BENEFITS OF RAW MILK: It is often advised to many for not to drink raw milk and the reason behind it is that, nothing but the mislead thoughts which are being transferred from one person to another, but here we will be introducing you to the number of benefits of raw milk. Everything has benefits and other sides too but in the case of raw milk many are being mislead as they have been looking for only the bad side of raw milk. Numbers of researches from FDA and CDC have found that the myth about raw milk being dangerous to health is completely false; the other side says that it has many benefits which are not being known by many people.

So before be begin the study, let us know that what is raw milk? Raw milk is nothing but a totally pure form of milk that comes from grass-fed cows, it is unhomogenized and unpasteurized that is rich in all the natural enzymes, minerals, fatty acids and vitamins which make it a complete food in itself. This can never cause problems because of bacteria as many researchers have proved that this is just about 0.0005% of the bad food products that can harm you, and gave raw milk a clean chit for the intake.

So, without any further discussions let us tell you about number of benefits of raw milk;

  1. Helps in reduction of allergies

Here allergy is not only the normally seen allergies but yes we are taking about something serious like asthma which is a very dangerous and deadly disease which can develop in children easily, and once it takes its place in someone’s body, the whole life one has to deal with it. But raw milk can help in prevention against asthma and help them in growing healthy. A study of the same has told that children who drink milk are less likely to face problem like asthma and children who don’t, are likely to be in this problem. Children who drink raw milk regularly are also found to have a strong immune system and experience natural immunising effects.

Not only about asthma and immune system, some studies have found that raw milk helps in good growth of children and overall development as well, these other ways include good dental health, immunity against the infections that are viral on many occasions and seasons, it supports skeleton growth as well which lead to strong bones. Raw milk is rich in calcium which is the major source for the strength of bones and it helps body in other ways as well.

Someone may believe it or not that this dairy product helps in prevention against allergies as well because of the presence of nutrients like vitamin D, immunoglobin (also called as anti-bodies), probiotics, all these happen to boost the immune system of body which tends to reduce risk of allergies in both adults and children as well. This is in a limit is beneficial for your digestive system as well.

  1. Raw milk helps in improving the skin health

All this will sound you surprising as the image of dairy products is not that good, especially the raw milk. Where you cannot think of any benefit of raw milk, we are here to tell you about the skin benefits of raw milk, form the number of people consuming raw milk, we have many which admit that raw milk has helped them to deal with the skin problems like eczema, psoriasis (a serious disease which takes place from the immune system and includes white blood cells which are called as T cells. T cells become abnormally active in the body because of psoriasis and they lead to unhealthy swelling along with terminating the skin cells) and acne, which are widely reported.

Healthy fats present in raw milk contain high amount of saturated fats along with omega 3 fats that help in supporting skin hydration. Although, this is not compulsory to intake the raw milk, some people use it as a moisturizer for the skin. You will be amazed to know that soap bars are being made from the milk of goat, which are supplied from Europe to United States and homemade face creams made up of raw milk can be normally found on the internet as well. So, we recommend you to try out some and see the magic of raw milk on your skin.

Unbalanced gut flora and inflammation are responsible for the skin problems like eczema and acne, but raw milk supplies probiotics as said before which lead to kill bad bacteria in the gut and this can fight against the skin problems, preventing them to take place on your body.

  1. Helps you by preventing you against lack of nutrients

According to the various researches it is observed that around 1000 calories from an average person’s diet attributes to fats and sweeteners like sugar. Now in comparison to the nutrients rich foods including vegetables, fruits and dairy products along contribute only about 420 calories, which leads to deficiency of important nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium and magnesium.

On the other hand this dairy product is so rich in all the nutrients which your body need and can fulfil your diet for the whole day. Raw milk works as a master food for your diet and in you include it regularly but in limited quantity, it will for sure provide you number of health benefits, single serving of the raw milk has 50 milligrams of magnesium, around 400 mg of calcium and 500 mg of potassium along.

All of these nutrients help in various forms in the body and can help in the circulation of blood, cellular functions, builds your bone density, helps in hydration process, detoxification, good muscle health and proper metabolism. The problems arise due to deficiency of main these three minerals in adults and in children as well which further leads to many problems, this is mainly due to too much intake of sodium through the salt.

  1. Raw milk can also be used to make probiotic foods

Probiotics are mainly the microorganisms which support the nutrition absorption and line your gut, moreover they protect from foreign invaders such as E.coli and parasites. The ways to include these probiotics in your diet is to take them in the most common and natural ways, through the milk products like cheese, yogurt and kefir. Also products like butter can be the one that help your build a good diet along.

There are number of problems to which probiotics can prevent you, deadly disease like colon cancer can be prevented, disease like diarrhea, inflammatory bowel problems, intestinal infections, skin infects that often take place due to sunburn or other things when skin comes to contact, helps to regulate and provide strength to immune system, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary track infections can be controlled and vaginal yeast infects as well.

  1. Is naturally a sugar free product

Often the dairy products need to add thickness to them for the good taste but raw milk is free from this and provides you natural thinness with almost no amount of sugar present in it which is a good news for the patients of diabetes. When this product can be inhaled without the addition of artidicial flavouring, this becomes a great food indeed which is more than just food and satisfies your hunger as well.

Special and easy way to make raw milk face cream for skin benefits

You just need 2-3 ingredients which are 2 table spoons of raw cream which can be extracted from the raw milk easily, 2 table spoons of lemon juice and 2 table spoons of raw honey. Mix them thoroughly and you skin-smoothing raw milk cream will be ready to use, apply the mixture to face and leave it for around 3-5 minutes then rinse off. You will feel fresh and many of dead skin cells will be removed by the mixture itself and your can easily use this formula for daily routine of at least four times a week for regular healthy skin.

If one is not able to find raw cream then you can also use kefir instead which is one of the highest probiotic rich product, using this as a face wash can kill bad bacteria and can help you out in prevention against dry skin.

So, this is all for the benefits of raw milk and we hope that now you will defiantly go for this amazing product keeping myths aside and enjoy the benefits of raw milk.

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