8 Breast Cancer Facts

We humans are surrounded by an enormous environment, that includes everything from the air we breathe to the  water we drink, from the humans we communicate with to the little parasites we are unable to see, from  the ones that are near us to the  far fetched celestial or heavenly bodies like sun, these all things affect us in different manner,  some positive providing us the required material, and some totally negative, this negative effect may lead to chronic and fatal diseases.

This is the bitter truth that we cannot escape our environment, and cannot stop them, from working according to their nature, that may harm us, but we can definitely protect and prevent our self from these negative effects leading to diseases. How can we prevent ourselves from such dangerous environment these days, full of adulterated and polluted surroundings?

This same question arises in our mind, when we hear about another chronic disease, with poor survival rate and that is Breast Cancer.

So now we will discuss breast cancer its causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention and awareness.

Breast Cancer as the name suggests is a cancer-related disease in which cancer develops in the breast.

Male breast cancer is less common than female breast cancer as women breast is tender and contains dense breast tissue. Cancer is basically an uncontrolled growth of cells, and when this process starts in our breast tissue, then that type of cancer is called breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Facts

  1. In the US every 1 in 8 women has been detected with breast cancer.
  2. It is mostly found in women than in men. Thus the risk factors increase if you are women.
  3. In every 2 minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer on an average. And 1 woman dies in every 13 minutes because of this cancer on an average.
  4. There are about 3.1 million survivors of this disease that are living in the US today.
  5. Men can also be detected with breast cancer, it is found that the 2,470 cases of breast cancer have been found in men in the US.
  6. Breast Cancer is the second leading factor of death in women after lung cancer.
  7. Mutations in BRCA1  genes pertain to 50-70% chances of having breast cancer around the age of 70 or even earlier.
  8. Breast Cancer survival rate has increased in last few years. A patient may live upto five years after diagnosis. The survival rate in women has increased to about 90 percent.

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the breast cancer awareness month or the breast cancer month. Its aim is to make people aware of breast cancer and make its treatment available to them.

An annual campaign worldwide is set up that highlights breast cancer, its education and treatment involving a good number of organisations. They also provide the patients the drug they need for the treatment of patients.

They collect funds through charity for research for a permanent cure of the same.  Breast cancer awareness’s most prominent symbol is a breast cancer ribbon of pink colour or you can simply call it a pink ribbon. This one month campaign is sometimes known as pinktober also. It started in 1985 by the American Cancer Society and Astra Zeneca, a pharmaceutical company.

NBCAM also includes fund raising activities like breast cancer walk (foot races),  walking, running and riding in the event. Male breast cancer week in celebrated during the third week of October.

The first stamp of breast cancer awareness, featuring the pink ribbon was issued in 1996 in US.

So these were some facts and basic information about breast cancer, hope you take of yourself and your loved ones, and if you find yourself or loved ones in trouble or with some signs and symptoms then do visit your health care provider as early as you can.

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