Everyone including you and me also, want to gain something big in this world. And most of us find ourselves doing a lot of things but the success still not as close as it should be. There are things that we do which are useless and have almost no relation with our real goals. It is important to first analyse and then do every task.

But analyse what? Ever given thought to this? No! Analyse your work and your actions, we should keep an eye on our schedules that what are the things we are taking care of and what are the actual things we should care of. Ask yourself that are you doing hard work in the direction of your goal? Or just wasting your time on other useless things.

Also, remember that being successful for a time is a much easy thing but staying successful for a longer time is another and your need to prepare yourself to be able to stay on the top, not only to reach the top. So, it is advised not to use shortcuts to become successful, very firstly shortcuts do not bring success and if they do, the success is also like them “short-term success”.

Remember that if you go out on a vehicle from one place to another, you will have to face traffic jam. When you choose a career for your life, you actually choose all the benefits and also the side effects related to same automatically. But most of us just see towards the things which are beneficial and ignore the problems related to same. One day or another, we will have to face problems too.

The bigger our dreams will be, biggest will be the challenges in front of us. If you just want to keep your digestion process on the mark and you go to walk after your meals, this is merely a problem. But when you goal to run a marathon then you will need to practice more than the normal person and like an athlete.

To achieve something extra ordinary, how you can keep doing the ordinary things? Hans F. Hansen said “It takes nothing to join the crowed but it takes everything to stand alone”. So when it comes to bad phases of life, do not, its nothing but life’s way to tech you some great lessons which in future will be turning to experiences of your life. When you start dealing with all these things, you learn those things which are not being taught in schools or colleges.

Believe in yourself all the time and be confident about what you say and what you do. Give more concentration on listening and reading. As Dalai Lama said, “When you talk, you are saying only the things you already know, but when you listen, you may learn something new”. Feel confident and be clear about everything you do, you should have a particular goal while doing something that can further add to your goal and takes you more near to it.

Being positive and being practical at the same time is important and hence accept the challenges that are coming your way and believe that you are able to handle this, all the people who have reached to the top have not reached easily. They have gone through all the phases of their career, including the benefits and side effects as well. When you have income, accept that your will need to pay income tax too. Be practical and positive at the same time.

Keep your eyes focused on a particular goal, do not try to keep 2-3 career options, choose one you like and give your whole attention to it. When you try to do 80% of things, the output will merely be 20% but when you try to do only 20% things perfectly the outcome becomes more than 80%.

Be prepared for all the challenges coming your way, let difficulties know, you are difficult.

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