How does tea affect your health and sleep? Ever given a thought to this? Probably not, if you are a tea lover and you often find problems having sleep, then you must read this article and get aware of all the sleeping effects that a cup of tea provides you or stanches the same from you.

Coffee and tea are the well-known boosters of alertness and energy all around the world. There are very few people who are not used to one of these drinks. Most of the people need a cup of tea after waking up while others can’t sleep without same.

So, how can we know about the effects of tea on sleep? There are several ways and patterns in which one person drinks tea or coffee. So, today we will be discussing about the same and will let you know about the role of tea for your sleep.

There are both the ways of tea affecting your sleep, it can be positive and it can provide negative effects too. So, here are the ways in which a cup of tea adds or disturbs your sleep.

Negative effects of tea on sleep

The true tea, when taken from Camellia Sinensis plant, which is a well-known and natural way of extracting tea. The natural and normal tea is taking from this plant and most of the people are enjoying its taste every day.

The true tea contains caffeine but in a very lesser amount of coffee, 5-10 cups of tea will be equal to 3-5 cups of coffee in a day in terms of caffeine. This is a normal tea which if consumed in higher amounts will not a good for your health and performance of daily life.

True Tea near bed time is not good for those especially who are very sensitive to the caffeine content. This tea will be bad for them and will not let them sleep properly. Also, when these effects cross their limits then the problems like insomnia and sleep loss are often seen.

Doctors recommend not to take any type of food, medicine or drinks that contain caffeine contents at least before 4 to 6 hours before the sleep. Higher amounts of caffeine does not boost your performance to work but it increases the alertness and concentration during the bed time which leads to sleep problems.

Although, a study has suggested that men are more sensitive to the caffeine effects than women. And hence men should be more careful while having tea near the sleep time.

All these are the negative effects of tea on our sleep but we should not ignore the benefits of this drink as well. With this simple drawback one should not loss trust on the other nutrient and compounds present in this drink which are good sources of energy and adds to health benefits along.

Tea helps in better sleep and relaxation as well, but this depends that which type of tea you are drinking or you prefer to drink. So, now going to the positive effects of tea on sleep.

Positive effects of tea on sleep:

Now moving to the other side of coin which most of the people should know and especially the tea lovers, that how tea can be good for sleep?

It depends upon the type of tea which you are consuming while going to bed, and this choice will decide that what will happen to your sleep. As said before that the nature and true tea contains some amount of caffeine which is said to be not good for your sleep.

But if one goes for other tea types and other compounds present in tea we have L-theanine, which is an amino acid in tea which is known to be good for a better sleep. Green tea is also good for a good sleep and it prevents one from sleep apnea disorder.

Other than green tea there are many types of teas like herbal tea which is in itself has many types and branches. Herbal tea is tea which is not extracted from a tea plant and is collected from other types of plant sources.

Herbal tea does not contain caffeine and is very light drink, this is the tea which is good for before the bed time or during late evening and helps in digestion as well. It is important to limit the quantity of tea in a day.

Most of the people consume normal tea which contains caffeine and hence in is important for one to know its side effects too. Herbal tea is good for heath and provides you energy to work as well. This does not adds to your weight and do not disturb your sleep along.

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