Leisure – Things To Do After Work

In this fast running life, of hectic jobs, 9 to 5 schedules, meetings, mails, and all the corporate rat race, we all crave for some leisure time, and when we get that leisure time, we fail to utilise it in a proper way, and hence end up, with more of stress, exhaustion and head aches.

Sometimes we ourselves are unaware of our happiness, out of hundred’s of things to do, we mess up all of them and end up doing nothing.

Hence today we are here at your service, explaining you things to do after work and some relaxing two minutes exercises for a stress release.

We would also discuss some do’s and don’t after office, which would help you lead a happier corporate and work life, which may also improve your mental and physical health, providing you good sound sleep, and peace and contentment.

Usually after work people prefer to come home and watch television or some videos. After sitting in front of computer screens for long hours at work, they come back home, just sit hack in front of a screen again, watching certain things on phone, laptop or television. This not only makes them tired but also they end up having headaches and feeling tired and exhausted which leads us to mental stress, and other problems like insomnia, restlessness, fatigue etc, which also affects our work next day, making us all lazy and tired.

So here are some fun activities to learn and do after office. Some advices, tips, do’s and don’ts  are here to make your life better.

Screen Away, Books Today.

So the first advice that we would give you to lead a happy life after work is AVOID SCREENS.. May it be your cell phone, computers or television.

Simply avoid them.  Its better you try and read books, whichever and whatever, your types, career, motivational, fictional, its all yours..

“Books are your best friends, no complaints and no demands,” this line is not cherished in vain, it really means something. This is no less than a fun activity to do after work, infact it is one of the best thing to do after work.

So our first tip would be AVOID SCREENS and READ BOOKS..

Hello, Old Friend.

Often while leaving school and college we make a vow to stay in touch,  to be friends and keep poking and pricking each other, but once in job we hardly remember them, or get time to meet them.

Well now is the time to complete your old promises, after work if you are feeling bored, just make a call to your friend the age old ones, and the long lost ones, show some love, tell them you miss them and cherish your old moments.

We assure you that you would feel refresh, inspired and energised.  This certainly seems to be one of the most adorable things to do after work.Leisure

Lets Catch Up

The little bit time that we have after work, can be utilised in a much better way,  how? Hmmm so we would suggest meet a friend in person.

Its been long you have met any friend? missing them? Just ask them out for a light dinner, have some fun talks and relax. This would definitely give you an opportunity to be you, carefree and open where you can speak your heart out, after that long hours of job where the life swings between yes and no. So just meet and relax. This is surely one of the most relaxing things to do after work.

Health Is Wealth.

What beats is to a heart, is yoga to a “healthy life”. Yoga is something that should be a part of our daily life if we wish to live a healthy life, we must add up yoga and meditation in our daily routine, before or after office, as per our convenience, yoga is never a bad option to utilise our time, few exercises and a bit of meditation keeps  mental stress away.

So go with the slogan “Yoga for life” and feel energised we assure you won’t require any other energy booster after yoga. This is definitely one of the most healthy things to do after work.

Open Up Your Shelf.

We all have a shelf in ourselves, which is full of our feelings, thought, emotions, views and idea etc. But when these feelings emotions and thoughts pile up they start disturbing us, they need a vent to flow through.

So now its your responsibility that you provide a vent to your shelf,  you may do it through any medium, dance, sing, write, paint, or may be just sit and cry for a while if you feel like, but do anything that gives a vent to your emotions help explore yourself and relax, you are sure to be happy. This is for sure, one of the most necessary things to do after work.

Clean Home, Dream Home.

We all have heard this quote very well, “cleanliness is next to godliness”, and we all desire a clean happy surrounding.

Getting bored after office and sitting idle should not be an option for you, so  buck up, pull up your socks and get to work, but a relaxing one, CLEAN YOUR SURROUNDINGS, from dish washing to floor cleaning, just do it once and for all and lessen your burden, so that you can enjoy more on weekends.. This is undoubtedly one of the most clean things to do after work.

Be Chef

In this era of ascending inflation, we all feel empty pocketed before the month comes to an end.

Why not add some spice to your life, and cook? Running out of budget still the taste buds pricks you right? Time to treat them, believe in self service and cook for yourself, bring out the chef in you and use your creation to treat yourself. Apart from taste buds,  extra attention could be given to your skin and nails as well, pamper yourself, show yourself that self love is there in you, go for spas, gyms, throw a face mask or just paint your nails.. Much better do them at home, watch online and learn that would help you in a long run. This is definitely one of the most innovative things to do after work.

Walk And Talk

Gaining that extra inches due to work in office is just normal,  sitting at one place for long hours makes us fat, when in job, we have no option but to sit at one place, and drain our brains, this definitely makes us fat and a major reason  for our extra inches that worry us.

Now its time to shed off those extra inches, utilise your after work hours and go for a walk, some music or a friend is always an option available to accompany you. This is for sure one of the most dynamic things to do after work.

To Do List.

We all have some aims, goals, motives, or certain principles, but we often forget them in our rat race of earning money and hence lose ourselves in the path.

Now is the time to complete your old goals, make a list, of your aims, dreams, goals and passion and work harder for them motivate yourself daily with that list and aspire to live your desires.

This is one of the most inspirational things to do for sure.

Dreams And Desire

We have often wished to learn something in our childhood, which have always remained a dream to come true.

Now finally you have a chance to fulfil them, want to learn guitar, or dance, or knit, or want to be fit, join your desired classes of an hour or two,  we assure you would love following your passion, and be the real you for a while. This is definitely one of the most desirable things to do after work.

So we have this top 10, non alcoholic things to do after work for you, hope you liked reading this space, and would definitely apply some of the advices in your daily life,  relaxation is must after work, as we cannot remain robots for life, we humans definitely require our time, all we need to realise is how to utilize it for our betterment.

I conclude with these lines,

Quality of life is sometimes more important than the quantity of coins in your pocket. After all health is wealth, and no matter what, wealth cannot always help you regain your wealth. Work is important but so is some fun. So work hard but never forget to party harder and follow these fun activities and things to do after work.

Happy work life.

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