Healthy ways of drinking water

We have often heard that water is the key to a healthy life, apart from healthy food, clean and healthy ways of drinking water is also something to be taken care of for leading a healthy life,

This entire space is dedicated for the sole purpose of providing information as to how to drink water, when to drink water and the amount of water intake in a day.

Hence we are here to tell Healthy ways of drinking water.

We all are aware of the fact that 70% of our body contains water, from  bones to nerve each party of the body consist of water infact even the minute cells of our body contains water.

Water is required for  almost every activity  and functions taking place in our body, internally as well as externally, may it be  sweating while physical activities or  the smallest function of breathing and talking water is used up, even in internal activities like digestion water is used up, hence our body requires an adequate amount of water to function properly. Here our some tips given below for the same.

A research says that a normal human adult should drink around 2-3 litres in a day, in small amounts throughout the day.

But more than how much to drink, we need to focus on how to drink water in a proper way,  like whether we should stand while drink water or sit and drink water,  whether we should gulp the water or sip it, how can we know whether our body is hydrated or not.

To begin with  we will first answer to the questions of how much and when to drink water.

As said earlier we should drink around 2-3 litres of water everyday, which makes it around 8 – 10 glasses of water a day.

We should have 2-3 glass water empty stomach everyday, which helps our enzymes present in saliva to reach into our body, as the saliva of early morning is quite healthy and has lots of secretions which is helpful for our body.  We should have a glass water 40 minutes before and after a meal that makes it to 6 glasses  in total  if we have 3 meals a day, apart from that, if  we are involved in physical activities like running, work out, sports etc then too  we should drink water in small intervals apart those 8 glasses apart from that you should drink one glass of water before taking shower, which helps in regulating blood pressure, and one glass water before you go to bed,  it hel0s in cells renewal process of our body.

We all focus on how to drink water, but the more essential part is how not to drink water that we forget, here we are mentioning some ‘do not’ s essential fir healthy living.

We should not drink water in between the meals, if our food is quite dry like bread, in that case we have around 2-3 sips of water as it does not let the food digest and washes away the required minerals , instead of water we can have, tea, coffee, curd, lassi, chhaach etc. We should never drink water while standing as it leads to greater accumulation of fluids in the joints which causes arthritis. We should always sip the water and not gulp it, because when we sip the water it mixes with our salvia and help stabilise the  acid in our stomach. We should never drink water after having fruits which already contain adequate amount of water, like watermelon, melon, oranges etc.

One indication to know whether our body is hydrated or not is through the colour of our urine,

If our urine is yellow in colour then our body is dehydrated and we need to drink more water, but if our urine is clear transparent like  water then we know our body is hydrated and we should continue with it.

Along with thousands of benefits of drinking water, including metabolism regulation, digestion, transporting nutrients, removing wastes through urine etc, one another most desired benefit of drinking water is  weight loss, how can we lose weight through drinking water, well its scientifically proven, if we drink a lot of water we can lose 4-5 kgs easily in no time,

Some options for you  to drink water for weight loss are

1) drink plain water as much as you can

2) flavour your water  and  increase your water intake fir eg with lemons etc

3) convert water into healthy tea for eg green tea, and then increase the quantity of water.

Now that sounds a lot of water,  but the fact is that water is the only key that can unlock the doors to lead a healthy life, like eating, drinking water is an art as well, you need to do that properly to live a happy life because many have survived without love but none without water.

We hope you liked reading this space, share this with your loved ones, and let them know how much you love them, by providing them with this useful piece of information.

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