Although there are many health benefits of kiwi fruit but you might get shocked to know that there are some side effects of kiwi fruit which can arise due to various reasons among which one of the most prior reason is high consumption of the fruit which can be only with some particular people or something else. Now let us know about this and get aware of all the side effects and problems which can arise due to intake of this delicious Chinese fruit, Kiwi. Here is the list of some:

  1. Can be allergenic to some people

Allergenic reaction from intake of kiwi is not traced often but it can cause various allergies to some really sensitive people in case of skin especially. Hypersensitive people may get allergies from the fruit and it can lead to various problems like rashes and itches. It can also become a reason behind difficulty in breathing, asthma problems, vomiting and eczema. So this is said not to consume too much quantity of fruit especially when you are very sensitive to the allergies. Moreover if you are dealing with the same, then also you can firstly ask your doctor to advise you in a correct way for the same.

  1. Can increase the problem of dermatitis

Dermatits is a problem or a type of skin allergy which is in some people and it may be inbuilt problem or can cause due to having some other food which has taken this shape. Kiwis contain proteinase actinidin that is allergic in nature and is similar in papain too. This might cause or can increase the problem when it comes to contact with particular cell types of body. So people who have diseases like latex allergy are advised to avoid the fruit completely or they can also ask their doctor for the advice. As this can also be the case with only hypersensitive people, so no need to worry, you just need to concern a good doctor of you are already dealing with the problem.

  1. Can damage pancreas

The problem in very main part that helps in digestion of food, pancreas can arise due to over consumption of kiwi fruit. There are serotonin, potassium, vitamin C and Vitamin E are present in kiwi which are usually good for health and has their own properties to relax us in their own way but eventually when these compounds are inhaled in excess then the level of triglycerides in blood can increase. This increased quantity of triglyceride in blood can lead to major problems related to pancreas and can even damage it. So, one should be aware that more than need intake of kiwi can harm you and this can lead to digestion problems.

  1. Over consumption can lead to various problems

This delicious fruit should always be inhaled in a limited quantity as it has effects and side effects as well. Over consumption of this fruit can lead to problems like diarrhea and various allergic problems related to your stomach. More kiwis can be a reason behind your stomach ache and hence can create problems for your digestive glints too. It can also lead to vomiting and you will need to concern a doctor for better health advice so that in future you take care about the same that is why here we are to help you out for the same matter.

  1. Some can feel oral allergies

Some people report oral allergies from this particular fruit and this is often reported, the allergies are about trigger that cause inflammation of lips and tongue as well which can further create problems like tasting the spiced food and other things as well. The mouth may feel the burning effect and some cases are also reported that include problems like swelling in throat and mouth. So, people who are very sensitive with these kinds of allergies should avoid or have kiwi in a small amount to avoid the tingling effect in their mouth, which can stay longer than one day.

  1. Not suitable for specific types of drug intake

Some people who are taking medicines which are anti-fungal are advised not to eat kiwi along with these medicines as it can harm your body because kiwi also has anti-fungal effects which may not be suitable with other anti-fungal drugs. This can lead to various problems like it can increase the chances of bleeding if inhaled with the anti-fungal drugs. Some of commonly used anti-fungal drugs are heparin, aspirin, and non steroidal drugs, anti-platelet and anti-inflammatory. Hence this is advised not to intake kiwi which such drugs, which can be harmful for your body.

Although, there are many benefits of kiwi fruit are also there, these are just some precautions while having it.

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