Medicines are good for health if they are taken in preferable amount and accordingly. For healing the problem faster, if you intake 5 pills at a time, it will defiantly affect you in another way and will surely harm your body rather than healing your disease. Same is the case with every eatable, just like there are number of benefits of almonds in various forms as well. It can be taken as almond milkshake, almond oils help the skin, almond butter and much more. Almonds are rich in so many things like fiber, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and are one of the sources which promote good and healthy life.

But this becomes bad when it comes to excessive intake of this dry fruit, it can be reason behind many serious problems related to your health. We will take you through the tour of problems which you will or can experience after the excessive intake of almonds.

  1. Can cause some digestive problems

Almonds have good amount of fibers present in them which can help you reduce the risk of problems like diarrhea but taking almonds more than the normal usage can also lead to problems in digestive system. Problems created with excessive intake of almonds can make you experience bloating and constipation. Decrease of appetite is also one of the side effects to which this can lead, as our digestive system is not used to excess of fiber and hence it will take extra energy and efforts to eliminate it from the body.

  1. Can cause weight gain

Normal intake of almonds, say a full hand in a day provides you around 14 grams of fat and around 160 calories. This amount does add to your weight but it instantly and effectively can burn the calories and fat with normal exercises and daily routine as well. Excessive intake provides you too much fat along with calories which cannot be burned with only normal routine, so note down that if you are eating too many almonds and your yoga routine is not a daily schedule, you will some wait every week and this will lead to body fat. It is also recommended that if you take too much almonds and don’t want to gain weight then you should have low-fat food along which will help in balancing the fat amount into body and prevent you from weight gain.

  1. Almonds can create kidney stones

As almonds are rich in oxalate, that can cause kidney stones. Work of oxalates is to prevent human body from absorbing calcium while builds up calcium in kidneys instead. Moreover it is said that almonds which are normal can build up the problem but the dietary almonds can prevent this from happening. Still, if you are already suffering from the kidney stone problems then you can choose the particular type of almonds to eat or ignore this eatable in your diet.

  1. Excess can also lead to impaired blood clotting

Impaired blood clotting is when blood starts coming out through a wound, it takes more than natural time to dry and this process is called as impaired blood clotting. 25 to 536 mg of vitamin E is the main requirement of the human body; hence more than this vitamin E can lead to impaired blood clotting. Not only this, but, problem also given birth to haemorrhagic stroke. It is always advised to have almonds in limited quantity for a day, more than the quantity required will add to its negative effects.

  1. Toxicity from Vitamin E

This problem actually arises when you have it too much in quantity and that can lead you to the problem. As one hand full or almonds a day provides you with almost 50% need of vitamin E whereas if you eat almonds double the amount also, it just completes your need for the day. Toxicity from vitamin E through almonds is very rare but still if it happens you can always balance this problem by avoid having food like eggs, whole grains, spinach and fortified cereals which are all vitamin E rich products.

  1. Bitter almonds Toxicity

Bitter almonds have hydrocyanic acid’s toxic levels which is poisonous compound in nature. Although bitter almonds are good for problems like itching, pain, spasms but overconsumption of the same can get you in trouble and you may need to face various problems like nervous breakdown, heart diseases, choking and even lead to death. This is strict advice for pregnant and breast feeding women not to inhale bitter almonds as they can cause serious problems to mother and child as well,

  1. Can cause nut allergy

Almonds are not only just almonds there are many types of these also just like raw almonds, dry almonds, roasted almonds, food packed and also they are used in various forms like almond butter, almond oils and another things are also there. Similarly each of these has their own benefits and side effects, especially in the case of raw almonds which may have abnormal bacterial growth that can cause infections like nut allergy and this makes you too much sensitive about having any dry fruits. Also after this problem catches you up, the almond oil can also harm your skin and make it dry.

So it is always said to consume only roasted or dry almonds which are good source of benefits. And if one is already into nut allergy, intake of almonds can lead to some more diseases like mouth swelling, rashes and breathlessness. So, care should be taking while having these nuts if you are dealing with such issues, an expert or doctor’s advice is must before handling this all together by your own.

Most of the side effects of almonds rise due to their overconsumption of these, which is as said, not well for anything. But there are certain health tips as well which can tell you the benefits of almonds which can help you in daily life and in long term as well. So go through each knowledge and have this dry fruit happily.

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