Good Hair Days- With Foods That Promote Hair Growth And Thickness

Truth, God and Beauty, are the three main virtues that are held in high esteem, where beauty becomes a part of aesthetics, we all dream of those castle princess and maidens, and our childhood desire to be one of them may it be Cinderella, Jasmine or Rapunzel.

Yes, Rapunzel, the one with long thick hair, known for her gracious long hair. Her hair was her pride, so were of our old grannies, who used to have thick black beautiful hair.

Have you ever wondered how our grannies used to maintain those long beautiful thick hair, when no expensive oils, shampoos, conditioners, therapies and spa were available?

Well, the answer is as simple as a four-letter word like Food. Yes we certainly our aware of 100’s of things to apply on hair to make them healthy, but we forget how food affect our entire body, including our hair, which is obviously a part of it.

From skin to hair to internal organs, food affects each and everything, even the tiniest of cells and hormones released by our body is affected by food. Hence rather than focusing on time-consuming remedies, we now need to shift our focus on diet and maintain in accordance with our health.

In this fast running life, where we are busy in jobs schedules and career building, we leave ourselves behind, it further leads to stress, which causes hair fall leading to balding, we often go for expensive treatment and remedies but are unaware of the fact about food.

We need to know that balding is a reversible process, and we can gain back the strength of our hair with some basic food additions in our diet.

Good health not only leads to good skin and good functioning of the organs but also it leads to good hair, sufficient with all the required proteins, vitamins and mineral.

So here today this space is dedicated on the required list of food that promotes hair growth and thickness, it will also focus on the essential elements required for increasing the quality of our hair.

The first and the foremost advice that I would like to give is, apply oils on your hair, nourish your hair, it requires food too and hence no matter what oiling should be an essential part of your weekly routine.

Along with hair, you need to nourish your entire body, with the help of nutritious food that promotes hair growth and thickness.

So let us begin with the list of top 10 foods that promote hair growth and thickness

1) Beans a bag of nutrients

Eat different types of beans, dried, cooked or boiled if you wish to have a good hair day in your life, as beans not only contains Iron but is also rich in fibre, vitamin C, vitamin B, nutrients and minerals, zinc etc.

You can also include other varieties of fresh beans like navy beans, kidney beans etc.  Beans definitely is one of the food that promotes thickness and hair growth.

2)Spinach to the rescue

This leaf-like food is quite beneficial for our hair, it not only increases the thickness but also provides our hair for the required elements. It is not only rich in iron but contains vitamin as well. It is rich in antioxidants and zinc as well.

Antioxidants protect hair damage and nourishes our hair roots whereas zinc too nourishes the hair and helps in regrowth of hair, which decreases balding. This vegetable is definitely accountable and is a must to be added in our top 10 list of foods that promote hair growth and thickness leading us to the good hair days.

3)No need of moisture therapy, Cinnamon is here

Cinnamon a spice, that can add hair to your life.  Just add some to your morning beverage, and just see it do wonders,  it helps you to regrow your hair quickly, Cinnamon provides moisture your hair and hence is necessary to protect you from those dry frizzy hair.

Along with that it also increases blood flow to our hair follicles. It not only acts like a hair moisturiser but also a regrowth stimulator. No wonder it is included in our top 10 list of food that promotes hair growth and thickness.

4) egg white guardian of hair.

If you wish to see your head full of healthy hair, add one egg into your daily diet, and sit still, let it do the rest of the work. It has biotin which acts as a great help to fight hair loss.

This is undoubtedly a must add food to the list of top 10 food that promotes hair growth.

5) Lemons for life.

To begin your day with soothing music and a glass of lemon water is not a bad idea at all. It not only improves digestion but also helps to promote the quality and thickness of the hair.

It is rich in collagen that multiplies the speed of your hair growth. This definitely can be included in your daily hair care tips.

6) Guava, a magic ball

Guava is not only a delicious fruit but has some magic too, it helps in regrowth of your hair in less than nineteen days, the secret behind its magic is its nutritional value, it contains vitamin B and C that forms collagen and contains riboflavin.

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It helps in regaining that long lost healthy hair growth in women who have been disappointed and living in disparity with their temporary hair thinning.

Eating guavas is definitely a great hair care advice for your good hair days.

7) Your New Fairies, Blueberries/strawberries.

Berries are now going to act as your new fairies, along with that delicious taste, it also spins that magic wand, which helps you regrow your hair, it is rich in vitamin C that helps improve the hair breakage, and increases blood circulation to feed your hair follicles.

8) Salmon the Saviour

Salmon will now act as a saviour and save your hair for your future. This super tasty fish is rich in omega3 acids and vitamin D, that prevents hair breakage and makes your hair strong and provide fatty acids to your hair, that help in hair regrowth. We can definitely count on this food that promotes thickness and hair growth.

9) Walnuts, walls protecting your hair.

Your new hair protection walls are walnuts. Include them in your diet, and let it do all the other things for you.

Walnuts are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and biotin, it further helps protects your DNA damage. It contains copper, which maintains the colour of our hair and keeps them shining.

10) Almonds no less than diamonds for hair.

Almonds are of no lesser value than any other gem for your hair, they contain almost all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are required for your hair, they make your hair healthy and strong. It contains Vitamin B that gives gloss and longevity to your hair. Add these almonds to your diet, and see the shine it brings to your hair.

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This is a quite useful hair care tip for good and healthy hair.

So these were the top 10 foods that promote thickness and hair growth.

Hope you like reading this space. And you will soon move out with that thick, glossy hair, you have always dreamed off. Be the Rapunzel of the modern world, and walk with your head held high, proudly carrying your crown that you would never take off. I would conclude with these lines

” Handle with care, your crown is your hair”.

Have a good hair day.

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