Tips To Overcome Anxiety

People suffering from anxiety and its types often wonder how to manage anxiety or how to overcome anxiety?  Here stable joy has come up with some quick tips as to how to stop an anxiety attack. So here are some tips and instructions for you to follow to help control your anxiety.

To begin with panic attacks, we all know that a panic attack can be trouble causing and terrifying at times, hence there are several tips to manage anxiety attack.

But first let’s define anxiety attack, a state of apprehension and fear that is a product of a real or imagined threat is known as an anxiety attack.

Understanding anxiety attack

Anxiety attack may be brief but its effect may lead to long-lasting fear and can strike suddenly out of the blue. And when these attacks occur more frequently or the fear of recurrence of the attack trouble then the person is said to have panic disorder. Which is a type of anxiety disorder.

How to manage anxiety attacks

First and foremost thing is to calm your mind until the symptoms fade away by coping up with your feelings.

We need to stop those negative feelings pertaining to future as it acts as the fuel to the fire of the attack, basically, their thoughts trigger their body reacting physically causing an attack people with anxiety has to understand this.

Tips To Overcome Anxiety Attack Are As Follows :

  • Don’t scare yourself

As we know being afraid is one of the cause of anxiety so being afraid of having an attack also becomes one of the reasons of having an anxiety attack, so our first and foremost tip is to stop being afraid of attacks.

Tips To Overcome Anxiety

  • Breathing slowly and deeply

It helps you to calm your body and mind. During a panic attack, you breathe quickly, try to not lose control over your body, and breathe slowly to calm your mind.

  • Stop and then think

When your thoughts start controlling you, and you feel that spin around you, causing an attack just stop and reorganise your thoughts and think.  And decide as to what you can do to calm yourself.

  • Divert Yourself

Try to divert or distract yourself from your feelings, when your thoughts start controlling, stop thinking and start focusing on what is good for you, try to think of something good, good people, best memories etc.

  • Understand that nothing lasts forever

No matter what the situation is always remember nothing lasts forever and has to come to an end,  this also goes well with your anxiety attack, remember it will ultimately come to an end. No matter how powerful or heavy attack you have it will come to an end. Sometimes it may feel that it may never end, but nobody goes through a never-ending attack

  • Think Positive.

Discard all your negative feelings and thoughts, and focus on the positive around you, this world is full of vibrant colours just absorb and reflect those colours present in you.  Think of the times positive when you managed situation with success this will help you reduce anxiety.

  • Stand for yourself.

Don’t let anyone drop you in a situation you are not comfortable with, stand for yourself, if you are not comfortable in a place with a person or a situation just walk away, don’t seek permission or help, there is totally no use upsetting yourself all the more.

  • All you need to do is just Relax.

Not only your mind but your body muscles like your mind and thoughts your body and muscles too need some relaxation at times. Anxiety tenses up your entire body, so make sure you relax your body, from your tiptoes to your neck to your head and relax.

Don’t wait for anxiety attack to overcome you, don’t let it start at all, don’t nurture it, try using these techniques which will help you a lot so this article is an answer to all your queries of as to how to stop anxiety attack and how to manage anxiety.

Not only good thoughts but good food too is required for a healthy heart and mind, your diet adds a lot your mental health so make sure you take the essential vitamins for anxiety some of them are, Vitamin B5 Vitamin B9, B12,  B6 together with magnesium can balance out anxiety.

So make sure you use these techniques next time if anxiety troubles you off, just kick away negative thoughts, and see you anxiety waving you goodbye.

Stay fit Stay happy.

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