From last few years it is observed that in the list of very highly accepted and consumed fruits, Kiwi has also made its entry and is loved by the people all around the world. Most of the people do not know that this fruit basically has its origin from China and is also called as Chinese gooseberry. This is a very delicious and enlightened fruit which is woody on outside and green with a circle of black seeds inside it, a little hard from between. It tastes lightened sour, moreover, this is native to chine, and even it is a national fruit. It was originally called as Yang Tao.

There are number of benefits of kiwifruit which are not known to many people which is why they just bring it to homes only on some of the special occasions. We will be introducing you to the number of health benefits of kiwi which will increase your knowledge about the fruit along with this it will add this delicious kiwi fruit to your daily fruit intakes.

Before starting to know about benefits let us go through the basic vitamin and nutrients present in the fruit. Kiwi fruit is rich in various verities of vitamins which are very useful for the body. It is good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin K along with folates are also present in reasonable amounts. Minerals like potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium are also found in kiwi. All these are present with dietary fiber which is if served 100 grams can provide around 60 calories and 15 gm of carbohydrates. Now let us have a look at the health benefits of Kiwi fruit:

  1. Good source for treating asthma

Asthma is a serious problem and only the people who are dealing with it can understand that how deadly this problem is, every time when it’s about asthmatic attack, people face almost the situation near to death but kiwi has some properties to deal with this. Kiwi can prevent one from asthma as it is good source of vitamin C and contains good amount of antioxidants which are known to treat asthma, this is done by improving the functioning of lung system which is done by Kiwi along with it, this also prevents wheezing problem in children.

  1. Maintains a healthy digestive system

Kiwi is well known for its properties of maintaining healthy digestive system. It maintains intestinal health and contains fiber which is good for digestive system it stimulates the bowel system and reliefs from constipation. There are many natural properties of this fruit which are included in its fiber which helps in softening the stools. A study conducted on this fruit has also told that it contains proteolytic enzyme actinide which is good for the digestion of proteins and other daily intakes of human body. It further helps in preventing the growth of too much lactic acid and hence it becomes good source of maintaining a healthy digestive system too.

  1. Good immunity booster

There are actually two types of immunity systems on which our body works, one in known as innate immunity system and another adaptive immunity system, both of these are very important for good working in daily life. Kiwi works for healthy working both the immunity systems and boost ups the daily energy need. It prevents from usual seasonal infections along with fungal infections which directly target immunity system to down the energy levels.

  1. Helps in controlling diabetes

Diabetes is very serious problem and can happen to anyone, especially to one who is more used to the intake of sugar through various food forms and even the drinks. Drinks involving too much sugar like cold drinks can be main reason behind sugar levels which if started going up or down can create problems for you. Kiwi is the fruit that do not add to sugar levels and you can have it if you are a patient of diabetes, it has low level of glycemic index which is shortly terms as GI, which is suitable for the problem. Studies say that intake of kiwi helps in regulating adipogenesis that leads to prevention from diabetes.

  1. Prevents the unusual blood clotting

Blood clotting is usually seen on outside and on wounds when blood clots after a small period of time but when it comes to inside blood clotting, this problem becomes worst and is a very deadly disease in itself. This is when platelet aggression increases in body and white blood cells start attacking it for the prevention but it increases further and can lead to deadly problems. Some studies on the fruit have proved that intake of a few kiwis in a day reduces the platelet aggression and further helping in preventing the blood clotting inside the body. It further affects blood vessels in a positive way and also saves you from the risk of cardiac disorders which are serious problems of blood clotting and are technically called as atherosclerosis.

  1. Helps in regulating blood pressure

Fluctuation in blood pressure is a very serious problem and takes place at many critical, as well as normal situations. There are many side effects of this disease and arise from tensions and other intakes as well. High blood pressure is more than danger itself and can lead to heart attacks and strokes. So, maintaining a blood pressure in lower form with the help of medicines has its own side effects whereas there are natural ways also and one of them includes Kiwi fruit intake. It is known that kiwi is good for maintain lower blood pressure with the help of bioactive compounds present in it.

Hence, this can reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes from the same, not only this but it can also be useful for improving heart health. As kiwi is rich in nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin C and potassium along with protective polyphenols which are all good in maintaining cardiovascular health. Some fruits including kiwi take actions in the body which reduces triglycerides in the blood and this leads to healthy pumping of blood and helps in improving the heart health over all.

  1. Gives a clear vision to eyes

A healthy and a good vision is need for everyone and keeping your eyes healthy for a long run is must for a lifetime. Kiwi is rich in phytochemicals zeaxanthin and lutein which are good source of eye care and protection. This protect eyes from the aging effects which can reduce the far or nearer vision, so to live with high vision for a long time it is advised to add kiwi to your daily routine which would protect you from macular degeneration and various vision destroying disorders.

  1. Helps in weight loss

One of the main reasons of weight gain is having food that is not good for health and creates digestive problems, food that provides too much calories containing oil and other material which can feed your hunger but harm your body instead. Hence, for being healthy and along with keeping a good diet which does not harm your body or leaves you giving body fat, fruits are the great source for same. 100 gm of kiwi provides you only 55 calories and feeds you with good amount of diet protein which serves and complete your hunger needs which make you feel full and fresh. This is how it is a really good source for reducing weight.

  1. Can provide good health in pregnancy

Kiwi in pregnancy is good for health of mother as well as fetus; kiwi is full of vitamins like, C, E and K which help in pregnancy and prevent neural tube defects from taking place in unborn babies which is very important for the growth of their brain and overall growth as well. It completes basic need for fetus and mother for the time along with this it is good source which can keep your body relax and will make you feel healthy and easy.

  1. Adds to skin care as well

Several vitamins in the kiwi help the skin in various ways, like vitamin C helps in protecting skin against the signs of aging and helps in healing the cuts on skin. Vitamin E is known to prevent against wrinkles, blackhead and dark spots along with fine lines on the skin adding to this Vitamin E is also good for the protection against ultra violet rays. Other antioxidants help in prevention from early degeneration and also to skin aging defects.

  1. Prevents from various types of cancer problems

Kiwi in china is used in various medicines that heal cancer and is effective in nature against colon cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, stomach and lung cancer along. This fights against DNA damaging cancer cells without harming the healthy cells of body, direct intake of kiwi in daily life can reduce the chances of many types of cancers from even taking place in your body, hence we suggest you to have this fruit daily as it have number of benefits for you and the body itself.

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