Fruit Of Elixir-Health Benefits Of Amla

Today we will talk about benefits of amla, we will discuss how amla powder for hair loss is beneficial and how to use amla powder for hair growth, how to drink amla juice for weight loss, amla nutrition facts, amla juice benefits, amla murraba benefits, amla’s nutritious value etc.

Nature has always been a solution to all our problems, we may at times not find a cure or treatment for a particular disease but nature, it provides all the essentials that are required to cure or prevent a number of diseases, each and every fruit or product of nature provides us with various health benefits,  every product has its own worth its own nutritious value, and is valuable, it is created in a way as to cure and prevent certain diseases, not only fruits and vegetables but also the leaves of some plants, helps cure some diseases, with these herbs created with different compositions of plant leaves and fruits, Ayurveda prepares its medicines and cure the affected person..

As we say nature is always at its best, to help us cure the disease.

Today we will talk about one of the fruit that nature has provided, and has amazing properties, that could be beneficial in many ways. And that fruit is known as AMLA.

Amla is an ancient Indian fruit, amla in english is also known as Indian gooseberry and the scientific term coined for amla is phyllanthus emblica. Amla is derived from the Sanskrit word Amalaki. Amla tastes sour and at times bitter and astringent.

Amla berry health benefits are uncountable, the list is never ending if we start mentioning them one by one. It is considered to be derived from the drops of amrit (an Indian sacred magical potion) that was spilled on earth accidently, according to the Hindu mythology, due to which amla tree is also considered as sacred.

Fruit Of Elixir-Health Benefits Of Amla

Amla is said to balance all the three fundamental body organs or correct the doshas recognised by Ayurveda, that is pitta, vata and kapha. Its cooling effect of energy balances pita and vata is balanced by its sweet taste where as kapha is balanced due to its drying action.

It helps in digestion and also helps in getting rid of constipation, cough, asthama and impure blood. Apart from this it improves the eyesight and helps in hair regrowth.

Here are few detailed health benefits of amla, that is versatile and flexible in curing various diseases and problems.

1) An amla for an eye

Yes replace all those,  messy eye drops, contacts and glasses with amla, use an amla a day and throw your glasses away. Amla for eyes is amazing. It helps in curing, sore, dry, watery and itchy eyes. Thus is one of  the major health benefits of Amla

2) Green Hair masks

Yes, now its time to go green. Replace your hair spas laden with chemicals, and bring in some natural products like amla, because It is more effective And it has no side effect.

Amla prevents from looking older than you actually are, in short, it does not let your hair turn grey, before its time, if applied regularly on the scalp.

Amla oil is also very beneficial as it helps stimulate the hair growth if applied regularly on the scalp as it nourishes the roots and promotes long hair. Amla is also an anti dandruff agent as well, here are few tips as to how to make use of amla.

Strengthening tips


  • Amla powder
  • Honey
  • Yogurt

Add 2 tbsp of amla powder, 1 tbsp yogurt and 1 tbsp of honey In a container, containing water.  Make a paste and apply them to your hair from roots to tips. Have a nice head bath with warm water after 30 minutes and let it do wonders to your hair.

Anti dandruff pack


  • Yogurt
  • Amla powder
  • Shikakai powder.

Add 2 tsp each of amla and shikakai powder in a bowl and 2tsp of yogurt. Make a paste out of it and apply them to the strands of your hair.

Have a nice head bath, with the usage of a mild shampoo after 15 minutes.

This is one of the most useful health Benefit of Amla.

3)  Amla your body toner

Yes now no need of those hassling gyms and diets, Amla will be your personal body toner, just include them in your diet and see the magic.

Amla is rich in fibre which helps in flushing out all the waste material of the body. It also reduces our food cravings due to the protein present in it.

Include a glass of amla juice before meals in your daily routine and see the magic happen, how amla juice is beneficial for weight loss.

Here is the Amla juice recipe that can turn you into a healthier you.

1) Refreshers.


  • Three large Amlas,
  • Two tablespoon wood apple juice from one fruit
  • Fifteen gram crushed ginger.

Combine the juices of all three fruits/vegetables and add 200ml water and salt according to taste in it and enjoy this refresher.

You can also include amla in your daily diet in the form of pickles, dried candies, murraba and fruit forms.

Apart from these benefits, Amla is also rich in Vitamin C which makes it all the more healthier to consume.  It also helps in curing and preventing diseases and problems like

Diabetes, obesity, indigestion, sore throat, jaundice and also purifies blood..

So these were some of the various health benefits of Amla, hope you liked reading this space and would definitely include this magical fruit in your diet, to add some wonders and magic to your life.

It is truly said, that the real six doctors of our life are, Sunshine, Water, Rest, Air, Exercise and Diet.

So take care of these six doctors and live a healthy life.. A healthy you is a happier you.

Stay fit, stay happy.

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