Swollen Eyelids: Treatment, Symptoms Causes, Pictures

There are different reasons behind the swollen eyelids. Like it can be due to inflammation, because of excess edema (eye fluid) in the connective tissues and sometimes because of some external reasons, like some eyes are very sensitive to wind in the sand storm and many more.

Eye infections and injuries are also sometimes responsible for the swollen eyes. Eyes when swollen may or may not affect the upper and lower eyelids. Also, they may or may not be painful as it depends on the problem and sensitivity.

Sometimes the disease may not be that normal and swelling can affect the eyesight as well. These are diseases like Graves’ disease, ocular herpes or orbital cellulitis. So in each case it becomes important to visit a doctor and let know about the disease.

It is not a good news if swelling in your eyes is disturbing you to see as well and is affecting your ability to see. While in most of the cases of swollen eyes, the problem is not that serious, and an optometrist can help you out.

Reasons behind swollen eyes, and here are some of the possibilities:

  • Because of a bug bite eye swelling
  • Fluid retention
  • swollen itchy eyes from allergies
  • a red bump or stye
  • orbital or pre-orbital cellulitis
  • injury or trauma which is normally acclaimed by discoloration

as said before that swollen eyes may also indicate towards Graves’ disease or eye cancer but this is very rare case. Most of the times the eyes become normal itself by some home remedies like using some cold water to clean some dust from out parts of eyes.

If the swelling lasts more than 48 hours then the problem could be serious and a doctor should be consulted for the solution.

Causes of swollen eyelids:

  1. Syte

This is an infection of the gland in the eyelid, this mostly affects the base of eyelids and sometimes occurs because of infected oil glandes inside the eyelid.

what causes a stye? There are some symptoms of this infection.

Eye Stye starts with itchy, red and painful swollen lumps, slowly it increases day by day and gives birth to a pimple near the eye. Sometimes it affects only eye, not the eyesight and requires no treatments.

Eye stye Treatment: how to treat a stye? 

home remedies for stye infection include rubbing your eyes with the warm compress from a cloth for some time in a day.

If the problem does not go away in few days and symptoms like more than one stye appear, development of a fever, vision is affected appear then one should go to see a doctor.

eye stye causes treatment stye upper eyelid
source www.icarevision.com

Precautions that should be adopted: you should never try to pop the syte as this can make the problem worst and increase the pain. One should start avoiding eye products like eyeliners or else. No face washes around the eye should be applied.

  1. Chalazion

This looks like syte but this chalazion is not an infection. Although it happens when oil glands in the eyes get clogged. This problem causes pimple-like problems around the eye and it is very painful and can last for many days.

Chalazion Treatment: Home treatment includes warm compress of eyes which can reduce chalazion very quickly. If the bump becomes very large and is affecting eye site, then it becomes difficult to differentiate between syte and chalazion.

Chalazion can take become a syte, infection and can give rise to fever as well if it is not treated in time. Hence it is important to be careful and see a doctor if it becomes a problem.

  1. Allergies

Allergies can create itchy eyes, watery eyes and many other minor problems. These can be easily treated at homes and are not that much big issues like chalazion or syte. Hence rinse your eyes with cold water 2-4 times a day, they will disappear soon.

Eye Allergies are not harmful but they can be annoying most of the times.

  1. Because of cosmetics

Some people may not be able to bear the cosmetic products made for their eyes to look cool. They can be annoying to them instead, sometimes the cosmetic products can give birth to some allergies to eyes causing them to turn red and itchy.

Treatment: Solution to this is to buy artificial tear eye drops which are available both online and offline to reduce the problem and crying can take away the tiny particles of cosmetics annoying your eyes.

  1. Orbital cellulitis

This is a serious disease which occurs deep in the eye tissues. This can take birth from the small cut near the eyes. Orbital cellulitis is extremely painful and can swollen your eyes quickly along with painting them in red.

If all this happens this become important to visit emergency treatment as orbital cellulitis spreads very quickly and become just more than a disease. This infection requires antibiotic treatments done by doctors.

  1. Graves disease

Graves disease causes overactive thyroid and is an endocrine disorder. It creates inflammation and itching in the eyes. There are number of treatments available for the Graves disease out there like thyroid surgery and more.

  1. Blepharitis

Blepharitis causes bacteria collection around in and around the eyelids along with dandruff like particles in upper and lower eyelids. This does not have a cure and is a very annoying problem.

Blepharitis can cause infections as well and warm compress may or may not help it to reduce this, sometimes this becomes painful as well.

blepharitis treatment? Although, doctors usually provide strong medicines for the solution and this needs an antibiotic solution.

  1. Blockage of tear duct

This is most common in the newborn babies and a blocked tear duct do not let eyes drain out the tears completely.

It can also shut the eyes when one wants to open up. The problem is not harmful and cannot give birth to infections but is an annoying problem. This can be sometimes healed by the doctors or it heals itself in a time period.

Home remedies for the swollen eyes

You can definitely use some natural home remedies for the swollen eyelids as most of the times the reason is not that serious and eye swelling can be reduced at home only. So here are some tips which can help you to get rid of swollen eyes.

  • Use of saline solution to rinse your eyes
  • Use of cold things like water to rinse your eyes or you can use a wet cloth of cold fresh water and rub it against your eyes.
  • Remove contact lenses, if you wear
  • Place some chilled tea or cold coffee bags on your eyes as caffeine helps in reducing the eye swelling
  • Elevating your head in the night, which may help in reducing the fluid retention.
  • Use some normal medicines on a daily bases to keep your eyes healthy, like I tone or I cool are the eye drops which can help you keep your eyes healthy for a longer time.

This is all about the problems related to the swollen eyes and we hope that it will help you solve out the problems more confidently and enjoy StableJoys!

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