Insomnia is a problem with which many of people are dealing and this problem has been reaching to other disorders like excessive tension and restlessness.

this is beginning to become a common problem and hence India has found a number of home remedies for sleep which will help in falling asleep easily and fighting insomnia.

Here are home remedies for insomnia:

  1. Taking hot bath before the sleep

Taking hot bath before going to bed will help in falling asleep easily. A study has found that people who take bath around 90 minutes or 120 minutes before going to sleep find it much more easily to sleep and fight insomnia easily.

While other people tend to sleep easily than those who don’t bath. Bathing with hot water relaxes your body and provides smoothness to your nerves till endings. This helps you sleep easily and in a good mood. You can add some drops of some essential oils like lavender oil, rosemary and chamomile oil also in the bathing water.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has number of benefits related to health and one of which includes that it can also help in getting control over insomnia. Apple cider vinegar can break down the fatty acids that tend to release tryptophan, it contains number of amino acids which relieve fatigue.

All this leads to a healthy and proper sleep for your body. Here are some ways in which you can have it;

Mix one and a half or two spoons of both honey and apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water. And have this mixture before going to bed.

  1. Fenugreek water

Fenugreek water is commonly known well for insomnia, dizziness and anxiety as well. This not only helps your body to function properly but it is also good for betterment of your sleep cycle and give you a proper amount of relaxed sleep in a day.

This is also one of the drinks that can be taken daily and are with no side effects. You can soak one tea spoon of fenugreek seeds in water and then leave it overnight. Next you can strain the water and have it daily.

  1. Hot milk with cinnamon

Having milk before bed time is never a bad idea although this is a good way to make your body feel relaxed. Warm milk can provide a happy and easy feel to your body while it also contains tryptophan which promotes good sleep again.

Have a glass of warm milk with the addition of cinnamon in it before going to bed. This will help you in sleeping well. This is one of the best Indian home remedies for insomnia.

  1. Bananas can also help out

Not only insomnia but bananas can help out in tackling with other sleep disorders as well. As bananas are rich in minerals like potassium, calcium and iron as well. There are various ways in which you can eat banana to serve you a better sleep.

You can add it in your salad and have it along with honey. While eating a banana before going to bed can also help you.

  1. Chamomile tea

This is another key to home remedies for insomnia, chamomile tea can help you out in having good times in sleep and this is from some natural known remedies to sleep easily.

Making it is also very simple and easy, you can add some chamomile flowers in boiling water and steep this for around 5 minutes and take it before going to bed.

  1. Saffron

This may sound different to some extent but saffron contains some of the substances in it that can help in treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders. It will provide relax and comfort to the nerves. Mix some amount of saffron in warm milk and have it before going to bed. This will help you in sleeping well.

  1. Cumin Seeds

Cumin is culinary spice that includes many medical properties which helps in sleep and also aids in your digestion. Adding it to your tea can help in cumin. You can also add it in mashed bananas in form of powder which will make a tasty recipe like salad and will help you tackle insomnia.

  1. Aniseed Water

This is an excellent thing that can help you cure and cool down insomnia along with relaxing your body. Aniseed water is also used for culinary dishes to save you from various side effects of medications.

You can take aniseed in a glass of water for around 2 hours and then strain it and drink it.

10. Honey can also help

Honey is one of the things that can get you to sleep as soon as your inhale it. Raw natural honey is known for treatment of insomnia and helping in curing the problems. You can mix warm water and honey and consume it before going to bed.

  1. Herbal teas

Herbal teas are well known to provide a quality sleep and curing insomnia as well. These are also advised to inhale before going to bed.

There were some of the Indian home remedies for insomnia and better sleep. StableJoys.

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