Green tea is well known for its various kinds of benefits but there is also another side of coin which most of the people ignore, but the thing is that it’s about your health. So, the thing with which no one can compromise, hence we and you too. Here we bring you to know some side effects of Green tea:

  1. You may experience stomach ache after the drink

Green tea contains caffeine which is acidic in nature, although, green tea has less amount of caffeine as compared to other drinks but still some people can feel uncomfortable when it comes to green tea. Caffeine increases the amount of acid in the digestive process which may lead to stomach ache and studies suggest that if you feel this problem after having green tea them you should concern a doctor who could tell you the main problem and also the amount of green tea you should have.

  1. Can cause Iron deficiency in body

Green tea is known for balancing the amount of iron in the body whereas on the other hand consuming too much green tea can lead to iron deficiency also. It is always suggested that green tea should never be inhaled with the iron rich foods as the combination of both is not good for the body as green tea is anti iron drink whereas the iron foods reduce the function of antioxidants present in the green tea. Which will not be effective for the body and also to keep your iron amount balanced you should have limited amount of green tea.

  1. Can lead to headaches and dizziness

Green tea can lead to headaches and can even cause dizziness because of the same reasons as mentioned above, excessive intake of the drink can cause iron deficiency which may become a reason behind your headaches. The studies suggest that one should have around maximum 9.9 grams of green tea which is equivalent to almost 24 regular cups of the drink. But the people who are sensitive to the reactions can experience the problems after more than daily dosage of the same.

  1. Can become a reason behind insomnia

Taking green tea irregularly at the late time of day can force you to compromise with your sleep. The reason behind this problem is caffeine present in the green tea which can stimulate your nervous system and this can lead to bad sleep. It is also advised that pregnant women should avoid having too much green tea this can harm the breast milk and cause problems like insomnia in nursing fats.

  1. You can skip a heart beat

This may sound funny but yes, it is a side effect of green tea which can also be explained through a different phrase like “irregular of improper heartbeat”. Caffeine is the reason behind increased heartbeat after which irregular functioning can cause problems in future this problem is called as tachycardia in technical language.

Also according to Health university of Utah, it is suggested to reconsider green tea capsules if you are dealing with the heart beat problems.

  1. Can cause diarrhea

Diarrha effect can take birth during the initial times when you start taking green tea, this is because your body may not be comfortable or used to the drink and special antioxidant agents in the beverage. So, this becomes normal when you get used to it but still this is recommended not to take too much green tea when you have just started. Or another think is not to inhale it empty stomach and you can have a cup with the full meal which will help in reducing the problem.

Along with diarrhea some people feel like vomiting and nausea which is because of excessive intake of the same, the caffeine present in green tea effects you in a different way unlike the intake of caffeine through other drinks.

  1. Can be a reason behind heartburn

Heartburn or acid reflux is the problem that can increase of take birth after the consumption of green tea, as the beverage is acidic in nature which leads to the problem. The normal green tea i.e. brewed one is completely fine but the bottled green tea sold in market can cause this problem. As bottled green tea is preserved with many kinds of preservatives, although green tea itself is acidic in nature, the preservatives add more to this.

It is always recommended not to use bottled green tea for a long time if you have an option to use it as a normal. People suffering from acid reflux should be more careful about this.

  1. People suffering from bleeding disorders should not intake

People suffering from bleeding disorders are suggested not to take green tea as problem can go to worst with the intake of beverage. Caffeine inhaled through green tea can increase these problems. On the other hand if green tea extracts mix up with aspirin, it becomes a good product as it helps in clotting and increase the healing rate of a wound. But if you are already by nature are dealing with the problem, then you must concern a good doctor before taking green tea.

  1. Glaucoma patients should also stay away

Patients dealing with glaucoma are also not advised to inhale green tea and also black coffee because both these drinks have caffeine, especially black coffee which is very strong in caffeine amount. Whereas problem may also occur with the green tea intake is even after less amount of caffeine, but it still harms in a different way. Intake of green tea by glaucoma patient drastically increases the pressure in the eye within 30 minutes of drink, and it lasts around 90 minutes, getting to through the difficult times.

  1. Irregular blood pressure rates

Many studies on green tea have found that flavonoids in green tea are absorbed by our body on a rapid rate and this with the caffeine content increases the blood pressure but on a temporary basis. Also it sometimes may cause fall in the same but this is also temporary, still we can say that it can never be responsible for a normal blood pressure.

A medicine named as nadolol is often suggested to the patients dealing with the blood pressure problems are also told not to take green tea as this beverage reduces the beneficial effects of the medicine. Also other medicines with the same salt like nadolol are also included in the list and you must be aware of this fact that green tea can also cause problems and hence preventions should also be noted down.

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