Almonds are one of the most famous dry fruits in India and all around the world, it is believed that almonds are just good for brain and they should be kept in water for a night and then have some in the morning, which is good for sharp memory, but there are many more endless health benefits of almonds which will surprise you in a way.

Almonds where found in North Africa, Mediterranean regions and in West Africa initially. Almonds are very rich in dietetic fiber, vitamins, minerals and monounsaturated fats, which are good for your heart. There are several elements of almonds, and here goes the list;

  1. Lowers bad cholesterol

As we know, almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats along with polyunsaturated fats which help in lowering of bad cholesterol that is also called as LDL cholesterol in technical language. Not only reduction of bad cholesterol but also helps in raising the level of good cholesterol or HDL cholesterol, only if almonds are part of one’s daily diet. Having a full hand of almonds in a day can reduce up to 4.4% of bad cholesterol and if we double the dosage then the amount reduced is around 9.9% of bad cholesterol reduction.

  1. Helps in Prevention of cancer

Almonds are fiber-rich and are actively included in high fiber foods. They help in good digestive system and enable digestive system work more efficiently. The process helps in cleaning digestive system. National cancer institute has said in a study that eating high fiber fruits in daily routine can reduce the chances of colon cancer. Whereas on the other hand almonds are also rich in vitamin E, flavonoids and phytochemicals which further reduce the risk of breast cancer.

  1. Almonds protect against diabetes

Diabetes is very common and a problem that effects body in many ways. Every time one dealing with this problem inhale something has to think twice before he actually take some food. Effect of sugar generally generates after having some sugar-rich diet. Some studies suggest that almonds are good for reducing the escalation in blood sugar which occurs after the meals as almonds are rich in glycemic index (GI). GI offers good protection against sugar and helps in reducing or maintaining the sugar levels in blood especially after the meals.

  1. Works as a energy booster

For a sportsman, energy is the most needed thing in a day and hence need many important nutrients which are rich in energy diet. Almonds can be counted in the diet of a man who is always on the physical work, as almonds are good source of riboflavin, copper and manganese. All three nutrients are makers of energy in the body, almonds when taken with milk if they are inhaled as almond milkshakes then they become very good for the body and helps you stay boosted for a long time.

  1. Good during pregnancy

Almonds during pregnancy can help fetus grow up health as almonds are known for prevention against the birth defects or disorders. Presence of folic acid in the almonds cans in ignoring many birth disorders. Women who eat almonds during pregnancy are most likely to give birth to healthy babies free from Neural tube defects which are also termed as NTDs in short or technical forms. Hence almonds have such a vast range of benefits which can work for great growth of body or a child and an adult as well.

  1. Improver of brain power

Almonds are well known for reason behind the sharp and healthy memories, and yes they are as well. Brain cells can be developed with various eatable and almonds are one of them like almonds contain L-carnitine and riboflavin nutrients which are helpful in growth of brain cells. Scientific studies along with Ayurveda knowledge says that 5-6 almonds soaked in water should be consumed every morning which is very good for brain development and provides the maximum strength of brain.

  1. Gives strength to bones and teeth

Micronutrients like calcium, phosphorus are also present in almonds which are good are directly related to strength of bones and teeth. They are also helpful in building the strength of skeletal system.

  1. Helps in maintaining weight

Some studies suggested that almond butter is filled with calories that do not contribute to any weight gain, although, it is known that it contributes to weight loss and provides high protein along with healthy fiber which adds to your hunger and you do not need to eat any extra food for being full. This drink is often suggested to those who eat too much fast food and have a heavy diet; almond butter does not add to your weight but still makes your stomach feeling full.

  1. Prevents the birth of Anemia

Anemia is the problem that takes place when red blood cells start carrying lower quantities of oxygen. Almonds are rich in nutrients like vitamins, iron and copper which synthesize haemoglobin by working as a catalyst. Hence, almonds are ready good for preventing Anemia measures.

  1. Prevents tissues from oxidative damage

Another good point to be noted about almond butter is that when it is inhaled with peanut butter then the amount of vitamin E present in almond butter has properties that are antioxidant and these can help in preventing tissues from the oxidative damage. A spoon of almond butter can help you with fulfilling need of your daily vitamin E by 30%.

  1. Also increases your physical and mental alertness

Both these benefits of mental and physical alertness can be gained by having almond milk as it is rich in muscle building proteins along with potassium. Protein adds to muscle health that repairs damaged tissues and on the other hand potassium helps in constituting electrons in body which further boosts memory and just this way, almond milk becomes a good source of increasing your physical and mental alertness.

  1. Fever Reducer

High body temperature is always bad for one’s health and it adds to laziness which further makes you hate every work on the day but almonds can help you in a bit fighting through this phase. The formula is to apply almond oil bitter essentials on your body which can reduce your problem. As bitter almond oil is rich in toxicity rich elements like alkaline and this can protect you from viruses, fungus and bacteria that are present during high fevers and adds in maintaining the problem for a longer time. But this almond oil can help you to come out from the same in a short span of time.

  1. Heals many types of cancer problems

Cancer can also be healed with the use of bitter almond oil as it has presence of hydrogen cyanide and which has properties to heal specific cancer types. A recent study have proved this by doing more experiments with almond oil, although it can also be used as a mixed drink which has its own benefits. Benefits of almond are always on the go and you can always have a hand full of almonds in a day which will add to your mental and physical health as well.

  1. Good for several skin problems

Almond oil has so many benefits that can never be counted on fingers, but still we will try to expose many. Almond oils are rich in olein glyceride linoleic acid which makes almond oil a rich moisturizer. Various skin defect and problems like blackheads, acne, arid along with prickly skin can be prevented by use of almond oil on it. Not only adult skin but this is very good for children as well, underage children those are just learning to walk could be helped with almond oil when you massage it on their legs and body it provides muscle strength along with high glow on the skin.

Vitamin E present in almonds is also a skin-friendly nutrient which works like a shield when you go out in the sun and protects your body against the sun exposure, this works like a sunscreen. Almond oil can be used to treat sunburn problems and heal other skin defects very effectively. Massaging your face with the almond oil can prevent you from signs of aging as well; this can be done by creating a face mask using two more nutrients with almond oil.

Take honey, almond oil and lemon juice in equal amounts. Mix them and you can create a natural skin mask, apply it on the face and leave for 10-15 minutes after that rinse your face with fresh water. Use this formula twice a week to get rid of blackheads, and skin aging problems.

  1. Good for your eyes and dark circles around

There are various reasons for the birth of dark circles around your eyes which are mainly from the less sleep. They make you look tired all the time and are not easy problems to get away from, although this cannot be even ignored, we have almonds to help you for the same. Almond paste and oils both can help you to reduce dark circles around your eyes. The process of making an almond paste is simple and easy, soak some almonds in water and then grind them which will make a paste of it. Apply this paste to your eyes and leave for a night, this will smoothen your skin and will provide good strength to your eyes, leaving all the tiredness aside.

Reduction of dark circles will be seen in 2-3 days when you continue the process. With this note, we hope that you will start taking almonds seriously and start having at least a full hand of almonds in a day and use almond paste and oils for good skin and child growth as well.

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