Pimples, It’s Types and how to get Rid of pimples

Pimples, we all are very well aware of this word, this word is no less than a nightmare for all of us, pimples a common enemy to all, definitely in our teenage we all wished too hard, to get rid of them, whenever they appeared on our skin… All the prayers and medicines are now not the sole thing to rely upon, as there are some natural remedies as well which will answer your questions like how to get rid of pimples or how to avoid pimples or how to reduce pimples?

Now no need to worry about the side effect of harmful pills, or rashness of some ointment, as we, here at stable joys, will discuss some of the major tips as to how to remove pimples naturally..

But before coming to the solution let us dive deep into the problem, let us discuss about pimples and its type.

Pimples and its types

Pimples are an inflammation on skin which id sometimes filled with pus, it makes you look ugly and can also be painful, it can be itchy and cause redness as well. Overall they are liked by none, and we all won’t to have a clear flawless skin, as we do not wish to become the moon that has scars and marks. Pimple can occur anywhere on our body and can at times be difficult to get rid off. Pimples on body can be itchy and cause inflammation and redness as well.

Pimples on face can at times leave your skin with  scars and blemishes as well  and hence  we wish to get rid of pimples overnight.

What causes pimples?

The main cause for the occurrence of pimples it the sebum, the oil that clogs in the hair follicle and with the contact of other bacteria pus start to form causing inflammation in the skin that takes the form of a pimples.

Some other reasons for pimple are as follows.

Stress pimples – pimple caused due to stress

The hormones that are related to stress like the CRH or corticotrophin bind the receptors in sebaceous glands which increases the oil production, that in turn clogs the pore and causes pimples. You must have often noticed, that just before your “big day”, a pimple may occur on your skin, that is due to nothing but the stress, that has caused its occurrence the more stress you take, the more chances of popping up of pimples.

Goose Pimples –   these pimples are caused due to a feeling of fright or cold in you, it is goose pimples, goose bumps or goose pimples can occur in flashed cold temperatures, or any other situation where you feel cold or frightened or experience any such strong emotions like sexual arousal or fear or euphoria.

Sweat Pimples – These pimples are caused due to excessive sweat on body, during summers or after work out and exercise or anything that causes sweat, that is why it is advised to take shower after any kind of physical workout that causes stress, the reason being sweat causes is the yeast to grow on skin, and some people’s pores  are unable to fight the yeast and hence causes pimples.

Pregnancy pimples– that occurs on women when pregnant. It is quite common in women during their initial months of pregnancy, due to increase in androgen levels, the sebaceous glands produce excess of sebum causing pimples.

Heat pimples – caused due to internal heat of the body that causes sebum production and accumulation of toxins in the body that clogs pores followed by breakouts. And hence it is advised to drink lot of water during summers to keep your body cool. Poor diet, tight clothing and weak immune system can also cause heat pimples.

Shaving pimples –  these are caused by razor bumps that causes ingrown hairs, that is hairs that are grown but curl back and enter your skin, followed by inflammation redness and itching,  pimples are also caused after waxing or using hair removal creams reason being, heat produced externally and also may be due to ingrown hairs. Exfoliating your skin before shave may prevent pimples caused by the shave.

how to get rid of pimples

Types of pimples

There are different types and forms of pimples and they occur due to different reasons, mostly there are of six types namely whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. Some of them are easy to get rid off and some too difficult to tackle.

Whiteheads – whiteheads appear on cheeks and forehead, they are formed because of dead skin cells, bacteria and oil on face. When the blocked pore is close it form whiteheads which appear white in colour.

Blackheads – they usually occur on our nose, chin and forehead formed due to bacteria, oil on face or dead skin cells. When the blocked pore is open it is called blackheads as it appears black.

Papules – these are again pink or red in colour they are bigger that white and blackheads but smaller than pustules.  They are filled with fluids and can be treated very easily.

Pustules –  pustules are usually pink or red in colour. They are bigger than whiteheads, blackheads and papules.  When papules swell and become large, they take the form of Pustules. It takes a longer time to get rid of pustules.

Cysts – They are larger in size than pustules, papules and black and whiteheads. They can be painful, cysts are formed when blocked pores get damaged, they appear like lumps on the body which contains pus and are red in colour. They can also leave scars and marks on your body.

Nodules – Nodules are even larger than cysts, they too are painful like cysts and are formed when blocked pores are more damaged than in the case of cysts. Best option to treat them would be to consult your dermatologist in this case, as of not treated in time, it can turn into something worse.

Natural treatment for pimples.

We all find ways to get rid of pimple, and often find ways to remove pimples overnight. We also wish to prevent acne and pimples from coming back. Stable joys will provide you with best remedies for pimples, and provide all the necessary information steps required to avoid pimples or remove pimples fast.

Tea tree oil

Applying tea tree oil on the effected part can deflate the inflammation caused due to pimples and remove pimple easily, this is surely one of the most natural ways to remove pimples.  Dip a piece of cotton in the oil and dab it on your skin for an overnight this is definitely an answer to your question how to get rid of pimples overnight.

Apple Cider vinegar

Dilute one part of apple cider vinegar with four parts of water, use a cotton ball to apply it all over the face. This is again one of the easy ways to get rid of pimples.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains citric acid, which will help remove your pimples, so take a cotton ball and wipe it over your pimples and leave for overnight. This is a simple answer to your complex question as to what to apply on pimples and is one of the best ways to get rid of pimples overnight.


Garlic has mild antisceptic and antibacterial virtues which when applied or including in diet. You can apply the pure crushed garlic paste on your skin and wash after 5 minutes. This is  one of the best home remedies to get rid of pimples and acnes.


You can use honey as a face mask or apply honey at the affected part, this is the best answer to your question about how to prevent pimples on the face at home. Raw organic manuka honey may serve the best for this purpose.

Raw White potatoes… Your new cleanser.

Shredded raw potatoes, when applied on the skin like a mask with the massage of up to 2 min, can help lighten your blemishes and acne marks.

This is one of the best natural way to remove pimples.


Toothpaste and pimples are like enemies to each other, applying toothpaste can help reduce the spot pimple. Be sure to use a white toothpaste. Apply a dap of toothpaste on your pimple for few hours.

Ps: not advisable for people with sensitive skin.

This is surely an answer to your question, how to remove pimples in one day at home.

8)  Eye Drops

Just as it works, reducing the redness of your eyes, it works similarly on your skin. Apply it with the cotton swabs on your skin to get rid of pimples. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of pimples and redness.

9)  Banana Peel

Banana peel, when rubbed on our feet from inside part, it helps cure the sores on feet, and so it can also easily help remove pimples. Rub the peel on your pimples and affected the area for 5 to 10 minutes, to decrease rashes and redness caused due to pimples and was your face. This is how to take off your pimples in quick easy steps.

10)  Orange peel

Orange peel can improve your over all looks or appearance by removing scars, blemishes and pimples. Form a paste by grinding the peel with water and apply on your skin and rinse off after 10 minutes, this is one of the natural treatment to get rid of pimples..

So these were some of the best home remedies for pimples on the face. Hope you all like the article and next time you visit us with your flawless beautiful skin keep visiting for more helpful tips..

Stay fit Stay happy.

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