Natural Remedies For Anxiety Disorder

As we have been talking a lot about anxiety, and have provided you with a lot if information about it, we have now reached the level to provide you with remedies for anxiety yes, we are not talking about pills and all those allopathic  harmful injections or capsules, but instead we would provide you with natural treatment of anxiety.

And specify remedies for anxiety attack when it occurs, and other remedies for anxiety in children or remedies for anxiety in dogs etc.

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issue faced by people today. About 18 percent of human adults are affected with anxiety in US.

Whereas overactive thyroid can also be a cause of anxiety disorder and anxiety attacks. Getting diagnosed accurately can help ensure better treatment.

Here we are providing with some best home remedies for anxiety disorder

We begin with home remedies for anxiety and stress

Along with medical therapies, natural remedies can help you get some relief from anxiety and its symptoms. Your diet and other supplements can help you get better.

So here are some natural remedies for anxiety and stress

1 Herbal Teas

First and the most simplest way without much effort to improve your health is with herbal teas. As herbal teas, have direct effect on your brain, and helps reduce your anxiety.

It has been proven through a small trial 2018 that Chamomile has the ability alter the levels of a stress hormone named cortisol and helped reduce stress and anxiety.

2  Spend time with animals

Another  easy thing which I guess you all love to do is spending time with animals yes, it may be your pet,  or some other animal sometimes all you want to do is play with them and guess what, it even heals you.

Pets offer companionship shower their love and you feel protected with them. Research has proved that pets prove beneficial for those going through a mental health issue and anxieties.

Caring for crickets could help you heal and affects your psychological health in old people as shown in a study of 2015. Also grooming and spending time with horses can effect positively on your mental health.

Along with this healthy diet and regular exercise, dance or following your passion like music and forms of art can help reduce your stress. This tip can also be counted under the remedies for anxiety and nervousness.Natural Remedies For Anxiety

Natural remedies for anxiety and depression

  • Enough Sleep

Depression at times does not let you shut your eyes which can make the situation even worse so try and get on enough sleep.  Try avoiding naps and  go to bed as early as you can, stay away from electronics at night. In some time, you will start getting a good sleep.

  • Get involved.

When you are depressed you don’t feel like gelling up  and do not feel like doing anything, don’t push away from your normal life, get involved, take responsibilities of work and home, don’t let your depression spoil your normal life also get in a routine, schedule your activities that will help you manage your daily activities.

Along with this try having fun,  getting involved in new activities, meet new people, challenge your negative thoughts and find positive around you,  volunteer for some social activities, that will help you gain some confidence and  find the positive in you, Try to have fun in everything you do, you can also join yoga classes and meditation that can help you a lot and a healthy diet would make things better.

Natural remedies for anxiety and insomnia

Having a sleeping pill is more like crash dieting it would give results in a short period, but is totally temporary so if you need a good sleep for the lifetime you need to build pro sleep habits

But here are some tips as to how to get rid of your insomnia.

  • Be sun-kissed

Let the sun kiss you a fresh morning, go out in the sun have a good sunbathe and exercise in the sun, as your body understands what time is it of the day through the natural lights and work accordingly, and pumps out hormone energising during day and relaxing at night.  Daylight helps your body know whether its day or night and then work accordingly.  So keep the natural light flowing, sit near a window or hang outside during lunch break, on weekends go out on a hike or picnic instead of relaxing on the couch whole day and becoming a couch potato.

  • Bring in a sleep-friendly lifestyle in your life.
  • Turn off your devices 1 hour before sleeping as the lights emitted from those devices is no less than any version of caffeine which keeps you revved up.
  • Use some lavender, as scents can produce a good effect on your body.
  • Shower before bed, it helps realise your body its time to sleep, no wonder a shower in a lazy afternoon makes you all the more sleepy.
  • Read bedtime stories, it may sound kiddish but we all are kids somewhere right, so books can help you sleep really fast, keeping your mind relaxed if you start reading and then try to sleep after finishing 1-2 chapter it helps you in giving a nice sweet dreams sleep.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with your beds, take utmost care of your pillows and mattress which should suit your body type and can help you relax and sleep well.

Try and having pro sleep diet like rather than having sleep stealers, some of the food are cheese, cherries, low-fat milk, bananas etc. which ate sleep-inducing foods.  Also, exercise helps you in working out which helps you to sleep at night, as your body gets tired and automatically needs rest.  Also avoid having food that act as sleep stealers like caffeine (coffee), alcohol, spicy foods and spicy food.  Some herbal teas like kava, valetarian, St. John’s Wort, melatonin etc., helps you relax your body and also helps you to sleep and work efficiently.

These can also act as remedies for anxiety at night.

Remedies for anxiety during pregnancy

Pregnancy not only excites young women and makes her happy but also sometimes induces a feeling of anxiety it makes you worry about petty things more often.  1 in 10 pregnant women suffers through anxiety at a point. The bodily changes that a women goes through during pregnancy may cause anxiety attack in some women.

Some of the things which can be done to prevent anxiety are

  1. A good conversation with your partner
  2. Learning relaxation techniques and also maintaining them.
  3. Looking after yourself, a self-help book may guide through
  4. Avoid any feeling of guilt and embarrassment, understanding that it is not always your fault.

Along with this meditation helps you regain your peace of mind,  also avoid situations food or people that trigger your anxiety, go out for frequent walks explore nature, lake beach or hills anything and everything.

So these were some of the remedies for anxiety and its types, which were typically natural and involved your day to today activities, just a little bit of positive additions to your lifestyle and you are good to go with an inspiring lifestyle.

Hope these natural remedies for anxiety attack would help you grow better.

Stay Fit Stay Happy

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