Cancer it the disease which has been very dangerous all the time and name of cancer has itself become a phobia for the people. There are number of people who die each year because of this disease.

But today we will be discussing about cancer in lymph nodes. So now we will be going through some of the basic questions that you may ask or may have in mind while going through and covering the complete solution for the cancer solution.

What is the lymph system?

There is a network in our body of some vane like structures but not exactly called as vanes but lymph vessel or lymph nodes network. This is nothing but a part of the immune system of human body.

Lymph vessel system is present in all our body and carries a transparent water like fluid called as lymph.

What do lymph nodes do?

The pronunciation of word lymph is as limf, while the work of lymph nodes play a very important role in the body and their function is to collect waste material like bacteria, infections, viruses and also collect fluids.

It is only the lymph system which contains white blood cells in order to protect body from infection. Lymph system protects body from many diseases and helps to filter the active cells and tissues present in body.

Lymph system is spread from all over the body and it takes away bad compounds like CO2 out from the tissues and carries oxygen with some important nutrients. Lymph vessels after collecting all the waste from the body, they drain it near the heart in blood vessels.

Reason Behind The Swollen Lymph Nodes

There is not a single or specific reason behind the swollen lymph nodes, there are many reasons which can result in swollen lymph nodes. Like, if the waste material with lymph nodes is not able drain properly, lymph nodes swallow.

Due to a serious injury in a part that has been covered by lymph nodes, this can also harm the lymph vessel system and can lead to infection in the lymph nodes. Infection, injury, or even cancer can be reason behind the swollen lymph nodes.

There are particular area in the body from where the lymph nodes usually swell. Like, near the neck, in fingers, underarms and groin. In most of the cases, they swell in a single part of the body at a time.

There can be painful lymph nodes in neck in some cases and this is a serious problem which can create problems in speaking also. Different areas swelling have different meanings and possibilities like swelling of lymph nodes near ear may indicate to cold or ear infection.

Infections like chicken pox and strep throat are, some immune system diseases and cancer called as lymphoma can be the reason behind the swollen lymph nodes.

Reasons of cancer in the lymph nodes:

In actual, most of the types of cancer arise due to the lymphatic system and there are various ways in which it can indicate that the reason behind the unusual activity is cancer.

Painful lymph nodes should not be avoided and visiting a doctor is must as it is very normal when you have cancer in lymph system. It is not mandatory that only swelling will happen outside the body and you may have cancer.

Sometimes lymph nodes network spreads unusually and can grow like tumor (T) in the body which can block the breathing through lungs and you may find difficult to breathe. Presence of metastasis (M) and also the extension of the lymph nodes (N) can give birth to cancer.

When all these problems are part of lymph system then a very common term given to this staging cancer is TNM system. This is counted by the machines and doctors that how many nodes in total are affected by cancer and this decides the stage of cancer at which the patient is suffering.

How cancer spreads in lymph nodes?

Cancer always spreads from the part from where it has born (from one part of the body, this is called as primary cancer) and hence we know that it is the result of tumor or extended lymph nodes. When the cancer cells break from a tumor then they tend to move to other parts of the body but within the lymph system.

Only if the cancer cells travel within the lymph vessels, they may get destroyed and can be finished. But in some cases the cells move out of the system and instead of ending they tend to mix with the blood stream and spread to other parts of the body.

In these cases, cancer can give birth to various new tumors and this is called as metastasis cancer. Which is a type of lymph nodes cancer.

How cancer in the lymph nodes can be traced?

There are certain symptoms of every disease and our body reacts in an unnatural way when something is wrong with it. So, in this case also there are certain symptoms those if not ignored can let you know about the problem earliest.

Lymph nodes are generally very tiny and small in size due to which they cannot be seen or felt but when they are attacked by some infections, inflammations, or are suffering from cancer. They tend to swell and hence become thicker than their actual size. They can be felt with fingers and can also be visible sometimes.

When you feel unnatural swelling at any of your body part like neck, chest, breast, fingers and many more, you should have a city scan of your body for the confirmation of the problem.

Sometimes the problem spreads inside and lymph nodes swell inside the body which cannot be felt outside but you will feel things like problems in breathing, unhealthy and improper digestion problems if the tumor takes place inside your body.

How to get rid from cancer in the lymph nodes?

It depends on the time at which you have become aware that you have cancer in the lymph nodes. Which further tells that how many total nodes are affected by this and what type of treatment should be done to remove cancer from lymph nodes.

Very firstly when the problem starts to appear on the body and swelling of lymph nodes can be clearly seen and hence doctors take a sample of the affected node in order to test the type of cancer.

If the cancer cells are found in one lymph node then some of the side connected nodes are also removed from the body part. And it is ensured that no cancer cell should remain in the body.

Removal of some lymph nodes from the body is called as biopsy and when there are number of nodes removed then it is called as lymph node sampling or dissection of lymph nodes

This is a proper surgical operation and if the cancer has already found in a large extent and has tiny cells in many lymph nodes. Then special treatments like radiation and chemo are also needed after the surgery too. If not done, then there are chances of cancer coming back again.

What does it mean if there is cancer in lymph nodes?

There are various possibilities and treatments for the problem. As If the cancer in lymph nodes is in very small extent then the lymph node is tested in microscope so that the type of cancer could be known.

And if the cancer in fully spread in lymph node then it becomes compulsory to remove those from the body. If the cancer spreads out from the lymph system through connective tissue and is also taking place in other parts of the body, this means that the cancer is fast spreading and should be treated as soon as possible.

When the cancer is fast spreading then it is called as extracapsular extension. This is when the cancer is found beyond the primary points and should be treated with surgery and chemo or radiation processes as well.

Side effects of removing lymph node

When a part of the lymph system is removed from the body, it cannot grow again and hence the circulation of the lymph fluid to the removed parts of lymph nodes stops.

This will appear odd for some time and it is a lifelong problem called as lymphedema. Lymph vessels are now settled to a dead end where lymph nodes used to be.

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