Although, papaya is a very good fruit but everything has two sides there are Side effects of Papaya, this is the darker one but there are also many benefits of papaya which can help you to stay fit and young.


Papaya in pregnancy can be very dangerous as it may cause abortion, enzymes present in raw papaya are also used to terminate unwanted pregnancies and is a nature way of abortion. On the other hand a ripe papaya is a much safer option during pregnancy. If by chance a raw papaya is inhaled by you during pregnancy, chances of complications like abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth and even premature labor can be there. Hence it is advised that you avoid raw papaya in pregnancy.

  1. Can cause discoloration of skin

Consuming much quantity of papaya can lead you to serious skin problems like discoloration of skin which is medically termed as carotenemia. Carotenemia is a skin problem which turns the color of skin to pale yellow along with the eyes as well. This seems like a attack of jaundice but it is actually a side effect of papaya which has resulted in this. So, much quantity of papaya can harm your skin.

  1. Can give birth to serious respiratory problems like asthma

As papaya is rich in a enzyme called as papain which if diluted in high amount in the body can lead to serious respiratory problems like obstructed breathing, congestion of the nasal passage, wheezing, hay fever and the very dangerous, asthma.

  1. It may reach to development of renal stones

As papaya is so rich in vitamin C which in fact is responsible for keeping stress aside, it boosts your immunity power, saves you from problems like hypertension, cancer, disorder blood vessels and prevents premature ageing sighs. But a natural papaya has gives around 300% of vitamin C to your body which is almost 3 times the natural need you require. Hence studies say that excess of Vitamin C gives birth to renal stones which in further lead to bad pain and infections inside the body.

  1. Extra dosage of papaya leads to various stomach problems

Excess of everything is bad and hence of papaya, as high amount of fibre along with addition of latex if included in diet will lead to various stomach related problems like stomach ache, flatulence, nausea and bloating, abdominal cramps and can create uneasiness in the stomach.

  1. Bad at dealing with blood thinning medicines

People who are dealing with blood problems and especially taking blood thinning medicine should completely avoid consumption papaya in their diets. As papaya contains enzyme called as papain which reacts with these medicines in a bad way and can create very serious problems like blood infections. Also people who are dealing with blood clotting problems like thrombosis and hemophilia should avoid fibre containing fruits.

  1. Some skin types may not be comfortable with papaya

Papain enzyme present in papaya is known for helping people to deal with early ageing problems as it is good for skin and protects pimples and wrinkles to take over. However not everyone’s skin will react to it in a same way. There are many creams and lotions selling in market which contain papaya as a core product, from the same creams there are many cases which complain to be affected by the same.

However the studies suggest that not every skin type will react to papaya treatment in a positive way. Hence, in case to use papaya as a skin protecting agent, you need to ask for your physician’s advice.

  1. Papaya may also lead to allergenic problems

If you are dealing with the respiratory disorders like asthma or any allergies then you should use very natural precautions while treating with a papaya. Papaya skin attracts the pollens from flowers which stick to skin or papaya and hence people with allergies may feel not comfortable with the same. Hence you can wear rubber gloves while peeling off the skin to papaya and then free your hand from it.

Reactions to body because of papaya are very common and some of them are like facial swelling, dizziness, various type of rashes on mouth and tongue, itching in the throat and mouth or may be outside too, headaches, swelling of mouth, difficulty in swallowing, abdominal cramps, obstructed breathing, abdominal pain and many more.

  1. Papaya becomes toxic when consumed in high amounts

Flesh, leaves and seeds of papaya have high amount of carpaine which is type of anthelmintic alkaloid. This chemical is good when it flushes parasitic worms from the stomach but excess of this lead to a reverse attack from the stomach and this can create serious pulse reducing problems. Moreover this reduction of pulse will lead to the nervous system of one’s body. Hence it is advised that if you are a papaya lover then you are allowed to consume it but on the same time you need to be aware of all the benefits and side effects of papaya, and accordingly set your diet.

  1. Not a safe fruit for children below 1 year

Papaya is although a good fruit but because of richness in fibre, physicians advice that not to serve in to infants below 1 year. As this could lead to trigger loose stools and on the other hand it could harden one’s stools which leads to constipation. If mother still wants to serve papaya then also it’s not a problem but before this, it should be made clear that much amount of water should be consumed by the baby in a day which can reduce its effect.

This is not only the case with children below 1 year but excess amount of this fruit can also create problem of constipation in adults and can harden their stools as well. Although, papaya is a very good fruit but everything has two sides, this is the darker one but there are also many benefits of papaya which can help you to stay fit and young.

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