitamins to body like vitamin K, vitamin E, D and A as well. Fats are of different type which are found in different products and they are essential for building of new cells in the body and regulation of cholesterol and heartbeat too.

Nuts, seeds and fruits contain unsaturated fats which should be daily inhaled at least 30 %. Another are monounsaturated fats which are found in almond oils, coconut oils and hemp oils which should also one third of your daily diet. Another one third part of fats should be there in body, which are polyunsaturated fats and are found in avocado, sunflower seeds and oil as well.

  1. Fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6

These help in the prevention against problems such as heart diseases, muscular degeneration, psoriasis and eczema. Normally these fatty acids are found in most of the non-vegetarian food like fish or eggs but if you are looking for same fatty acids in vegetarian foods then you need to consume green veggies in high amount and take good amount of vitamin supplements.

  1. Balance your grains and veggies for protein

Proteins can be inhaled from plant based diets mainly as they are made up of amino acids which are found in beans, brown rice, chickpeas, quinoa and tofu. Intake of proteins should be around 40% lb of your body weight.

  1. Intake of vitamin B-12

This is a water soluble vitamin that is from family of Vitamin B and is very important for the body, as it helps in natural functioning of nervous system and brain, B12 further helps in forming DNA and blood. This should be taken as dietary supplement only for the vegetarians and is present in soya milk, nutritional yeast and cereal.

  1. Intake of enough Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps you in maintenance of nervous system function and immune system as well along with this it helps in building good bone density and muscle health along. People that eat lactose get enough vitamin D amount from milk, cheese and yogurt as well. Other sources for vegetarians who believe in plant based diet, can get good amount of vitamin D from mushrooms, soya milks, orange juice, and other foods containing Vitamin D.

  1. Addition of extra salt in diet

Iodine is what which is found in salt and people who do not consume fish should go for more amount of iodine intake by adding more salt into your diet. Iodine deficiency can led to bad metabolism and can affect natural growth of body.

  1. Good amount of iron and vitamin C

Iron is what that is component of haemoglobin in the red blood cells which distribute oxygen throughout the body. Vegetarian people may need almost double the amount of iron as compared to people who can have non-veg food. Iron is not absorbed by the body from plant based diet that efficiently as it is by the non-veg foods but eating leafy greens along with vitamin C rich products like oranges can help you to fulfil the need.

  1. Give good amount of calcium to body

This is the most common in dairy products like milk, whereas raw milk is one of the richest product in case of calcium. Calcium is responsible for building strong bone and it is one of the most valuable compounds that is needed by body. Deficiency of calcium can lead to problems like hypocalcemia which can further lead to problems like kidney failure, seizures and muscle spasms.

  1. Consumption of complex carbohydrates

Most of the food we have in a day is made up of only three compounds that are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are normally made up of long chain of carbon chain which are of two types, simple and complex. Simple carbohydrate is found in sugar whereas complex ones are found in potatoes, watermelons, breads and many more which provide us good amount of fiber and starches. Try to inhale more complex carbohydrate foods than simple carbohydrates more intake of those can lead to heart disease and various health issues.

This is all vegetarians, now you can also get enough of good nutrients keeping yourself away from non-veg foods and balance your diets in a stable way.

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