10 things that would make your classes- An inspirational yoga classes

In this world of stress and tension, where sometimes we do not have time to even breathe in peace, we are slowly losing the treasure of life, i.e. health, as it is said health is wealth and so it is no less than a treasure, which should be cherished forever. To regain our health and rejuvenate ourselves, yoga is must.

Yoga is something that should be added in our daily routine. Yoga is not only a form of meditation and concentration but also rejuvenation, and hence yoga is must for a good life.

Today this entire space is dedicated, to the yoga teachers and some tips and advices for them, as to how can they make yoga inspiring for them, and how can they inspire their students to do yoga with interest, today its all about yoga inspirational classes.

How can you make your yoga class interesting, and inspiring for your students.

So here are top 10 things you can do to make your yoga classes inspiring. Things you need to take care of while teaching yoga and help your students proceed towards good health and help them rejuvenate.

1) make them yoga ready

Before proceeding towards warm up exercises and asanas, you need to make them yoga ready, for that you can begin with meditation just ask them to do meditation and set their intention right for yoga, ask them to dedicate their yoga practice or make a wish, or prayer, you can even vocalise their wish or intention, by guiding the group towards a similar direction, just let them set the intention silently towards the path of yoga.

For eg when working on 3rd eye, you can set the intention on concentration and ask them to concentrate on their inner feelings and intuitions.

It hardly takes a minute or two which gives meaning to their yoga practice and their yoga is infused with a guided intention. This is a must do thing to have an inspirational yoga class.

2) Silence and music hand in hand

You should maintain the balance between music and silence and they both should go hand in hand maintaining the beauty of each other, some light, soothing, instrumental music would do right, during opening meditation and ending relaxation music should be switched off or should be very light, while during warm up exercises we can have some beat music but during main asana the music should be very light and soothing, like some soft instrumental music. This inspiring music will definitely convert your class into an inspirational yoga class.

3) infuse a theme

Add a theme to your yoga class, and go about it accordingly, as part from a healthy work out, people also join yoga classes to feel refreshed and rejuvenate, for this incorporating a theme is a must.

You can pick up one theme at a time for e.g. at times, the Buddhist yogic theme and at times shiva or pashupati theme. Buddhistic concept of letting go, embracing kindness and the eightfold path, or the mythology of karma yoga and Samkhya yoga etc. Chakra system gives us a good theme for a yoga class.

4) Comfort your students

Before beginning the yoga session, you can ask your students about their comfort of exercise or any specific exercise they would like to work upon, for e.g.

stretching exercises, strengthening exercises or meditation and stress relieving exercises etc., you can also ask them about their energy level and enthusiasm for a particular exercise.

Maintain the pace and flow of the class according to the will of the students this will undoubtedly turn your class into an inspirational yoga class.

5) yoga out of doors

Yoga is best when practised amidst nature, morning classes with fresh air light music, green surroundings, you may chose a park or anything with soft light surrounding to create the perfect ambience for a refreshing Yoga class.

When the sun is not burning high in the sky, and rains are not poring in, you can definitely take your students out for a refreshing yoga session amidst the nature, bellow the umbrella of sky.

6) Laughter sessions

Laughter is the best medicine that cures half of your diseases internally, its good to have some laughter therapy sessions between the yoga sessions, to lighten up the mood of the class, and increase the glow of your face, by laughing your heart out.

It won’t hurt to have some laughter sessions st the end or between the yoga sessions and just laugh it off. This will assure your class to be an inspirational yoga class.

7) Clear instructions

Give direct and clear instructions to your students, regarding the poses and asana, a clear aligned and direct instructions are necessary to guide your student precisely towards a perfect asana, you need explain and each and every exercise properly don’t refer to sit bones without explaining what they exactly are.

Yogi speak can be alien to the new comers, be sure to give English translations of the Sanskrit terminology.

8) Don’t discard Savasana

We all wish to have some rest, after that long asana session of yoga, hence a relaxing Savasana is must, after that long challenging yoga practise.

Hence Savasana is must, for regaining energy and relaxing. Relaxation would definitely inspire students to do more of it and hence your normal yoga class into inspirational yoga class.

9) Poetry love

You can include some poetry and philosophical teachings and sayings in between your yoga sessions to just lighten the mood, during the yoga sessions our mind most concentrated and alert, open to the teachings of life and morals, some meaningful philosophical sayings and morals will more over add to the atmosphere of peace and enlightenment. Sone poetry would do good during Savasana at the end or at the beginning while meditation.

10) over a cup of tea

You can offer light tea or fruits after the yoga sessions, it is another way of forming that comfort zone and building community.

Its a nice touch, and your courtesy to offer your students some light tea or fruits, you can have healthy discussions on some topics or related to your class while having tea and know each other better, you will get to learn about your class more and can make improvements for the next session.

So these were the 10 things you can do to make your yoga class more inspiring and better. These things will convert your yoga class into an inspirational yoga class Hope you liked reading this space.

All you need to do is be yourself, to be an inspiring yoga guide, and inspiring others to do yoga, If you are passionate and determined for yoga, your students will too learn the same from you. So Stay fit, stay healthy.

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