Good Food Leads To Good Health

In our daily life, we go through many activities some common and some on an individual basis.

Common daily routine activities like eating, sleeping, drinking and walking affect our health a lot, due to our ignorance we fail to realise that like every other activity, activities like eating and sleeping also affects our body in different ways.

Today here, we will discuss healthy ways of eating, the do’s and the do not’s of eating, incompatible food, etc. to make you all aware of the food habits. And we will tell you that how can good food lead to good health.

To begin with, the chewing of food, most of the people are unaware of the fact, that we should chew our food properly, rather than just swallowing it. It is usually said that we should chew our each bite at least 32 times before swallowing it, which is in relation to our number of teeth, as suggested by digestion experts.

They say our stomach is a grinder, and if it receives hard and big chunks of food it will be difficult to grind the food, causing problems in digestion and other problems like acidity.

It is rightly said that we should “Drink food and Eat water” for a healthy living.

Apart from this other benefits of chewing food are  enzymes,  when we chew our food, our saliva  release enzymes that are helpful for us,

Problems like constipation is resolved, the food particles do not stick in our teeth, no bad bacteria are present in our mouth. Etc. Hence chewing is a very important process of eating.

Now if we talk about diet, it is another thing that affects our body, not only the type of food which we eat affects us, but also the time duration and combination of food matters to our health, for example, some food when taken together or one after the another, produces a harmful effect in our body while some are especially not meant to be taken empty stomach, and some  things are a must to be taken  in meal that adds a plus one step towards your health. Some of the tips are given below that can help you lead a better life. And this good food will lead you to good health.

There is a category of incompatible food, it is a type of category that includes those combinations of food which are harmful for us,

For example, we often eat, cucumber and tomatoes as salad together, but according to a research we should not do, as they have nutrients which cancel each other and prevents us from receiving the nutrition, which we should have received from them. Even the healthiest food becomes unhealthy when not taken incorrectly,

Some harmful, deadly or wasteful combinations are honey and ghee, milk and other products received from animals like honey, curd etc.

Milk and banana together also form a harmful combination,

Other products which can be harmful with milk are, lemon, oranges, pineapple (other citric fruits), flesh, brinjal, fish etc.

Carrot and lemon is another dangerous combination it causes heart and urine related problems. Radish, banana and milk are never to be taken together or before and after each other.

Honey is not to be taken with ghee, Radish and grapes at all.

Non-veg should not be taken with potato, cheese, starch, milk, curd and sprouts.

Curd and black gram(urad), which causes high blood pressure, beer or cold drink, with salted snacks,  as it makes our body dehydrated, causing nausea, food poisoning etc.

They all affect us in different ways usually harming us causing fatigue, weight gain,  skin diseases, stomach related problem, hair fall etc.

The food or fruits which should not be taken empty stomach are as follows,

Tomatoes and citric fruit they cause acidity when our stomach is empty, which also increase the possibility of gastric ulcer.

Cake and bread are not meant to be taken on the empty stomach as it causes, laziness, fatigue and lack of concentration. You can use multigrain or brown/wheat bread which is beneficial for the health.

Tea, Coffee or any other Caffeine should be avoided on empty stomach, it causes a headache,  and lack of sleep, it increases the quantity of acidity causing  acidity, skin disease, migraine and hair fall,

Banana is another fruit that should be avoided empty stomach and before the workout, it may cause stomach ache while physical exercises,

Extra spicy  and oily food to be avoided empty stomach, it’s not good for digestion, and increases the burning sensations in the stomach,

Never chew chewing gums empty stomach because it causes our mind to think that we our eating something which in turn signals our stomach to release digestive secretions that may harm us.

Curd and sweet our not good tone taken on empty stomach, though you can have honey in the morning, it is beneficial. Beer too should be avoided empty stomach, it causes headache, nausea and hangover.

Apart from this, we can have, watermelon, honey, eggs, apples, papaya, brown rice, sprouts, milk oats etc. on empty stomach which will  be quiet beneficial for us.

Some other tips of the food that should be included  and not included in our diet should be

Probiotics (healthy bacteria) and prebiotics(food for bacteria) are something that should be included in our diet, curd can work for probiotics, whereas onion and garlic can act as a good supplement of prebiotics.

Never include cold water and ice-creams before and after or along with your meal. It suppresses your digestion and makes it a slow process.

Include salad in your meals, but only during lunch and not dinner.

*Never have salad AFTER your meals, always have BEFORE OR ALONG with them.

Other health tips related to food are:-

1) Always sit and have your food with full concentration on food rather than watching television or doing some other activity,

2) Avoid Mid-Night snacking as much as possible.

3) Avoid Eating Curd at night. As our digestion becomes slow after consuming it.

4) Ghee should not be contained in Copper vessel.  As they react with each other.

4) Never mix honey with something, that is too be cooked, because it becomes unhealthy for us.

5) Avoid eating too hot or too cold things like tea, coffee, ice cream and cold drink after or along with your meals.

6) Never have Coldwater, or cold things like citrus fruits, before or after hot liquids like tea and coffee. It causes throat infection and cough and cold.

These are some of the basic facts, of which we all should be aware, to live a healthy living, apart from WHAT TO EAT, we also need to focus on HOW TO EAT and WHEN TO EAT, because if life is game of gamble, then health is the dice that decides your fate, hence focus on health to lead a good and healthy life. These petty facts can save us from blunders if we follow them before the hourglass runs out of the sand.  Follow this and you will know how good food leads to good health.

At the end all I would say is

“Let food be your medicine, and don’t let medicine become your food”.

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