Your Eyes Towards Paradise – Natural Remedies To Improve Eyesight

The world is a paradise and our eyes, tiny little windows to the paradise that falls on the earth, they are one of the best gifts provided to us by God’s grace. They connect us with the beauty of the world, these eyes  are so small yet they have the power to submerge, the complete view at a time, this is no less than a magic, these tiny littles inspires us so much, as to how we too can dream big, apart from belonging to a particular, region or class.

These eyes are no less than the diamond mines, that produces shiny tears which have priceless.

Can we ever think of losing them? No never, who would like to get barred from viewing the natural beauty of the world?

Well we can lose them forever, because they are as delicate and tender as a small flower, which if not provided with nutrients and water, droop and dies, its just the same with eyes, no sooner do we become little careless, we start losing our vision, until we realise that its too late, so its better to take care of them from the very beginning, and if we are already on the way of losing them, we should take a U-turn before we reach the time, where there is no turning back.

We all spend long hours on the computer and mobile screens or reading books with small fonts, we give so much stress to our eyes and we do not even realise that how slowly and steadily the radiations emitted by these devices harm our eyes so very much.

Today we will be discussing all about eyes, we will discussing about how to increase eyesight without glasses and food to improve eyesight fast also we would talk about natural ways to improve eyesight or you can say natural remedies to improve eyesight. Today this entire space is dedicated to your eyes, your windows that leads us to this beautiful eyes, today its about how to preserve this window from getting blur and hazy, and how to protect it from other natural and electronic devices.

improve eyesight

So here are some remedies to improve eyesight

1)  Don’t be rude to good food.

First and foremost step is stop being repellent and rude towards good nutritious food, that contains Vitamin A and C, beta carotene and lutein,  also do not forget Omega 3 fatty acids present in nuts and cold fish. Say yes to green vegetables like spinach, zucchini, collad greens, sprouts and foods like carrot, sweet  potatoes, papaya, grapes, apricot and blueberries and No to sugary food as they are the worse kind of food that deteriorate your eye vision whereas foods like carrots and cold fish keeps your retina healthy and corrects eye vision. Hence these are the best food to improve your eyesight soon.


2)  Water your perfect sorter.

Increase the intake of water in your body as it acts a sorter, that helps you retain the essentials in your body and discard the unwanted ones. It also sorts out the problems of your eyes, feeling your eyes getting dry and blurry? Just fill your mouth with some water, and splash your eyes with the same and you are good to go, your eyes feel much better. Water acts as a natural herb to improve your eyesight.

3)  Sleep deep

Have good deep sleep, or sleep deeply to relax your eyes, and release your stress, proper sleep is a must for a good healthy life of your eyes.  Give proper rest to your eyes because sleeping helps in relaxation of our overworked eye muscles  Also we should avoid engaging ourselves in a long activity that strains our eyes and Drains our vision, mind and energy. Always a take breaks of 5 to 10 minutes regularly in short intervals. This is a natural remedy to improve your eyesight.

4) No joking, stop smoking

Build your own no-smoking zone everywhere for yourself, stop smoking and drinking, because that too leads to degeneration of your eyesight.  It adds to the risk of developing macular degeneration, optic nerve damage and other problems like cataract with age. This is one of the best eye care tip that should be widely accepted.

5) Exercise, wise advise.

To help retain and also improve your eye vision eye exercise is a must. While at work exercise your head by nodding up and down, this will help increase your blood circulation and flow of blood to your eyes and neck.  The other exercise that would help your eyes positively is rubbing your palms together creating heat in it and then placing them on your eyes.  This will relax your eyes avoid extra lighting while performing these exercises also you must perform them in short breaks you take while working.

Another short exercise, that can help you relax your eyesight is to stare for few seconds a place or spot that is a minimum of 20 feet away after every 20 minutes and your eyes will feel much better.

6)  Sun can harm you in the long run.

No eye games with the sun, please Avoid having fun with the sun, by staring it continuously, it can harm your eyes to a great extent.  As an excessive exposure to the UV rays increases your eye problems like macular degeneration and makes you cataract prone.  Also, select and wear sunglasses that block the maximum of UV rays and help protect your eyes.

7) Dim lights saves your eyesight

Don’t stare gadgets for a long time, also decrease the brightness of the screen you are looking at, even in your rooms don’t use excessive lights that are too bright and may harm your eyes.  So always keep the lights dim whether of the room or your gadgets if you wish too have a good vision for a longer period.

8)  Take off your glasses and show off.

Don’t hide the beauty of your eyes, behind those fake lenses, don’t let glasses be your organs or the part of your body. Take them off at regular intervals, so that you don’t have to depend on them and can have a complete unassisted vision of the world.

9)   meditation an eye health addition

Meditation and yoga are must not only for one or two organs but for the entire body of a person. Yoga and meditation are quite beneficial for eyes as it increases the blood circulation of eyes and also gives in that complete and relaxing feeling. It also helps in improving your power and this shows how beneficial is yoga for eyes to remove eyeglasses.

So these were the 9 useful tips for the eyes, that can help improve your eyesight naturally. Hope you liked reading this space and definitely work on your routine to save your eye visions and protect your tiny windows from the excessive storm of light through the gadgets. And grease them with nutritious food. We hope you soon throw off those transparent organs like veils of your eyes and come show off your naturally beautiful eyes to the world.

Hope to see you soon again reading this space without glasses.

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