Types of Insomnia, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

WHAT IS INSOMNIA? Insomnia is the name of a sleep disorder that does not let you sleep efficiently. There can be multiple reasons behind the cause of this problem and some people fail to recognise that they are dealing with the disorder.

Hence it is good to know about the symptoms of insomnia:

You may find difficulty in falling asleep on a daily routine.

You may start to feel restless and may wake up more early than expected and find it difficult to go back to sleep again.

You will start to feel tired all the time and especially when you awake in the morning.

You will try various ways like reading books, gaming or other things to fall asleep but getting over it becomes next to impossible and you will feel irritated.

Insomnia sometimes lasts only for a few days like 3-4 days and can also be as long as 2 weeks maximum but if this is not the case with you then you should visit a doctor for good treatment and help.

Insomnia not only affects your sleep but this also interferes in your personal space, your communication and concentrating power will lose and frustration will take it over. Insomnia causes restlessness throughout your schedules and does not let you do almost anything completely.

Insomnia requires a lot of patience and inner piece to vanish out from your life but there are certain home remedies to treat insomnia that can help you to sleep better.


There are two major types of insomnia:

  1. Primary Insomnia: This is a very common problem that means that restlessness or lack in sleep is not because of any other related health issue of the person.
  2. Secondary Insomnia: This takes place when a person is already dealing with some other health related issue that is creating the state of insomnia. Problems such as Asthma, Arthritis, cancer, heartburn or depression are the major problems to which insomnia is related. These problems often give birth to bad sleep and sleeping problems, this is called as secondary insomnia.

Other types of insomnia:

  1. Acute Insomnia: Acute insomnia can be described as the short term insomnia which may or may not be related to any disease. While this type of insomnia from one or two nights sleep problems to a few weeks’ problems.
  2. Chronic Insomnia: Chronic Insomnia is a long term problem that lasts more than three nights a week and continues to more than a month. This often arises from the other problems like depression, asthma or chronic stress.


Causes of insomnia are different for everyone as some people may find it to be because of natural stress and late night awake problems. While some people may find it difficult to sleep because of unnatural depression and other symptoms related to their health.

Illness is very common cause of insomnia and this is usually for a smaller lap of time that is acute insomnia. Some normal life stress issues like break up, family tensions or tensions related to your job may also cause insomnia and restlessness in sleep. This sleep disorder is usually smaller and ends easily.

Sometimes your surroundings make it difficult for you to sleep like noise pollution, high or very low temperature of your room, high amount of light in your room may also become a problem that can give birth to insomnia.

Cold, allergy, high blood pressure, depression, asthma can be the causes behind your lack of sleep.

Pain in some parts of the body and bad medical conditions can lead you to insomnia problems. This may or may not require a special doctor advise or treatment but if it lasts very often and more than 1 month then you should see a doctor and help yourself out from this.


As said before that in many cases insomnia does not require a special or expert treatment while if this becomes a natural and long term problem then you may go through some of the natural home remedies to treat insomnia that will help you out in dealing with the problem.

If you visit a doctor or health expert he will look into your medical condition, medical history and some of the physical exams may also be requires for the same. During the treatment of insomnia it becomes important to keep an eye on your sleeping pattern and sleep cycle, along with the fact that how do you feel during the day. All this will help you in getting rid of insomnia.

You may also be advised to take some sleeping pills if your insomnia problem is affecting your schedule during the day times as well. Although this will be always a temporary option and try not to develop a habit of taking pills to help you sleep.

As these pills have some side effects that mostly arise when they are taken for a long time and they lose their effectiveness on your sleep as well. Other than pills behavioural changes also help you treat insomnia.

Some people have habit to use their phones in night for a very long time or studying whole day on bed which creates a problem for your mind to decide the exact function of your bed. Avoid doing late night usage of electronic items so that you can help heal yourself from the problem.


Most of the times cause of insomnia is only our behaviour of sleep. Sleeping at improper time will create problems in waking up early as well. Hence try to go to bed on a proper time so that you can wake up on scheduled time. This will take some time to come in your habits but will soon repair insomnia problem.

Avoid playing games in night of reading e-books on your phone while laying on your bed, this makes a lot of bad effects on your eye sight and even affects your sleeping schedule.

Avoid the things that contain caffeine late in night. Caffeine is one of the substances that disturbs your sleep more than anything else. Your quality sleep is lost when you consume alcohol or things containing caffeine in them.

Make a proper schedule to exercise daily but not near to your bed time. We suggest you not exercise at least 3 hours before the sleep.

It is not a good idea to have a heavy meal in night, while having a light snack before sleep will be good.

Design your sleeping location perfectly i.e. your bedroom, it should be comfortable, away from the noise factor and keep lights off while you sleep, on lights are never a good idea to go to sleep. It will be better if you even bring a night mask to help your sleep.

Avoid use of your bed for activities other than sleep or sex.

Do not take your tensions till your bed and try to relax yourself with some meditation before going to bed, this will relax your mind and help you for a light and relaxing sleep.

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