There are a number of nutritious things for eating and have various health benefits. Some of them are tasty and some of them are just ok to eat like just to have to. Fruits, chapattis and vegetables have a number of benefits for one’s health and are a good source of energy as well.

But the names are familiar and the benefits as well. And if we say that the amazing thing chocolate also has health benefits. How about that? Isn’t it interesting? No. not just interesting, it’s actually amazing to know that dark chocolate have great health benefits.

So, here we will introduce to you the health benefits of dark chocolate and how it helps your body in a way, what amount of chocolate is good for health along with the healthiest dark chocolate brand.

Here are a number of health benefits of dark chocolate

  1. Good for skin protection and hair growth

Have you ever given a thought, is dark chocolate good for health? We say, yes it is. Dark chocolate is very beneficial for your skin and hair as well.

A healthy dark chocolate contains 70% of cocoa which provides great beauty benefits. Cocoa contains naturally occurring substances in it along with flavonoids which are very beneficial for the improvement of blood flow to the skin.

This is responsible for healthy skin and natural glow as well. Not only this but cocoa prevents skin from complexion and improves skin hydration. It also protects against harmful sun rays and thus provides protection against UV rays and absorbs them.

Eating dark chocolate increases healthy blood flow and oxygen that leads to stronger and healthy hair growth.

  1. Improves the brain functionality

This sounds strange but it’s true as experts say that chocolate contains a substance named as PEA which is a naturally released chemical in the brain and this is responsible for happiness.

When a person is happy, means his brain has released PEA and when chocolate is consumed it makes brain to do same and hence improve its functioning.

Also dark chocolate contains caffeine but lesser as compared to the caffeine levels in coffee and other substances.

The reasonable amount intake improves the brain functioning and helps in focusing more to the work.

  1. Lesser risk of Cardiovascular diseases

Now we will tell you that how dark chocolate and heart health are related to each other. A study has suggested that people who take one or two servings of dark chocolate in a week have lesser risks of heart failure.

Dark chocolates help in the prevention of heartache and strokes that further lowers the risk of high blood pressures and clogged artery congestion.

There are various antioxidants and flavonoids present in dark chocolate which increase the flexibility of veins and helps in the easy workout to overweight individuals and thus adds to weight loss.

A dark chocolate has five times the flavonoids present as compared to apple. A study has told that eating dark chocolate five times a week reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 60% and dark chocolate is helpful for heart problems.

  1. Helps in weight loss

As dark chocolate is a little bitter in taste and hence in reduces your interest for craving for salty and fatty sweet foods which is good for weight loss.

Things those make you satisfied in case of hunger without adding pounds or kilograms to your body weight are good source for reducing the weight.

Dark chocolates make you feel full for a longer time as compared to other foods and this makes you eat lesser in your next diet as well.

Dark chocolates are filled with MUFAs along with some healthy fats that helps your metabolism to burn more calories and fats.

And hence it is advised that you should add a little dark chocolate to your diet plan so that you have a delicious and optimal way to reduce your weight.

  1. Prevention against obesity and diabetes

The presence of cocoa in dark chocolate helps in reduction of sugar level in blood and hence it helps in prevention of this disease like sugar.

It further helps good blood circulation and protects you from type 2 diabetes and it is done by lowering the glycemic index which does not aid to higher blood sugar levels.

Source Ghirardelli
  1. Protection against cancer

Dark chocolate is loaded with the antioxidants which are none other than natural and organic compounds, these compounds help our body to get rid of free radicals and damaged cells also it provides oxidative to the damaged cells. Damaged cells and deficiency of oxygen is the main reason behind disease like cancer.

Hence the dark chocolates prevent us from having cancer by eliminating free radicals from the body. The amount of antioxidants present in dark chocolate is more than that of fruits like blueberries and apples.

  1. A full power pack of nutrients

High quality Dark chocolates are rich in content of healthy vitamins and nutrients that support our health. Along with this is contains various minerals and reasonable amount of fiber as well.

People are just aware of the fact that dark chocolate is rich in cocoa which is present in 70 to 80 % in it. Other than this it’s lot more to see, the other important things are;

  • 95 % of RDA for manganese
  • 90 % of RDA for copper
  • 70 % of RDA for iron
  • 60 % of RDA for magnesium
  • Around 10% of fiber along

Other than this it also has compounds like phosphorus, zinc, and potassium. Along with this it also contains stimulate like thrombin which is responsible for strength of tooth enamel and this is where the dark chocolate becomes good for cavities as well.

  1. Last but not the least, Dark Chocolate: A mood booster

There are people who talk to each other badly when their mood is down and what not one do when his mood is down or off. Most of us are chocolate lovers but ever given a thought that can chocolate boost your mood? Yes, why not, we have an answer to this.

Dark chocolate contains a chemical compound known as serotonin and that increases the production of endorphins in the body.

This is the anti-depression thing that works optimistically and can 100% cheer your mood up and provide you positive vibes as well.

So the chocolates lovers need not to be sad at all as chocolate is there with the number of health benefits along with in form of a great mood booster.

How can you test, whether the dark chocolate is genuine or not?

Here is what your taste buds need to be very aware while testing a chocolate bar and test that is it good and healthy for you or not.

Very firstly check out the label and it should show that this is 100% organic and should have a clean label. A good dark chocolate is always bitter in taste and this contains more that 70% of cocoa.

The taste should not include alkali or sweetness. So, be aware while buying the same. We now introduce you to best brand of dark chocolate and heart-healthy dark chocolate brands.

Ghirardelli brand of dark chocolate is one of the richest and trusted brands of chocolates. Their chocolates contain around 72-85% of cocoa richness.

Now comes Lindt 85 Dark chocolate which contains almost 85% of cocoa and this is a Swiss dark chocolate which is one of the best at its taste, this is a Switzerland based brand.

Other than this we have “Endangered spices dark chocolate brand” from Indiana, “Green and black organic dark chocolates brand”, Sweetriot organic dark chocolate, Pascha organic dark chocolate and Godiva dark chocolates.

All these branded dark chocolates are available on the internet and on the retails stores as well and are trusted and good to go for.

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