When summers arrive, watermelons are found everywhere although, this is a nutritious fruit containing almost 90% of water, good for digestion and rich in compounds like vitamin A, B6 and C along with this containing fiber content that makes you feel full and good for diet lovers. But just like everything, with all the good qualities, this fruit has its own ways to affect body in a bad manner too. Too much consumption of this fruit can lead to various problems rather than making you healthy and provide a happy living.

So, here we introduce you to the other side of coin, that is, Side effects of watermelon:

  1. Can become a reason behind problems like diarrhea, vomiting and bloating

Diarrhea, vomiting and bloating are some of the natural problems people face after the too much consumption of this fruit. This is because of the reason that a compound known as lycopene is present in watermelon which is good for health in many ways but when levels of lycopene are higher in the body then people may face many stomach related issues like vomiting, gas, nausea and bloating which are very common in old people as the digestive system too becomes older along with the age.

So, it is advised not to consume too much of watermelon, as this can create problems in your digestive system, although one or half watermelon is enough for the day to go as it makes you feel full and healthy, while more consumption that the need can lead to such problems.

  1. Can lead to cardiovascular disorders

Cardiovascular disorders include various problems like weak pulse rate of body, cardiac arrest, irregular heartbeat and more. These arise due to over consumption of fruit along with the diet which contains heavy levels of potassium in them. Watermelon is also rich in potassium levels and hence it is advised that you should avoid food containing potassium to consume at the same time as you eat watermelons. These can lead to various problems other than cardiovascular disorders, issues that can affect nervous system of the body and can be dangerous for motor control as well. This is again most common in adults rather than in children, so you should take cake while having food.

  1. May become a problem for diabetes patients

There are many particular types of watermelons which are advised for the diabetics where as some others contain too much level of natural sugar and which can lead to high sugar levels in the blood. Other than this if a person is insulin resistance then blood sugar remains in the place but when there is fall of glucose in the body then insulin takes birth. This process takes level of sugar high in the blood and makes it more sensitive towards sugar foods. So while having watermelons, especially the diabetics should take care that the fruit is not very sweet, if they find it then it is advised to maintain the limit of inhaling the same, so that it does not affect you in uncomfortable way.

  1. Can fall the Blood Pressure levels

Watermelon is good for people who often suffer with high blood pressures but people suffering from low blood pressure should always avoid the consumption of watermelon. As there are vitamins and compounds in the watermelon which are known for the reduction of blood pressure, if you are already suffering from the same then you should not eat this fruit as it can stop the effect of your medicines, also this can create problems with your daily routine too.

  1. Gives birth to allergic reactions

Although, watermelon is a great source for developing healthy skin and hairs too, but somehow it has some properties that might not work as good as they work with normal skin types.

There are some specific skin types and people that are too much sensitive to in case of allergies and other problems. To all the people who get allergies from consumption of carrots, cucumber and latex, will surely be not comfortable with the intake of watermelon too. This will develop several allergies which result in mild rashes or severe, anaphylaxis and abnormal swelling of face. So, before the intake of this fruit you must concern your doctor first which can guide you in a better way.

  1. Excess of watermelon during pregnancy may lead to complications

Again, watermelon is actually good for pregnant woman but in limited quantity as body of a pregnant woman does not act like a normal body during the time of pregnancy, hence this is advised that you should have limited intake of the fruit with the concern of your doctor during the pregnancy days. High consumption of watermelon during pregnancy lead to high blood sugar levels, that further lead to gestational diabetes which are not good for mother and as well as for the child too. So, before going for the fruit in heavy amount concern your doctor and consume in the needed quantity to avoid becoming part of abnormal complications.

  1. Loosen the stools

There are natural types of sugars which are present in some natural substances like watermelon and they are somehow responsible for issues like loose stools. A sugar type called as sorbitol is present in watermelon and some people who are hypersensitive from this sugar substance intake are advised to avoid watermelon and remove it from their diet list as it can be reason behind loose stools along with gas problems.

  1. Rise in problems related to muscles and nerves

These effects are normally seen when some people tend to consume more than needed quantity of watermelons. Problems related to muscles and nerves along with kidneys are found from the excessive intake of watermelons.

  1. Can cause erectile dysfunction in men

One of the side effects eating too much watermelon can also give birth to erectile dysfunction in men which is actually development of inability to stay sexually active and it is sometimes also referred as impotence. Frequent arise of this problem is a serious issue and if this happens that you must concern a doctor the treatment and this can be because of excessive watermelon consumption and it adds to health problems further as well.

  1. Other negative effects on body

As said before that excessive intake can affect kidneys as well, kidneys if weaken then decrease the efficiency of working in a perfect way which lead to less extraction of harmful substances from the body, which further leads to swelling  in the legs. Excessive intake of watermelon also increases the amount of water in the body which increases the volume of blood as well and these problems give birth to swelling in various parts of body along with fatigue and exhaustion.

So, these are the warnings and happenings that can take place after the too much consumption of this delicious fruit but this can fill you up with number of problems as well. Having it in daily routine is good but it’s better to limit your level to a suitable portion so that you stay healthy and fit. And do not forget that watermelon is not a bad fruit for your health and skin care, it has more benefits than side effects, so, go for both the sides of coin and limit your quantity of intake of this fruit.

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