How To Make Yourself Throw Up

Throwing up, though not at all pleasant can be a bliss for us at certain situations, for egg in the cases of indigestion or when we feel heavy headed, throwing up could be one step solution, to your relief, but is it easy to induce? Well, the answer is not without external help, it is an involuntary reflex, and occurs on its own, but with some inducing activities, we can create certain situations, which can help us throw up.

We all have that doubt in our heads that weather it is actually a good idea to self-induce throwing up.  Well, it actually depends totally on the situation you are going through,  like if you are going through ingestion or food poisoning and you are feeling nauseate then throwing up would give you a relief it will not only remove toxins from your body but also cleanse it internally and helps you feel lighter. However, if you make it alternative days habit or an everyday habit then that can effect your body negatively. It can be exert a lot of stain on your internal organs like your esophagus and respiratory system.

Caution: Please do not use the methods described below without consulting your doctor, or for losing weight.

Now how to make yourself throw up? Or How to make yourself throw up after drinking alcohol?  Or maybe conditions like food poisoning or taking in corrosive pills. These are the common question which rings about in our head when we really need to throw up, we pick up different things and try on everything now no need of wandering stable joys is here to give you amazing throw-up tips, that will give you some relief.

How to make yourself throw up with a toothbrush?

Well we have heard about it haven’t we when we insert a finger like thing in our mouth below and back of your tongue or inside near our food pipe, we get that tingling and nauseating feeling and we tend up throw up, well this can be done easily with a toothbrush. It causes a gag reflex and helps you to throw up easily.

Simply insert the brush in your mouth 5-6 times with a continuous movement of the brush and stomach this will help you  throw up easily with the help of a toothbrush

How to make yourself throw up with baking soda.

Now baking soda can also help you throw up and give relief to your stomach head or body.

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and gulp it down in one go.  It works as one of the side effects of consuming soda in excess is nausea and vomiting which helps you throw up.

throw up by drinking salt water?

Salt contains sodium, and excess of sodium triggers the balance of the natural electrolytes of the body which causes the human body to expel that water.

So add a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water and gulp it down in a single gulp though it takes 25 to 30 minutes you can speed up this process by using your finger to induce the expulsion.

How To Make Yourself Throw Up

How to make yourself throw up with egg whites.

Just thinking about the smell of egg whites may give you a nauseating feeling, imagine yourself gargling with egg white, doesn’t that makes you feel like puking? Well, that is exactly the reason why egg whites are used to induce vomiting. Because the smell of raw egg whites is quite unpleasant and can make you vomit almost instantly.

Just separate the egg white from the yolk and gargle with it that will make you puke almost instantly

 Many people and kids spend hours on the internet searching on queries like “How to make yourself throw up for losing weight” or “How to make yourself throw up easily to skip school” or “How to make yourself throw up to fake sick” try to induce vomiting and act sick. For the information of these people, we would like to tell you that self-induced vomiting is only good at certain situations and making it a habit or regular activity to lose weight or  just act sick can harm your body internally and keep you dehydrated   here is a list of side effects caused by  regular habit of throwing up.

Firstly there is a possibility that your body may become prone to throwing up or vomiting, i.e you may get nauseatic in petty situations even if you don’t want too.

Your body may be dehydrated and your body may lose electrolyte.

The acid of the stomach may erode your teeth and mouth, because of regularly being washed by it.

You may suffer from ulcers,  acid refluxes can also become a cause of your suffering.

An eating disorder called bulimia can also be caused due to regular throwing up.

So remember that throwing up is no fun, it causes exhaustion and fatigue and makes you dehydrated, so follows the above given steps only when necessary or required.

How to make yourself stop throwing up hangover.

  • Deep breaths

Breathing heavily and deeply through the nose and not the mouth.  The abdomen should expand when inhalation takes place and exhale slowly relieving your stomach and relaxing it after each breath. Repeat this several times.

  • Take-in some fluids

If you are feeling really sick then you should try and drink in more fluids prevent dehydration. Sip them slowly and steadily hydrating fluids are


Ginger ale


Mint tea

  • Have Some Carbs

Don’t let yourself stay empty stomach, it will make your nausea worst, take in some food rich in carbs like saltines or toast.

So these were some tips on how to throw up. And

How to stop from throwing up after hangovers hope this works for you well, and next time you don’t have to worry about your indigestion or hangovers anymore.

Stay Fit Stay Happy.

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