As the summers arrive in India, the very famous thing and which is easy to made and is home friendly as well. Buttermilk also called as Lassi, Chaas, Chaach, Mijjigal, Neer Mooru in various languages and regions in India, especially known for its cooling effects and is often becomes good source of energy and protection from the high temperatures. So, before we go for the benefits of this amazing drink we must know; what is Buttermilk?

Buttermilk is not actually mixture of butter or milk but is the result of butter mixing procedure. In many houses in India it is drunk after the meals or by itself, especially in summers. It is made by mixing water with few amount of yogurt and then it is mixed or blended well. Some spices like pepper, ginger, green chills, cumin powder, curry leaves or Coriander Leaves are crushed and are mixed in it often for development of good taste or for the therapeutic great benefits as well. This so natural drink works as a power booster for one and is great in taste.

According to Ayurveda, Buttermilk is a refreshing and along with this is a beneficial drink which is also used as treatment of many diseases. Although this is very easy to digest and can be found in two forms, one is sour and another is sweet. Both the forms have their own benefits and health relieving natures. This adds to improve in digestion of food, natural treatment for digestive problems, spleen maladies, and lack of appetite, anaemia, swelling and irritation as well.

Now let’s have a look on the Number of health benefits of buttermilk

  1. Rich in all important macronutrients

Buttermilk is 90% of water actually, which fulfils daily need of water and is rich in all essential nutrient which are need of a human body, it is a complete food, because it has all the things that are in need of a balanced diet. Buttermilk has minimal lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and all essential enzymes which make it a complete meal in itself. It is considered much better to have buttermilk rather than just plain water or any other artificially flavoured drink, including it in daily diet can help you to improve various problems related to your digestive system and it is absorbed in a good way by intestines as mostly rich in proteins.

  1. Gives you boost for the work and cool in nature

Summers remind us of all the cold drinks that can be inhaled during the high temperatures and those can provide some refreshing feel to the body to work again. The best and natural cooling effects can be found in buttermilk. It makes your digestive system feel free from all the spices that you have inhaled, as it has tendency to wash them out and leave it with a cooling effect along with smoothing lining of stomach.

If it is made rich in ginger and cumin powder with other condiments, it can relief all types of irritation in the stomach that can take place with the intake of spicy food if consumed after the meals. This is best known for the reduction of body heat and high metabolic rate as well.

  1. Washes down the oily and sticky food

Over consumption of every kind of food always lead to problems like bloating which are very common but they always make you feel sick after the heavy meals. This can be easily controlled by the intake of one glass of buttermilk of you are feeling like bloating. Intake of things like cumin, ginger and other spices makes you feel good and less stuffed after the meals. Along with these benefits, it adds to removal of all the oils from your stomach that stuck to it after having heavy amount of oily food intake, it makes your stomach feel easy and improves digestive process of the body.

  1. Great effect against dehydration

Buttermilk is the best good product that can deal with the problem of dehydration naturally, it has fair amount of acid in it and made from yogurt and addition of salt makes it a good therapy for prevention against dehydration problem. This is great source of meeting the balanced amount of water required to body, although providing you a refreshing feel by heat loss effects as it is full of electrolytes. This is often called as a summer drink also because is it considered as a great source of keeping uneasiness at bay which normally arises in the summers.

  1. Provides you calcium without the addition of fat

This is assumed in many regions of India that if the thing is called as buttermilk, it will be rich in fats and must be a heavy drink that can adds to their weights by providing unusual amount of calories to body. Although this drink is related to the milk, which is a very bad link to made, it is just got the development from the milk but does not hold heavy fat like milk do, but yes it has good amount of calcium like milk which is very important for your body.

People who suffer from problems like intolerance of lactose which is found in milk and these people cannot consume milk because of the same reason often suffer from the lacking of calcium in their body. Butter milk can meet their need of calcium and it will not provide lactose to their body because in buttermilk lactose converts to lactic acid by the action of healthy bacteria. Calcium improves the bone health and protects you from the problems like osteoporosis. Buttermilk gives you calcium and other important nutrients without adding calories to it.

  1. Rich in number of Vitamins

Buttermilk is not only packed with the rich nutrients but also the vitamins, vitamins like vitamin B and D can be found in buttermilk which are good for overcoming weakness in the body. Insufficiency of these vitamins leads to problems like anemia and weakness development in various parts of body, you tend to get tired easily that normal people because of this. Vitamin D is good for providing strength to your immune system and it can also boost your energy to work. Normal serving of buttermilk on the daily basis can fill you up with the 20% need of daily vitamin intake. So, to keep you immune system healthy and free from usual infections, you should have a glass of Buttermilk at least once in a day.

  1. Helps in detoxify the body

As we know that food intake is essential for the body to work properly, similarly this food should be converted to energy by the body to develop the power to work whole day. Buttermilk is rich in riboflavin which is one of the most essential and is known for converting food to the energy and supplying it to various parts of your body. This process aids in digestion process, it activates the enzymes in the cells of body which develops the energy cycle and also aids to liver functioning. This assists detoxification of body and has anti-oxidant properties.

  1. Decreases your blood pressure

Some substances found in buttermilk are believed to have abundance of bioactive proteins which help in lowering the cholesterol levels of one adding to antibacterial and anti-viral properties. A study was conducted along with doing number of experiments with the people who had problems of high blood pressures. It is found that people who intake buttermilk daily in good amount, especially after the needs are facing less problems of high blood pressure and maintaining lower blood pressures. So, this is ultimately good news for those people who often suffer with these problems to get rid of this one along with in addition to number of health benefits of buttermilk.

  1. Protection against constipation

There are number of problems which are related to stomach and can result in various problems, one of them is constipation. Buttermilk works as a natural therapy which can be used to comfort ballooning of stomach and prevents against various stomach disorders along with this, keeping constipation at bay. It is recommended to be regular in consumption of buttermilk to stay away from this problem along with many other diseases related to your stomach. This is good of facilitating the bowel movements; also this becomes true for the people who do not consume much fiber.

  1. Can help you in losing weight

Most of the diet plans fail due to problems like hunger satisfaction or because of dehydration, which is normal when you have just started to stop the intake of you regular yet heavy diet. This is because one is used to have much food than that of current diet plan, so buttermilk is here to provide you calories without any fat, yogurt, cream or heavy material like junk foods. Buttermilk has natural properties that make you feel full even after a small diet, keeping you hydrated and free from weakness. Buttermilk is rich in nutrients, proteins, vitamins, calcium, minerals, and enzymes that are essential in maintain the body energy.

  1. Stay away from cold with buttermilk

Buttermilk is very natural way to say goodbye to common cold and runny nose. Just with the addition of some garlic and ginger in buttermilk, 2-3 glasses in a day after the meals are enough to get rid of the problem.

So, these are some of the well known benefits of buttermilk whereas it has more things to tell just like it is good for healthy skin as well. The most important part is to have it daily and it is better to make it a usual drink for your diet and meals so that you can stay away from number of problems. Every time you inhale this drink you will feel more fresh and lighter than before, along with it, you will feel full as this also completes your need of water in a day.

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