Path towards a good night sleep

We often wish to lead a healthy life and try our best to maintain ourselves through diet and exercise, but we fail to do so, because it is not always due to improper diet or exercise, but many other petty factors are there of  which we are either unaware or ignorant.

We do not even realise, that our simple daily routine habits like sleeping patterns, drinking water, and eating food plays a key role in affecting our health in various ways. And we feel lost in the path towards a good night sleep.

Hence we should be aware of the facts responsible for our health, to lead a good and healthy life. Here we bring about some facts of sleeping, pattern, timings and other aspects related to it, which will help us improve our health. Here we will unveil the facts of how to have a good sleep, we will show you the path towards a good night sleep.

If we talk about sleep,

Idol sleep is something we always crave for, idol sleep is the deep sleep, which is very much required for a good health, hours do not matter much for Idol sleep hence its the quality that matters and not the quantity  for a good sleep, though time does not matter yet it is said, that the Idol sleep hours for a normal adult is 6-8 hours a day.

If we talk about sleeping pattern, it too affects us and our body functions in many ways. Here  we will discuss today that how does sleeping pattern affects our body and what are the best positions we should prefer  for sleeping with regards to our health. How to sleep and what should be avoided while sleeping, etc.

According to the research of experts, humans usually have 5 types of sleeping pattern, namely

Left side , right side, on back side, sleeping on stomach and fetal sleeping pattern.

Doctors say that the most harmful way of sleeping  is sleeping on your stomach, as along with the pain in neck, and joints, due to rotated position of your neck and knees, it also exerts pressure on your stomach and other parts,

Whereas sleeping on your right side stresses on your organs on right, which affects the blood circulation, sleeping on your back, is beneficial  as  in case of women it prevents sagging of breast, and  is good for your spine and back, but you are likely to snore in that position, but sleeping on your left is considered as the most beneficial sleep pattern it helps in blood circulation and breathing, no snoring issues as well hence it is considered most the best sleeping pattern.

Most of the people  according to a research prefer sleeping in the fetal sleeping pattern, in which turn towards left/right and fold our legs towards our chest, it is the most comfortable pattern and we enjoy sleeping in that way, but it can prove harmful in a long run, causing pain in joints, neck, back and spine causing various diseases related to them, hence we should try and avoid that position, but if at all we desire to sleep in that position we can do so, provided we use a PILLOW, between our KNEES, which prevents our knees from any stress, and are kept on a soft cushion, providing us a comfortable sleep.

Apart from this it is also recommended by doctor , that not to intake any caffeine just before sleeping, like coffee, chocolates etc. Avoid alcohol and smoking as well before going to sleep, have  water before going to bed for a good night sleep.

The other advice which the experts usually give  is that the usage of our electronic devices just before sleep is not good. We should not use our cell phones and Laptop for the last six hours before sleeping. As its harmful radiations disturbs our sleep, which further leads to a poor quality of sleep.

To prevent yourself from Insomnia, you should exercise regularly, and meditation is a key exercise that leads to a door of good and healthy life, as it improves the quality of our sleep. One more tip, apart from the facts and research is that “Never Go mad to bed.” bad sleep leads to health issues, it may be physical or  mental, and a disturbed mind, would never let you sleep, hence  just go to bed after venting out all your problems and disturbances for a good sleep.

And the last advice, as it is said  in the form of a great saying,

“Early to bed and Early to rise, makes a person, healthy, wealthy and wise”, that means try and sleep on time to have a good night and refreshing morning. Follow these tips and it will ultimately lead you to the path towards a good night sleep.

Like drinking and eating, sleeping is also an art, and becomes a part of art of living, to lead a healthy and happy life, good and  quality sleep is as important as good diet and exercise. Hence we should focus on our sleeping patterns equally. We conclude here with these appropriate lines “A good laugh and A long sleep are the two best cures for everything. ”

Stay fit, stay happy.

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