Benefits of Yoga : a golden bridge, that leads to life.

Nowadays life has become a race, we often run behind materialistic things, like money,  and chase for fame and success, we give our best and sacrifice our sleep, leisure, time, skills and even blood and sweat to earn a good living.

We keep running forward and our health lags behind, exhausted and tired. And soon we too  start lag behind in our life, life has become so hectic, and stressful that we lose our health in the dark atmosphere of ambition and earnings,

And so stress management, and yoga managements have entered the scene as a saviour of the common man.

We have to realise the importance of yoga in students life as well, nowadays students are so engrossed in their academic race, that they stop moving their limbs at all, however yoga, would give them a short break from their studies and rejuvenate them. It has been useful since the ancient times, it has helped many of us to live a calm and peaceful life.

Often we have heard people say the Golden bridge yoga, this shows the importance of yoga, symbolising yoga as a bridge that says us from falling out of health.

This entire space is dedicated to yoga, we will discuss here, the importance of yoga, benefits of yoga,  Shakti yoga, spiritual benefits of yoga etc. But before that, we will clarify exactly what is yoga?

Yoga is a form of exercise its origin is India or ancient India but now is practised across the world today. Yoga enhances our physical strength, helps you to improve our mental health and helps us gain the spiritual growth.

We are learning about others but we are forgetting about yourself hence helps us know ourselves, and focus on our selves.

If we look at the popularity of yoga, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested at the UN Assembly that yoga should be given a special day, because it is beneficial for everyone and converting it into a world event would help spread the awareness about its benefit and its importance in life. After then 21st June 2015, World Yoga Day was celebrated for the first time across the world.

Free yoga classes were given at many small towns to celebrate this day, many yoga camps had been formed to give free yoga teachings to students, and seniors,

Many sessions and free lectures were given at ever nook and corner to spread the awareness of yoga and make them aware that how yoga is important for seniors and how yoga is important for kids, children and men  of all the age groups were allowed to attend those sessions,  and since then it has been celebrated every year on 15 th, June .

Yoga keeps you fit, strong and also have a lot of long-term benefits, you must make it an integral part of your lifestyle.  There are different yoga poses, like yoga standing pose etc.

There are several benefits of doing yoga every day, some benefits of yoga include:

Better posture/ flexibility

Yoga keeps our spine erect, it enables us to sit straight and not sit with a drooping posture. It improves our body posture when we stand, sit, sleep or walk. Also, it helps release the pain and the stress on our spine exerted through our incorrect posture.

The continuous and determined practice of Yoga helps us in keeping the spine strong and prevents fatigue and exhaustion.

Along with correcting our body posture, it stretches your muscles which makes our body quite flexible. As it tones the body muscles and makes them strong.

We can easily do those tough dance steps to which we always looked with awe and wonder through consistent yoga practice, as it makes your body strong, supple and flexible. This is one of the physiological effects of yoga on the body.

Improved bone health and mental sharpness

Many postures and exercise in yoga require us to lift our own weight which helps in making the bones stronger and helps ward off osteoporosis.

It also helps us improve our memory and concentration, meditation which is a part of yoga, concerns with concentration and memory, and increases our retaining power. Hence this can lead to the spiritual benefit of yoga.

 Improved blood flow/circulation

The inverted and twisting nature of Yoga postures, wring out the venous blood from the internal organs.

It transports oxygen and nutrients throughout our body and hence allows oxygenated blood to flow. This also boosts the haemoglobin and red blood cells count. Which in turn gives us healthier organs, skin and brain. This is the benefit of doing yoga every day.

Improves heart health and cardiovascular conditioning

Gentle yoga practice can provide you with cardiovascular benefits, by lowering resting heart rate, increasing endurance and improving oxygen uptake while exercising. When you practice Yoga continuously, our heart gets into the aerobic range. This lowers the risk of heart attack and also relieves depression.

Lowered blood pressure and blood sugar.

The savasana (corpse pose) proves useful for the people with hypertension, (high blood pressure). This pose has resulted in great improvement in people with high blood pressure. Yoga also helps in maintaining and lowering our blood sugar levels.

yoga lowers blood sugars and LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and boosts and increases HDL (Good Cholesterol) yoga has been found to decrease blood sugar level in people with diabetes through several ways.

Yoga encourages weight loss and helps increase the effect of the sensitivity of insulin. Practice yoga, and be free from diabetes-related complications like kidney failure, blindness and heart attack.

Improved balance and weight loss

Yoga focuses on the holding postures for a long period of time. This improves our body balance and develops muscle tone.

yoga also helps in the reduction of weight, it boosts our metabolism, and build stronger muscle, if we won’t reduce our weight in no time, then we should start having more of organic food. This is the benefit of yoga for weight loss.

Relaxation and sleeping aid

Yoga can help relieve the stress of modern life. and help us sleep deeper. Yoga encourages us to relax and slow our breath and to focus on the present. It shifts our focus from sympathetic nervous system to parasympathetic nervous system.

Restorative asana and meditation also encourage a turning inward of the senses, which relaxes the nervous system. Relaxed sleep depicts the importance of yoga and meditation.

Improved lung health/improved breathing

Yoga pays attention to our breathing pattern and makes us aware of breathing correctly through pranayama, which reduces our stress response,

It filters the air, warms it and humidifies it removing the pollen and the dirt, supplying fresh oxygen into the lungs. Which in turn improves the lung function and encourages relaxation. A change in breathing pattern can affect our body ‘s experience of response to stress.

Reduced digestive problems

Yoga like any other physical exercise proves the beneficiary as it can ease constipation and prevents colon cancer.

The movements that Yoga involves, improve the transport of food and remove waste through the bowels. This helps in getting rid of the waste from the system more effectively.

Eases our pain and boost’s energy

Yoga can ease our pain and it also helps those who suffer from arthritis, back pain and other chronic conditions. It doesn’t matter if we are suffering from fibromyalgia or may it be migraines or a headache, yoga releases us from the chains of pain.

When we relieve pain, we are in a much better mood and are inclined to be more active. Practising yoga provides consistent energy, most of the yogi informs that if we do our yoga exercise correctly, we will gain more energy and feel fresh in our yoga sessions instead of getting tired.

So these were some physical and mental benefits of Yoga, yoga and physical health are so combined just like the molecules of water that cannot be separated easily.

It is always recommended to lead a  good healthy life and stay active. Yoga should be a part of our daily routine as it is said prevention is better than cure, ensure your health not only through money but yoga as well.

Exercise well and you will live well. As it is said Health is Wealth, hence keep this wealth safe, as it is the most useful wealth in our old age.

So here I conclude with the lines

What breathing is to live, is yoga is to health

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