1. Increases level of sugar in the blood

Although the antioxidants present in some apples are reason of preventing the sugar levels, but this is a no doubt tasty fruit and some people may inhale it more than the need. And we know that excess of anything leads to its side effects, so the apple a day preventing you from blood sugar or diabetes can also lead to the opposite results. Excess apples just don’t directly increase the levels of sugar and make it deadly for you but yes it warns you when you start doing the things in excess.

  1. Can prevent the chances of weight loss

Again we know that apples are rich in carbohydrates, vitamin C and other nutrients, with this there are many good things come along but excess can always results to bad outcomes. High level of carbohydrates in body can prevent weight loss as too much intake of apples prevents body from burning fat which is a bad news for all the people who are apple lovers and want to prevent weight loss. Apples can surly help for the same but at the same time you need to be in limit while consuming apples.

  1. Can lead to heart diseases

Almost all the fruits are rich in fructose and hence the apples are. Fructose is also used to make corn syrups and its work is to affect liver in a positive way. When fructose comes in contact with liver it produces fats called as triglycerides and this can lead to various heart diseases along with this excess of fructose also gives birth to problems like diabetes and obesity.

  1. Poisonous seeds

Apple seeds contain cyanide which makes them poisonous in nature and consumption of too much apple seeds can affect digestive system and can lead to various problems related to digestive system. Not only it can damage digestive system but can lead to even death and also to stomach ache problems.

  1. Apples can cause allergies

Attention people! If you are have allergies from various eatables like almonds, strawberries, peach and plum. You will most likely to have allergies from apple as well so before consuming this fruit concern to your doctor if you are already dealing with the problems like allergies from these various eatables.

  1. Side effects of apple juice

Although, apple juice is considered as a healthy drink along with this it has many good effects but at the same time it may cause problems as well. Apple juice which is artificially sweetened contained a chemical named as sorbitol and this acid if inhaled much can give birth to calcium oxalate stones in body. Moreover, high consumption can also lead to problems like diarrhea, while people who often have apple juice face problems like headache, tiredness and dizziness along.

  1. Weakens the strongest layer in body, tooth enamel

Tooth enamel is the strongest and thinnest layer of human body which is responsible to keep teeth protected for a lifetime. While apple cider vinegar is good for health but at the same time it is also acidic in nature, it harms tooth enamel especially when it is consumed in undiluted forms. So this is always advised to consume apple cider vinegar in diluted forms like in addition with water or you can also consume it with the help of a straw in order to protect your teeth from it.

Once you develop habit of having apple cider vinegar on regular bases, it becomes very important to take care of your teeth and long time consumption of same can lead to a shorten time period for healthy tooth life. It is also advised to rinse your mouth with water every time after consumption of apple cider vinegar so that no amount of acid is left near the teeth.

  1. Weakens your bones

Apple cider vinegar is also not good for the bones and it reduces the level of potassium in body which will lead to the weak bones. People who are suffering from problems like osteoporosis and are taking medicines for potassium boost are advised to consume a balanced diet of apple cider vinegar, excess of which can harm their bodies.

  1. Apple cider vinegar can damage your skin as well

As said before the more consumption of apple cider vinegar can lead to various problems and it is also advised to take it in diluted forms while inhaling it. But for some people who apply apple cider vinegar to body, the same is advised that they should also dilute it before directly applying to skin. It may cause etching problems and can damage your skin if applied directly in undiluted form.

  1. Other side effects

Excessive consumption of apple and apple cider vinegar can lead to problems related to heart, and can give birth to symptoms like swelling, breathing problems and indigestion along. So, it is advised to only have “1 apple a day”. If you make it to 5-6 apples a day, it will defiantly harm your body and can put you into some serious problems.

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