Having problem in sleeping over night? We are here to help you out with this problem and get rid of this earliest. Some people think that sleep comes only when someone has done a lot of work and has been tired, due to which he or she falls sleep early and have no problem in sleeping.

What if we answer to your question, “How can I fall asleep when not tired?” this is actually an easy process and you just need some of the tips for a good sleep. But before that we should know about the various reasons for a sleepless night.

Some people are so much work obsessed that they think sleep is just a wastage of time and should not be their between their work and them. So, marking a red cross over their thoughts we have our perception for the same.

Although, this is true that a person spends his one third of life sleeping, but does not mean that sleep is a wastage of time. There are still many ongoing processes when you are sleeping, your body is preparing for the next day.

Preparing all the physical and mental health cells to face a new day with a great energy and with all the concentration so that you get a fresh and good start to work. Sometimes you may have noticed that a work which was like a mountain for you before the sleep, seemed easy and was done in minutes after the couple of hours of sleep.

So, good sleep is the key to happy and tension free life. Most people face mental stress problems in their lives which does not let them sleep. In this case one should surely visit a doctor so that doctor can help them proper sleep along with reduce their mental stress.

Now we have some Effective ways to fall asleep Faster and here we go with the list of solutions;

Make a proper bedtime schedule

Most of us are unaware of the fact that when they sleep in night, remember that if your sleeping schedule is not in a particular order then your sleep problems can last for a life time. There should be a proper time to go to bed and same goes for the wake up as well, minimum 4-6 hours of sleep is needed to work efficiently.

Pen down your negative thoughts

We all go through a lot in a single day and hence when in the same thoughts, we are not able to sleep. So, some doctors suggest that pen down your bad thoughts on a paper which reliefs you from them for a time and start thinking about the good things that has happened with you.

Have magnesium rich food before the bed

Magnesium is good for sleep and hence some studies suggest that inhaling magnesium rich foods half an hour before the bedtime like spinach and pumpkin seeds will help you falling asleep immediately.

Have herbal tea before the bedtime

Herbal tea is the tea which does not contain caffeine and provides a good sleep to you. It is one source for healthy sleep and hence you can have a cup of chamomile tea before the bed time to sleep well.

Workout earlier than sleep

Doing workout too late in the day and especially near the time of sleep can bring problems in your sleep. Hence schedule your work out at least 2 hours before the bed time so that you get a good sleep.

Take a nap in afternoon

It is good to go for a short walk after dinner and best when you can have a small nap after the afternoon meals. This ensures your good sleep of night. Just take a small nap of 10-30 minutes after the lunch, this will help you out for going to sleep in night.

Avoid laptops and mobiles while going to sleep

This is the greatest problem of all for not having a good sleep. It is advised not to use laptop and phones late in night because the blue rays coming out from the mobile and laptop screens does not let you sleep. It sends signals to brain for being attentive during the time of sleep as well.

Take a shower before going to bed

Freshness is the key to good sleep and bed time as well. So, having a quick bath before the bed will relax your mind and will fill you with positivity, you will feel fresh and great, happy sleep in result.

Maintain distance from caffeine drinks in night

Caffeine is for keeping your mind alert all the time. So having caffeine drinks will not let you sleep easily in night and hence drinks and foods those contain caffeine should not be inhaled near the bed time.

Take help from the basic activities

Small activities like reading a book or a journal is a good idea and habit to make a good sleepy night. Go for some mellow music for having a good sleep and set a schedule which can suit your surroundings too.

These all are the ways to a good and happy sleep. It is good to sleep n night without any kind of stress or pressure, spend good time with your family and keep your work in the boundary lines of your office only, bringing work to home means bringing sleeplessness along with you.

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