Cashews are counted in some of the tastiest dry fruits along with almonds and other but have you ever thought about health benefits of cashew nuts? No! Then here we bring you to some of them and it will surprise you for sure. Cashews are rich in many important nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin K and protective antioxidants. They are helpful controlling blood pressure; provides protection against gallstones and keeps cholesterol at bay. There are much more benefits of this dry fruit, so let’s get into the talk and know about number of health benefits of cashew:

  1. Boosts your energy instantly

These small sized nuts have so much of potential to boost you up instantly, so never go on the shape and side as it can fool you instantly rather than providing instant boost. Around 28 grams of these dry and roasted nuts can fill you up with around 157 kcal of energy which is more than enough for an adult to work out. Hence these are recommended to pregnant women as cashews are good for pregnant woman in many ways, problems like unnecessary weakness and fatigue are often seen during pregnancy. Hand full of these healthy nuts can help a pregnant lady to stand against the problems.

  1. Full of Protective antioxidants

Cashews are rich in antioxidant properties which includes nutrients like vitamin E, selenium along with alkyphenols, all these compounds are good for your health and help to protect your cells before damaging by protection against free radicals, that are the reason behind damaging of cells and further they can harm your DNA as well. Hence, cashews provide you protection against all these problems those give birth to liver diseases, various types of cancer and many more health problems that are deadly in nature.

  1. Helpful in maintaining a healthy heart

Cashews help in maintaining a healthy heart which includes keeping it in a better shape and prevention against the risk of cardiovascular disease related to serious heart problems. Cashews are also rich in fats along with antioxidants which help in working for the good heart health. There are around 12 grams of fat in each ounce of cashew nut out of which it includes some monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. All this happens because of stearic acid which is a fatty acid and is helpful in reducing problems like cholesterol.

A study was conducted in America which was about the effect of various eatables on cholesterol levels of human body, one group was provided with the potato chips and another was served cashews on daily basis for around 4 weeks, which is almost a month. The results came out to be that people having potato chips on daily basis had 5% reduction in the cholesterol and on the other hand people having cashews on daily basis had 20% reduction in cholesterol levels. So, having cashews on regular basis are good for people suffering from high cholesterol problems.

  1. Good for bone health as well

Healthy bones and teeth need some nutrients like phosphorous and magnesium which are important part of cashew and are found in it, both of these are responsible of healthy and strong bones and teeth, along with it cashew contains special bone building calcium that can keep your bones good for a long time. This helps in children as well, and this is recommended to serve children with some cashews in a day on daily basis that will keep their bones strong and will build a healthy adult.

Ounce of cashews provide you around 170 mg of phosphorus which is around 12.5% of your daily need and 80 mg of magnesium which complete your 20% need of magnesium in a day. For regulating this process and maintaining of bone health, it is necessary to have some vitamin K intake which is also found in cashew, with the help of vitamin K, this becomes easier for the bones to absorb the calcium content inhaled by body. A ounce of cashew nuts provides you around 9.5 mg of vitamin K, meeting around 10% need for a day.

  1. Maintains lower blood pressures

There are many reasons from which high blood pressure takes place and some of the most common is too much stress and improper food intake. High blood pressures give birth to various heart related problems like heart failure, heart attack, and this can also lead to failure of kidneys. Some experiments on the intake of cashew nuts daily, has proven that they are one of the reasons for low blood pressures and can prevent one from the risks of high blood pressure. The quantity of this nut is advised by doctors is around 30 grams a day, which can maintain the levels of blood pressure.

The nutrient present in cashew, amino acid arginine is responsible for this effect on the blood pressures, when it enters to body, it reacts with blood vessels in such a way that it dilates them and ultimately results in reducing the risks of high blood pressure problems.

  1. Cashews help in preventing cholesterol gallstones as well

Gallstones are the results of high cholesterol levels, these when make their place in the gallbladder then they can result in the serious pain which is almost unbearable and the last stage is that you have to go through an operation after this. Operations make your body weak for the months and recovery takes a long time to happen. Cashews are very helpful in case of cholesterol levels; it can maintain the level and prevent you from giving space to a gallstone in your gallbladder which is possible only when they are consumed on regular basis.

  1. Fights against cancer

As talked before that free radicals when attack on DNA then they give birth to cancer which is a deadly disease, one may have to go on a long rest while fighting against the problem along with spending huge amount of money without any hope of being good again. The process of growth of cancer in the body is very slow but when it starts, it becomes hard to stop it from increasing day by day. Cashews are very good source of all the antioxidants which help in the neutralization of free radicals. So, not only cashew but other fruits that contain antioxidants in them should be inhaled on daily basis to stay away from this deadly disease.

  1. Helps fighting against anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are those disorders which are related to mental health and they make you sick as well. These are often found in United States, treatment like therapy and medication should need to be provided to the patient suffering from the problem. The problem usually arises from the lack of magnesium and zinc which both are found in cashews, along with the medication and therapy treatments it is also advised to inhale a hand full of cashews in a day for easy recovery of the patient. Not only this, but intake of cashews also prevents normal people also from catching the thing from one way or another.

  1. Live a long and healthy life with the daily intake

All the above benefits of cashews help you in the prevention from major problems like cancer and anxiety disorders. Along with this, it helps you in maintaining blood pressure levels and keeps very serious problems at bay. All these are the signs of a healthy and long life which is fulfilled by the intake of this nut along with maintaining your intake of cashews for the daily routine.

Too much consumption of cashews can create problems as well

Just like everything cashews are also in the list of side effects, it is always advised to have a balanced diet all the time and one should intake eatables in a limited amount so that one can remain safe from the side effects of over consumption. Over consumption of anything can become a problem which first of all becomes a challenge for digestive system of the body which is not used to digest so much of food, especially the verity of food. So, excessive intake of cashews is also not a safe thing, it can upset your stomach and can become a reason behind the weight gain of your body.

Cashews give you calories in large amount like as said before that cashews have around 157 calories in one ounce, so intake of cashews should not be in excess, especially when you are not ready to exercise and burn the calories in efficient way. It is always fine to have 1-2 ounces of these nuts while having your daily diet along which can maintain the problems related to stomach as well as it is beneficial for the health too. 1-2 ounces of cashews contains approx 30 to 60 grams of cashews; that is reasonable for the daily intake.

Hence with this not, it is advised to keep both sides of coin in mind and then intake it so that you can be careful while adding the nut into your daily routine. A balanced diet is the only key to a balanced life.

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