Eat An Avocado Everyday-Benefits of Avocado

Nature has blessed us with a variety of fruits and natural herbs, and some fruits are herb in itself, they are not only nutritious but also contain some essentials beneficial for health and act as medicines to cure and prevent certain diseases.

Nature is a blessing and its fruits are the boon for us. These fruits are also used in the composition of certain ayurvedic medicines and are also taken in different forms, which acts as an immunity booster.

One such fruit, today we will discuss about is avocado.

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What Is An Avocado?

Avocado is a tree, whose fruit is also known as avocado pear or alligator pear, avocado pear is basically a huge berry, that has one large seed also known as pit or stone.  Avocado’s scientific name is Persea americana.  An Avocado contains about 160 calories.

Avocados usually ripen after harvesting.

Avocado is usually not grown in India and is originated in Mexico and hence does not have a specific name in Hindi, however, sometimes avocado in Hindi is called avocado phal where phal means fruit.


Nutritional Value Of Avocado

Avocado is very rich in fibre, a medium sized avocado has ten grams of fibre. Avocado contains monosaturated fat that boosts (HDL)  good cholesterol and decreases (LDL) bad cholesterol. Avocado has 20 types of vitamins and minerals. Avocado has plenty of monosaturated fats and has a rich smooth and creamy texture. Avocado is also rich in potassium, copper, vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E and B-vitamins. They are also rich in fatty acids, specially the oleic acid, plant compounds like carotenoids, antioxidants and D-Mannoheptulose a sugar compound.

How Can You Consume Avocados?

Yes food now becomes tastier and healthier with Avocados as Avocados can be consumed as raw fruit, also it can be consumed in the form,  you can also have them in other forms like adding to a recipe, through a medium of seasoning,  or stuffing,  or  get some avocado spreads,  in guacamole (a famous Mexican dish). You can also use it as a substitute of mayo, you can also add it in your salad, you can pickle it and can also have avocado fries.  Also, you can have it in smoothie and ice creams, pasta sauces, pancakes and drinks etc.

Benefits of Avocado.

Tasty can be healthy too, and cholesterol can be good too. Yes, Avocado contains good cholesterol and other vitamins and minerals and it also tastes goods that’s a plus point.  So here is the list of some magical benefits of this healthy tasty fruit Avocado.

1)  Resistance For Existence (Cancer Prevention)

Avocado is not only tasty but it is healthy too, one of Avocado’s major benefit is that it prevents cancer. Yes, it shows a big stop sign to cancer. Yes now kick off your tension about cancer, as your avocados keeps you cancer free…  The photochemical present in Avocado are powerful enough to prevent the chemotherapy in people suffering from oral cancer. The MUFAs present in Avocado provides more protection against chromic diseases when compared to other fatty acids, as MUFAs decreases inflammation.  Beta-sitosterol is again highly protective and lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Carotenoids and antioxidants decrease the chances of skin cancer. This is like fighting skin cancer with food.

2) Hale And Healthy Heart

Yes, Avocado lets your heart be hale and healthy.. One of the well known benefits of avocado is also its essentials that improves heart health.

Avocado oil helps improves heart health. Avocado oil’s fatty acids composition balances the blood lipids and promotes a healthy heart.  Avocados contain about 71 percent of Mono saturated fats.

3) Subtract Your Unhealthy Fat. (Weight loss)

Yes, avocado is an amazing source for losing weight, add avocado to your diet and let it subtract your fat easily. Adding avocado to your salad diets makes your salad a complete fuller meal, you eventually eat less when you have an Avocado, the reason behind this is the healthy fats that makes you feel full faster, in turn, you eat less and lose weight.

4) Prevents Diabetes.

Avocados also helps in the prevention of insulin resistance and lowers the risk of diabetes.  As Avocado contains MUFA, it becomes helpful in promoting healthy blood lipid profile,  regulates glucose levels, improves insulin sensitivity and balances blood pressure as it also prevents obesity, negative effects on metabolism and oxidative damage.

5) No Fiddling With Hormones

Avocado does not let external factors fiddle with your hormones, thus it prevents the disturbance of hormones and balances them. The fatty acids present in Avocados regulates the functions of the central nervous system, cognitive and reproductive health because they effect the hormonal levels and naturally balances hormones. This can sometimes also be called as anti-depression diet as higher fat diet might lower anxiety, depression, stress and other mental disorders and problems. The stimulate proper thought processing,  hormone productions and also stress reduction mechanisms that takes place in our mind.

Some other benefits of consuming Avocados are that they improve digestive health and  helps cure problems with digestive tracks as they are rich in fibre, Avocados for skin, avocados for eyes, and avocados for hair are a must, as they are rich in vitamins that are fat soluble, if you consume them, they become the secret behind your bright eyes, glowy skin and shiny and silky hair, though these benefit can also be availed if you use them topically.

So these were some basic facts about the fruit Avocado, it is no less than a magic herb or your safe stone that keeps the evil eye of diseases away from you and protects from you chronic and dangerous diseases like cancer and diabetes. Hope to see you reading next time with avocado in your hand, plate or your favourite recipe.

Stay Fit Stay Happy.

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