Just as we know that there are always signals or symptoms of everything that is happening or is going to happen with us or around us. This sets perfect for the health issues as well, our body naturally gives us symptoms when something is going wrong with our food intake or lifestyle. The very first signals we get are from our stomach that starts feeling sick, odd, uneasy or even painful sometimes when something is wrong with the lifestyle.

In result of this we can see the sudden change in the outcome, that is nothing but poop. Yes! Poop, this is the thing that can help us identify the problems going with us and also this further leads to the solutions. Hence we will be telling you that how you can know your health issues by just keeping an eye on the colour, size or shape of your poop. So, here we go to help you experience good life and Stable Joys.

Firstly we will be talking about the colour of poop;

  1. White

If you found the colour of your peep coming out to be grayish, white or matching with the colour of clay, this is the symbol of lack or bile or this can also be a problem related to your liver or gallbladder in which the bile is made and stored as well. This can be blockage of your bile ducts or gallstones and even cirrhosis. If you find white coloured mucus over brown stool, this can be a sign of crohn’s disease.

  1. Green

Green coloured poop is not a problem most of the time, this can be due to intake of more green vegetables or fruits. And if in the case you have not taken green vegetables, then your food may have very quickly passes from your digestive system and did not came in contact with bilirubin and bile.

  1. Yellow

One simple reason behind this is you may have inhaled too much yellow coloured drinks or many carrots. If not, then this is the sign of poor fat absorption and blockage of bile ducts, lack of enzymes produced by pancreas is also a reason behind this which can further lead to cystic fibrosis, celiac disease or chronic pancreatitis.

  1. Black

Before taking any kind of tension or before worrying about the colour of your poop you must notice that what you have exactly taken that day, if the colour matches with your food then everything can be fine as well. On the other hand, black stool can be symbol of bleeding in the intestine which is matter of concerning a good doctor immediately. This also arises because of the medicine intake that contain iron supplements.

  1. Red

Normally it arises due to intake of tomato or other drinks of red colour, and if this is not the case then this is a serious problem as mostly this is outcome because of blood. This can be symbol of anal fissure or the drastic diseases like ulcerative colitis, haemorrhoids or even problem like cancer can arise from it.

Now coming to the next part of this topic, that includes the discussion about shape of your poop. This information is not just came out of talks or jokes but it is a scientific study that is being served to you for the sake of good health and happy living. Now, let’s see that how appearance of your poop can tell you the problem;

  1. Solid lumps appearing like goat feces;

This is the symbol of constipation and this shows that your body is lacking fiber which is a very important nutrient for your body. You should start having fruits and foods that are rich in natural fiber, fruits like watermelon and apples can help you to fix this up.

  1. Large, Lumpy and sausage shaped

This is also the problem of constipation which has same solution as mentioned above. The shape can also arise due to long term intake of antidiarrhea medicine along with the lack of exercise or physical activity.

  1. Sausage-shaped cracked poop

The good news, nothing to worry about this one as this is a normal stool and is a symbol of nothing but a good health.

  1. Smooth, Sausage shaped and soft

This is also a no matter to worry, as this one is perfect poop which is symbol of your good diet and health as well. Keep your diet same and maintain the physical activity as well.

  1. Lumps that are small and soft or the fluffy pieces.

These are the sign of diarrhea, or in the other hand they can also be sign of irritable bowel syndrome. The problems are because of too much fiber intake, hence try to avoid too much fiber rich products and you can have foods that have low fiber like banana, potatoes and crackers.

  1. Just liquid

This poop is the clear sign of severe diarrhea which is further because of food poisoning, bacterial infections, medicine intake or intolerance of lactose. This can be controlled by having more water in a day or water rich fruit and juices to improve your hydration process. If they last for more than 2 days then you are advised to concern your doctor.

This is all for your poop which is now a sign of your good health or bad health, just keep an eye on the stool and keep a few things in mid before getting little panic attacks.

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