The most famous quote is here, “Apple a day keeps a doctor away” but have you ever given a thought to it, that how? But yes we have given though and here we are to let you know about various health benefits of apple and how this fruit helps you to live some better life.

  1. Shines up your teeth

We often see many ads regarding whiting of teeth have someone ever experienced this? Never, but yes chewing apples can help you in this. As apples are rich in fibre when helps in fighting with the bacteria present in your mouth. Main reason of yellowish teeth is bacteria which may harm further also but apples release fibre which prevents this from happening and taking over.

So eating apple a day will surly help you to prevent your teeth for a longer time and will whiten them in a natural way.

  1. Protection against Alzheimer

Alzheimer is a kind of aging effect on the brain which leads to problems like shot time memory, as the person grows the memory starts to reduce and we start making very silly mistakes related to same. But a study found that many people who have added a apple to their daily diet are free from this natural problem in a natural way even after age of more than 65 years. This problem is very common in adults more than 60 years of age and hence apple is very effective regarding this.

  1. Will help you in dealing with different kind of Cancers

Apples contain a certain type of protective phytochemicals which are help in prevention of reproduction of cancer colon cells which are the main reasons of reaching a type of cancer to its last stage. Apples are from one of the best sources to stay away from deadly diseases like cancer. Not only phytochemicals responsible for protection against cancer but, apple also contains many different types of antioxidants which work as cancer fighting agents. There are more things that all these important substances present in apple can help us grow and keep a doctor away.

  1. Protection against diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common problems in many countries, people who suffer from it are the only people who can understand that how serious is problem is and there are so many preventions that one has to take while handling the level of sugar in the body. But there are very few fruits that can help out in prevention of diabetes, apples are one of those. Apples are very rich in water and fibre levels and hence have very low sugar base which can never affect a diabetes patient in a harmful way but those who are not suffering with the same are also advised to add apples to their diet just to keep themselves protected against the same.

  1. Can help you in weight and fat management

Weight loss is a major problem if we think of it while planning the schedule of our diet plan. It becomes important for the person to reduce the weight along with a balanced diet to feel all the time satisfied with the meals just like normal people do. But most of the people fail due to improper diet schedules and having very less food a day. Fruits like apples are rich in fibre and water levels which if inhaled can never put up the weight on your body. You will feel full after having a apple in your diet, most dieticians suggest to add a apple to the meal just in case to fight against the crave feeling and prevent its building in the body.

  1. Prevent skin aging effects

Skin is the very main part of body which catches aging effects and reflects them instantly. This is because of various reasons which reflect the aging effects before the time of actual aging in the body but apples help in keeping the amount of colons and other nutrients in the body balanced as they have strong antioxidant activities in the body. Apples decrease lipid oxidation which prevents aging effects to appear on the skin. Peel of apple in most rich part that plays an important role while dealing with the aging problems hence people who want to stay and look young even after a time should have apple a day and remember not to peel it off.

  1. Lower down the cholesterol levels

Apples and good source of vitamin C and are really helpful in decreasing the lipid oxidation which helps in mentioning the lower cholesterol levels in the body which can lead to several problems like failure of heart, heart attacks and many other deadly problems caused by blood vessels which are clogged. Apple prevents of all this happening and that is why it is also said that apples are very helpful in dealing with heart related problems. People who deal with high cholesterol problems should start having apple a day and avoid eating much saturated fat which comes from mostly non-vegetarian food like meat.

  1. Improves your digestive health

Having all kind of food is not a problem but digesting it can be a problem for one’s life. Apples are in the category of high fibre fruits which are good for various problems related to digestive system problems related to stomach, colon problems, it also prevents against digestive cancer. It also alkalizes the body and further balance pH levels. Raw apples are one’s which can prevent you from these diseased, eat the whole apple along with the skin or you can also take apple juice on the behalf of apple itself. Avoid high sugar juices.

  1. Great source of vitamin C

Apples can provide you around 15% of vitamin C that you need in a day. Vitamin C is counted in the list of strong antioxidants which are helpful for eyes, skin, brain and immune system. Vitamin C also helps in repairing various tissues in body, also maintenance of good metabolism. It is very good for eyes and skin problems like UV exposure, infections and helps healing wounds in a normal time period.

  1. Fights against asthma problems

Various studies have found that apples act line natural asthma remedy as many people who are not dealing with asthma include apple in their diets whereas the study shows that people dealing with this problem are advised for having apple a day and they previously did not include this fruit in their daily diets. Apples controls the symptoms of asthma to light up in a natural way rather than using strong intakes and getting ready for various other problems.

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