Coffee is a very famous and much-loved drink all around the world, it is loved for its natural taste and has many types. In winters, while the hot coffee and dark coffee is preferred and in summers, cold coffee is consumed in high amounts.

Not only this, coffee is also consumed as a wake-up drink that contains the compounds and nutrients that keep you boosted and provides energy to work more efficiently and for a longer time as well.

Coffee contains caffeine which is the major product and is responsible for both benefits and side effects of coffee. The high amount of caffeine is responsible for many serious problems related to human health. Caffeine is the main problems behind the side effects of coffee.

There are a number of long term side effects of caffeine, which you need to know and keep your consumption of coffee and caffeine including drinks to a limit.

Here is the list of side effects of coffee, which you should keep in mind and stay healthy:

  1. Can increase your blood pressure

The main reason behind the increase of blood pressure is contraction of vascular vines and this what makes harder for the heart to pump blood through the body. Consumption of high content of caffeine can make this problem worst.

  1. Hydrochloric acid problems

Most people prefer cup of coffee in the morning and before the meals but you should know that the content should always be limited as inhaling the hydrochloric acid empty stomach can be harmful for your stomach and can create various problems.

Problems like bloating and gas are the most normal once that can arise due to high HCL content in the body. Production of HCL in body is only important to digest meals and those too protein meals. And if HCL content lacks then also it can be a problem.

So, it is advised to have coffee in the morning but the limit should be to one cup only. Colon cancer is one more disease that can take place due to high amount or lack of hydrochloric acid in the body.

  1. Acidity and IBS

Many compounds like one of the main compounds, caffeine and other acids can be reason behind various irritating problem of stomach. Coffee beans contain all this in high content and can harm the lining of small instestine. People who suffer from problems like IBS, Crohn’s disease and ulcers are advised to avoid coffee completely.

  1. Heartburn

Heartburn is one of the most painful thing that one can experience, but how does coffee is connected to this pain? We are here to aware you about the same. Coffee and other drinks which contain amount of caffeine are also harmful, as they too lead to heartburn.

Coffee is well known for relaxing the sphincter which leads to heartburn and also acid reflux, this is because of the presence of high caffeine content and especially in the black coffee. Black coffee side effects are mainly due to the presence of caffeine in it.

  1. Excessive stress and tension

Coffee is no doubt is a booster for many people around us and we too are involved in the same category but excessive coffee intake can be the reason behind your overthinking that leads to stress and tension problems in real life.

So when you feel like having too much stress on your mind, rather than making it alert by having a strong coffee drink. Go for some natural juice or even for the meditation to relax your mind and go for good work.

Remember that relaxing and boosting your mind for doing work are two totally different things. So, keeping it always boosted is not the solution for a healthy mind, sometimes it needs to relax and rest which cannot be fulfilled by coffee intake.

  1. Acrylamide

This is a substance that is known for the formation of coffee beans when they are roasted at high temperatures. Acrylamide is the name of cancer causing compound which is often found in the darker and over roasted coffee beans. So, it is advised to have coffee which is light and normal.

  1. Can cause problems to bowl system

Coffee has one of its major drawbacks that it prevents the body from absorbing the minerals which are regular boosters of the body and they work in a natural way as well. Magnesium is one of the major compounds from them.

Coffee prevents the body from the absorption of this important compound in the body that can lead to irregular bowel system and can lead to serious problems.

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