Today, we at StableJoys will be shocking you with some of the medical myths that have scared us for the life but are not true at all. They might have some truth in them, but yes, according to our research, most of them are just silly myths.

So, let us start and let you know that how you have been fooled for a long time regarding some of the medical things. But we promise! From now on, you will never go through this again. Here are some of the myths and the truth behind them;

  1. Vitamin C can get you rid from cold

Like really? This is totally truth and sadly, vitamin C cannot help you resolving your problem related to cold or a blocked throat. While it can add some more problems to it. Fruits like oranges are rich in vitamin C but if you keep having it while you have cold it cannot help you in any way.

Vitamin C can get you rid from cold
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There are things that having consistent amount of some mixed vitamins along with your meals can definitely prevent you from having cold but not just the vitamin C can do all the jobs alone.

  1. Arthritis can happen if you crack your knuckles

Do you believe this? Yes you may, because this is one of the most popular lies that have been told to you again and again whenever you have made a pop up sound from your fingers. But do you know why sound comes when we crack knuckles of our fingers?

Arthritis can happen if you crack your knuckles
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This is because of the built of some air bubbles formation around your joints which is also called as synovial fluid although doing this can never make your fingers grow in an abnormal way but yes on the other hand this can definitely relax you for a while. And it does!

  1. Eating seeds of fruits like apple and watermelon will grow a tree inside you

This is told from the childhood and sadly, we have not grown up yet. Although we have passed or will be passing this myth to our coming generations too. But not from today! You should know that a tree needs dirt to grow.

Eating seeds of fruits like apple and watermelon will grow a tree inside you
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Watermelon and apple seeds get digested just like other foods get digest by our stomach. There is no issue in eating apple or watermelon seeds, and we believe that you have never seen an apple tree coming out from some person’s stomach. So, just be relax and stop believe this.

  1. Frogs/Toads give you warts

This is just a myth and must have taken a place in a child’s mind, transferred from over cautious parents. So, here is the truth and some information. Firstly, what are warts? It’s just unsightly & rarely painful growths on skin that seem to crop up out of some problems like cuts of viruses.

Frogs Toads give you warts
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But definitely not from toads, toads just leave sliminess on the skin which is not at all harmful, just clean it freely and do not worry.

  1. A chewing gum takes years to digest leave your body

This myth may today also seems truth to you but it is actually a lie just like the lie about apple tree in stomach.

A chewing gum takes years to digest leave your body
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Hence, the truth also stands same and it is that, if you swallow a chewing gum in then it will just digest like any other food and in a simple way without harming your body.

  1. You use only 10% of your brain to work

This is true that the brain is very light and of just some pounds but is it really used only 10%? Do people only use 10% brain? This is just a universal lie and is not true at all. Brain handles almost every function of the body and no doctor has ever told a patient that you have problem in the part of brain which you do not use.

You use only 10% of your brain to work
Image Source: TEDEd

Grow up! Its brain not an appendix that has no use in the body, you may not use every bit of the brain but yes whole brain works perfectly and is usable.

  1. Carrots improve eyesight
Carrots improve eyesight
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There are number of functions like preventing muscle degeneration that carrots help our body to do but they are not able to provide good eyesight or improving it. this is just a myth that is being accepted on a large scale.

  1. Brain games make you smarter

This was purely a business strategy which worked out to be true and people started to believe that brain games improve the smartness of a person. Many of the scientist were also confused about this and they wanted to know that logic or the truth behind this statement.

Brain games make you smarter
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Finally an experiment was done with people who play the brain games, that how they have become smart. The results came out to be that yes, the brain games make you smart but only limited to the game itself. Not in real life.

So, sadly brain game lovers, if you have intentionally played the games to improve your smartness. The games can never help you.

  1. We have got only five senses

Human beings are called as social animals with highest ability to do anything in compared to any other species on this universe. Although this have been proved every day with all the inventions and experiments that come out every single minute.

We have got only five senses
Image Source: Super Kids (YouTube)

So, with this fact how one can believe that humans have got only five senses, named as sound, touch, taste, sight and smell. Do we have really have only five senses? Although this does not stands true as these are actually the senses which each species on this earth have.

There are many more things to learn and we have enough senses to win the world but not certainly 5. This is purely a myth it is not known till now that how many senses do humans have in them but scientists say that it lies from 14 to 20. Like sense of pressure, sense of heat and many more are there.

So when you are told about only 5 senses you are ready to tell them about many others and let them know the truth.

  1. Natural colour of our teeth is white

This is a surprising thing that you have believed so far till now that teeth are supposed to be only white. But we do not know that the actual and natural colour of our teeth is light or pale yellow.

Natural colour of our teeth is white
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This is because the colour of strongest coating on teeth named as enamel is transparent or white and dentine beneath is yellow in colour. Hence the overall colour of teeth becomes light yellow and not white.

The colour you are trying to run away is actually the natural colour of your teeth while the ads on television about white teeth are purely wrong and they are just trying to make a business out of this myth.

So, this is all about some of the medical lies that you believe most of the times and most of them are believed always. So, be aware and enjoy StableJoys!!…

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