Symptoms of Schizophrenia And Common Treatments for Schizophrenia


Today we will be discussing about the symptoms and common treatments of schizophrenia along with this, sharing various other questions and quarries about it. Like, what is schizophrenia, schizophrenia medication, schizophrenia facts, can people with schizophrenia recover? , how long it takes to recover from schizophrenia, negative symptoms of schizophrenia, schizophrenia treatment and many more.

All this is important for one to know as schizophrenia is one of the dangerous diseases that can relate to human health. Along with this, it is also one of the most complex diseases. Treatment of schizophrenia is a way more different that of any other disease.

This is absolutely not a common disease and can’t happen to anyone, this is basically a physiological problem which develops from various factors.

But before going to any further details about schizophrenia we should first know and should understand that what is schizophrenia?

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a mental disease (mental disorder) which gives rise to many physiological problems which may change the nature of patient and also the vision of watching, along with affecting the way it behaves to the surrounding environment.

Facts about Schizophrenia

This is a fact that schizophrenia strikes estimably 1% of the total population and is a very rare & special disease which requires special treatment as well. In most of the cases and this is not wrong if we say that in almost every case, it requires a lifelong treatment.

Scientifically, it most commonly is found in the age between 16 to 30 years and is most probably shows its sign in males earlier than females. Schizophrenia takes place so slowly that in most of the cases the patient and his family are not aware of having had this from years.

And there are cases too in which it strikes suddenly and is very clear that this is a disease which requires treatment. In many cases, the patient is not at all ready to understand that he is sick or ill, and believes that nothing has happened to him. It becomes very difficult to treat these kinds of patients.

This is the problem can take place from various factors, the most common factor is that it can take place from the family. If there is been a history of schizophrenia in the family then this is a probability that it may have taken place from there.

In these cases, it becomes easy for doctors to understand the mental condition of the person and the physiology behind the mindset of the patient. The treatment of schizophrenia is mostly a physiological treatment in which a healthy talk between patient and doctor takes place.

This talk goes like a regular check-up and is a lifelong process again. One talk with the doctor can heal patient for some time and it convinces the patient to take the medicines for his/her treatment properly as people with this problem do not take their problem seriously as that do not know that what has happened to them.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia

People with schizophrenia are not able to handle mental stress and they are not able to concentrate on one work at a time. Sometimes they can seem very irritating and irresponsible but at the same time, they can seem very understanding and completely fine. Mood swings are one of the most common symptoms of schizophrenia.

People with this problem have developed a particular theory in their mind about themselves or for the people around them, hence they require a special type of behaviour to be done with them all the time. Beating and violence with these people is not the solution to your or their problem.

It becomes important to handle them with love and care all the time. It is important to understand their mental condition and be patient about their nature. Not sometimes but mostly, this kind of behaviour only becomes the best medicine for them.

Here are some of the specified symptoms of schizophrenia:

Positive symptoms: Unidentified things around the patient start to exist for him/her and he/she starts to behave abnormal in some situations. Disbeliefs and change in basic behaviour reflects the presence of schizophrenia.

Negative symptoms: These are the symptoms which take away facial expressions of the person dealing with schizophrenia, the lack of transformation of facial expressions may make it difficult for surrounding to understand them. Which can lead to increase in this problem and make it more complex.

Emotional symptoms: These are the symptoms when people tend to forget or unable to express their feeling to others confidentially. This becomes worst if it takes shape of a natural nature of the person.

Cognitive symptoms: These symptoms affect the thought process of a person and can be positive or negative. As it sometimes decreases the concentration of person on one work, one may think of something else while doing a work and the thought process does not matches the work process at all, which is a negative symptom.

List of some of the major symptoms of schizophrenia:

Delusions: This tends the patient to make false beliefs like they may think that they have extraordinary powers or on the other hand one may always feel unprotected from others or the patient thinks that someone is controlling them with remote or trying to kill them.

Thought Disorder:The person may change the subject of talk suddenly and switches to another topic without any particular logic. This may sound funny to people which may lead to lack of confidence in the patient, it is important to understand schizophrenia and treat it.

Hallucinations: In this process, person starts to hear voices or noises and sometime even smell and taste the things which are not there, this problem can further lead to attack the nervous system as well. Hallucinations can lead to much more major problems related to schizophrenia.

Some more symptoms of schizophrenia which are often seen:

Lack of motivation (also called as Avolition): The person starts to skip basic thinks in life, like cooking, bathing, forgetting things which are more than just easy to remember.

Poor emotional expressions: One stops responding to the happy and sad situations, or he or she can even react opposite to the actual situation which makes them poor in choosing the right facial expressions.

Social Withdrawal: In this one starts to live alone and talk to themselves only. They always thing that someone is going to harm them all the time which affects their sleep and living experience as well.

Cognitive difficulties: In this patient lacks his/her responsible nature and this affects their plan and decision making abilities.

Unawareness about health problems: This is basically the result of hallucination and cognitive problems as the person refuses to take medicines or visit the doctor because of the belief that everyone wants to harm them. On the other hand for an example, sometimes the person also refuses to take food because they thing that it is poisonous.

What are the causes of schizophrenia?

There is not a particular way through which schizophrenia can attack some person, there are several reasons and there are a number of things which can be responsible for this disease. Hence, we will be discussing about the most common possibilities which are often the roots of this problem.

Genetic inheritance: Schizophrenia is most of the times have developed from the family only, it can be directly related to parents or to the grand parents of the person who is suffering from the disease. And if there is no history of schizophrenia in the family, then there are less than 1% chances of developing this. On the other hand, if this is a family inheritance then there are 10% chances of schizophrenia.

Imbalance of chemicals in the brain: Scientifically all the emotions that a person deals within a day are due to one or more various chemical releases in the brain. Hence when the balance becomes imbalanced then the problems of schizophrenia can take place and it can be controlled by the medicines itself.

Environmental factors: Environmental factors include the problems like injuries caused during the birth or before the birth to the fetus. And there is no such proof that when someone is treated badly from childhood, this may also cause schizophrenia by affecting the mental health of the person. This is a very common problem which can last up to a lifetime and in this the patient needs a physiatrist to talk every month to stay balanced in life.

Particular drug addiction: Some drugs like stimulants and steroids may be good for the treatment of a disease but on the same time they may affect mental conditions of the patient as well. The possibility of this increases when the patient is in old age or when a child is given medicines which are not good for his/her mental health. Children tend to develop this problem very early if treated with bad medication.

Treatments of schizophrenia

Treatments of schizophrenia include three main things that when running parallel will heal the patient and can get them back to life. One is proper medication which is to be given to a person suffering from schizophrenia.

Although, there are medicines like Risperidone which are used for the treatment and have side effects like weight gain and diabetes but this is not seen often that a person has undergone side effects of this.

Another is an important treatment which is physiological counselling and this can heal the patient to a good extent. One starts to feel life and come back to the society with a confidence.

The last one is the very major and plays the most important role in the treatment of schizophrenia, these are self-help resources which are none other than family and relatives of the patient, they will need to keep in mind that he or she is a patient who is suffering from a disease on which he himself doesn’t have any control.

Patience is the best thing the family and the patient had to keep while the treatment of schizophrenia.

The combination of all three treatments is the fastest way of recovery from schizophrenia. But in most cases it is a lifelong process which requires a special attention to the patient and it is important to catch the symptoms of schizophrenia earliest in order not to make it a lifelong treatment.

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