Having bad times and bad sleep? Trouble falling asleep at night? Here we are to help you out with the solutions and healthy ways to fall asleep. Sleep is one of the most important parts of our daily lives and without sleep we feel tired and less sleep can lead to serious problems related to sleep.

There are several reasons due to which one cannot sleep and have troubles falling asleep. It could be workload, stress, due to high alcoholic content, some particular medicine intake and much more. But have you ever noticed you sleeping style?

Have you ever tried to find out, why I cannot sleep and Trouble falling asleep at night? What can help me sleep at night? What can make you go sleep fast? If your answer to this is no, which probably is, which is why you are here to get solutions. We will take you to the tour of things that can help you sleep well.

Here are some Tips for better sleep just if you keep these in mind, you will get better sleep and a better life along with this. So here we go with the tour, read on;

  1. Remember to power down all the irritating things

In this busy world we all the totally surrounded with many gadgets and especially electronic gadgets like mobiles, television, laptop, tablets, hotspots and many more. All these are good for the use and extremely helpful for us.

Our lives without them are like no lives, and hence we love them so much that we are ignoring side effects of these and harmful effects of electronics to our sleep.

There is strong need to keep an eye on this and these are one of the reasons for not being able to sleep.

So, it is recommended that you should switch off your mobiles and other electronic gadgets before going to sleep.

The screens which cannot be switched off, put a cloth on them, this is because the blue rays from these electronics can harm your sleep and can be strong reason behind uncomfortable sleep.

  1. Avoid the longer sleeps of day

Day sleeps or nix naps are which lead to problems like trouble getting to sleep at night because during the day when you feel like taking a nap, that’s good and important after the lunch. So, it’s better to limit this nap to maximum 20 minutes.

You can help this out by drinking a glass of ice water and also by taking a walk around or talking to a friend on phone which can help you avoid sleep.

So, if you sleep less in day then you will get better sleep at night and this is one of the good things that will help you fall asleep.

  1. Keep your alarm aside

When you set alarm in night for waking up in the morning. Then the clock hands remind you of doing things for the coming day and your plans along. So, these thoughts can never give you a good sleep at all.

Keep your alarm at such a place where you are not able to see but able to hear it in the morning. This will make you fall asleep better and easily, this is also one of the best ways to go to sleep.

  1. Try keeping a pillow between legs to heal pain

Many of the times, it’s not or mental problems but yes physical problems which don’t let us sleep well. If you are dealing with the back pains and regular joint pains which create problems while on bed time.

So, if this is the thing then you are advised to sleep on back and put a pillow between your legs which will align your hips better and reduce the back pain ultimately. This is a great sleep aid that has helped a lot of people and will help you too.

  1. Use the best pillow to avoid neck pain

People sometimes wake up and they feel tired again, if this is the case with you too, then blame your pillow for this if it is too fat or too flat for your body.

Use a pillow that can align your neck in a proper gesture. Avoid watching TV while laying and making your neck uncomfortable.

If you sleep aside then your nose should be in centre of your neck and do not snooze your stomach, it will twist your neck. Right posture of sleeping is must and this will make your sleep much better than before.

  1. Keep bed only for laying and sleep

Your sleep depends on your mattress as well and it’s important to keep them safe and use for only the things they are made for.

Do not use your bed for things like sitting, suffering internet or watching TV. This can change the shape of your mattress and can result into bad sleeps.

  1. Setup your body clock rather than alarm

Try to make your own schedule so that your body get used to it. Waking up on same time every day and sleeping on a particular time, getting used to this is a very healthy and tension free schedule. This will create a particular circle and which is good for your sleep and for health as well.

  1. Keep an eye on caffeine products

Caffeine is not suitable for everyone and if you are suffering from problem like insomnia then you should avoid products like cold drinks with gas or packed cans, coffee and especially black coffee.

The more amount of caffeine, more you will be out of sleep.

Many of the medicines also contain caffeine and if you are dealing with insomnia and other problems too then let your doctor know about this. So that he can recommend you medicines that do not contain caffeine. High caffeine content in the body leads to bad sleep or no sleep at all.

  1. No fat diets in night

Overnight hunger is a common thing but coming over this is also one, to which we do not give attention to which is why dealing with the stomach problems in night. One of the Top ways to fall aseep is to eat in a limit. Do not consume heavy food in night and especially that is rich in fats.

And this is also important that you should have had your meals at least before 1 hour of your bed time. Heavy meals in night affect your digestive system and it may also make you feel lazy and you can also gain weight in night.

  1. Keep eye on your water drinking schedules

Some people have problems like when they wake up in night for going to washroom then it becomes difficult for them to sleep again quickly. So, keep an eye on you water schedules and do not drink water before 2 hours going to bed.

This will not wake you up in midnight, and hence you will have a good time to sleep and get up early as well.

  1. Dim light before the time of sleep

Dim lights work as a signal for the brain and is a good way to aid sleep, this is the symbol of the time of sleep to be coming near and now you will be all ready for natural aid sleep. You can use small 15 W bulb in case if you are used to do some reading stuff before sleeping.

  1. Use sleep masks and ear plugs

If you are very aware with the noises and lights. Especially when your room is nearby the traffic areas and you can hear all the sounds and feel all the light in night, which are very embarrassing and not good for your sleep.

It is advised to buy Sleep mask and ear plugs to sleep, this helps you in avoiding both light and unnecessary noises to disturb you in night.

This is all for having a good sleep and now you know “what to do when you can’t sleep”. We at Stable Joys will keep coming up with all the interesting articles that can make your life style better and healthy.

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