Watermelons are very delicious and famous fruits that contain so much to great nutrition contents that are great for your body and health. Watermelons are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, other than this, it also contains many other important compounds that are suitable and helpful for your body, watermelons make you feel full and fresh after having them. So, now let us get into this and know about number of health benefits of watermelon;

  1. Watermelon helps in hydration

For the sake of hydration many people prefer having water and it is generally advised to drink more water for good hydration. But watermelon is a fruit that can also improve you in hydration along with providing number of health benefits along. This is because watermelon is 92% water and also contains many important compounds in it. It can complete your need for hunger and makes you feel full which does not require any other food to eat.

A single cup of watermelon has 46 calories and moreover watermelon is good source of fiber which makes a good combination of water and fiber together. Having watermelon is like having food in good volume which will not keep you hungry anymore. Water can improve hydration but is not able to satisfy hunger and provide fiber like watermelons do.

  1. Good source for prevention of cancer

Cancer is a very serious disease, many people die every year due to cancer and some people are suffering from the same in hospitals. This is a problem which if arises then it becomes very difficult to fight against it, this is a long term disease which harms your body cells and reduces your daily energy day by day. Studies are always finding a way to prevent this problem through natural substances which are easily available and can prevent cancer even from happening. Some studies on watermelon have traced lycopene and some other individual compounds which have anti-cancer properties.

Intake of lycopene is known for fighting against the cancer in digestive system. This is done by preventing the growth of insulin which is a type of protein that is involved in division of cells. High levels of insulin in the body lead to cancer in digestive system. Not only this, but in addition to this another substance is traced in watermelons named as cucurbitacin E which is known for prevention against the inhibit tumour growth.

  1. Good for heart health and prevents heart attacks

Problems related to heart are always very treble and are hard to handle, many deaths in the world are because of failure of heart and other diseases related to heart. Watermelons can help in reducing the risk of high blood pressure and maintaining lower blood pressures along with balancing cholesterol levels. Studies say the lycopene can help in both the cases. It further adds to the prevention against oxidative damage to cholesterol. All these solutions and reactions of watermelon towards your body can help in reducing the risk of many serious heart diseases.

Watermelons also contain citrulline which is a amino acid and which helps in maintaining lower blood pressures, this is done as citrulline increases level of nitric oxide in body which helps in expansion of blood vessels and results in maintaining lower blood pressures. Minerals like Vitamin A, B6 and C, mehnesium and potassium are also known for good heart health and they are present in watermelons. So, the patients who are dealing with problems related to cholesterol and heart should start having watermelons which can help them in living healthy life.

  1. Lowers oxidative stress and inflammation

Lycopene and vitamin C are antioxidants which are capable of taking action against oxidative damage and can prevent inflammation. Normally these compounds are not found in one fruit or vegetable, some people are advised to have tomato juice along with other substances which contain lycopene and vitamin C to reduce the effect of oxidation damage and inflammation but watermelon has both the properties and is more than enough for hunger needs as well.

  1. Helps in prevention against macular degeneration

We all know that eyes are the most sensitive part of our body and damage to them is not acceptable by anyone. It is also said that people start losing eye sights along with the aging. Macular degeneration is also the name of problem that is related to eyes and especially arises in old adults, from minute eye defects to blindness, this can become reason behind anything. Lycopene works as an antioxidant and anti inflammatory compound that helps in prevention of age related macular degeneration, commonly called as “AMD”. Watermelons help in prevention of birth of AMD and getting worst day by day.

  1. Addition of watermelon juice with citrulline prevents muscle soreness

Citrulline is nothing but just name of an amino acid found in watermelon, although instead of directly inhaling watermelon, it is recommended for reduction of muscle soreness that one should inhale watermelon in form of juice. That increases the bio-availability of citrulline in the liquid and lead to less muscle soreness.

One small study was generated with the proper athletes which asked them to drink watermelon juice which is mixed with another citrulline drink in case to just increase the level of citrulline that is required to reduce the problem. It was found that this experiment came out to be a success and had much more benefits than expected. The mixture of drinks resulted in less muscle soreness along with quick heart rate recovery and this gave much better results than consuming citrulline directly.

  1. for best skin results, watermelon is great source

Some people face problems of dry skin more often and for which use of external creams and face wash products is seen but the problem does not occur from outside, reason behind dry skin is mostly the deficiency of vitamin A. Vitamin A is present in good volume in watermelon and completes your need for the skin. Vitamin A repairs skin cells and make your skin look healthy and soft, preventing from the skin aging problems and wrinkles, especially in summers.

Along with vitamin A, watermelon is also rich in beta-carotene and lycopene which are helpful in preventing skin against sunburn. Vitamin C further helps in making collagen in the body which is a protein that keeps skin healthy and also helps in building strong hairs.

  1. Improvement in the digestion

As known from the start that watermelon is good source of water as well as fiber, although fiber is less in amount but sill it is enough to provide bulk for stool and water helps in regulating digestive system efficiently. All other fruits that are rich in amount of fiber and water should be inhaled on regular basis that has many benefits for the body and help in keeping bowel movements in control.

  1. Good in pregnancy

As watermelon is rich in water, hence it is good for reducing heart burn problems which are very common during the pregnancy. Watermelon is good in pregnancy and can be served to pregnant woman. This further helps in the morning sickness reduction and minerals in watermelon can help in preventing third trimester muscle cramps as well. So, there are many benefits of watermelon for pregnant women too.

  1. Good source of prevention against asthma

Watermelon is good source for prevention of asthma in adults and in children as well, this is because of lycopene antioxidant that helps in taking breath easily without panic attacks. Especially children who eat watermelon have fewer chances for asthmatic problems. A study observed that lycopene has therapeutic effect on asthma, along with this it further adds that proper intake of lycopene and vitamin A is beneficial for patients dealing with the disease.

  1. Keeps gums strong and healthy

Vitamin C deficiency and lead to gum problems like bleeding in gums, which is the sign of weaker gums and can lead to difficulty in inhaling hard nutrients like dry fruits and other things. Watermelon is good source for the vitamin and is able to provide protection against these problems; it promotes gum health and keeps them strong for a longer term. It also kills bacteria in the mouth which promotes gum infections and diseases.

So, this is advised to have watermelon in daily routine and stay away from number of health problems, not for the future but also for the prevention against current health issues.

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