Any of us, especially in India is not there who have not got this advice from their elders that one should drink water in a copper vessel after storing it for around 8 hours of time. We must have done this but have ever given a thought to this that why should we drink water in a copper vessel? Or how copper vessel can increase properties of water? No? Then here we are to solve your confusion and introduce you to various benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel.

So, this is not only advice from an elder person of your home but also from the Ayurveda study which tells us the benefit of drinking water in copper vessel. Ayurveda says that water from a copper vessel is able to remove three doshes from your body that are vata, pitta and kapha, as copper charges the water positively. Also they have given a name to water stored in copper vessel is called as “Tamara jal”.  When water is stored in a copper vessel, copper transfers its many properties in water which fill it up with the positivity. Now here we go to some details that how water stored in copper vessel can help you and give you number of benefits:

  1. Improves the performance of digestive system

Digestive track is often found struggling with the problems like inability to digest some types of food properly and further results in uneasiness along with the things like acidity or gas. Copper helps you out from fighting against these problems and has ability to do so, copper can stimulate your rhythmic contraction and can relax the stomach in order to digest the food properly.

Not only about stomach but it further helps you improve the functionality of various important parts like kidneys, liver and cleans them, moreover it helps body to eliminate waste from the body. It ensures you that all the nutrients are absorbed by the body coming from the food. Studies suggest that the best way to use water is that you can store it in a copper vessel overnight and then drink a glass full in the morning empty stomach daily to improve your digestive system.

  1. Helps you in weight loss process

Weight loss is not just the process of having a diet plan that includes fiber rich fruits that make your feel full and provide you less calories. But breaking the fat is another thing that can not only be done with the intake of foods that contain fiber in them and are rich in content. Water stored in copper vessel helps you break down the fats present in your body easily and regulates your digestive system. It works as a booster for the body which can help you in your diet and adds to your weight loss goal as well. This can be done by bringing copper vessel stored water in your routine.

  1. Heals your wounds faster

Copper is one of the great tools for healing the deep cuts and wounds, not from the upper but yes from the inner side of your body. Copper is known for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that it transfers to water when stored in a copper vessel for a long time. All these properties help you in healing your wounds faster than ever, it also aids to your immune system of body and production of fresh cells in the body. This is not only about the outer wounds but also about the inner wounds especially that are related to stomach, copper water can heal them.

  1. Helps you fight against skin aging problems

If you want to get rid of very common issues like wrinkles or fine lines on your body and face which develop due to summer or any other reasons, then you can go for copper water which can help you fight against the problem. Copper works as a natural remedy and can free you from free radicals, it has anti-oxidant and properties which can help you in formation of new cells, these are the skin cells which when developed replaces the old cells with them and can make you look younger than you are. Keeping the intake of copper vessel stored water will help you reduce the fine lines and wrinkles by a natural way.

  1. Copper water beats hypertension and maintaining cardiovascular health

There are many more benefits of copper vessel stored water than one can think. Copper vessel stored water is helpful in maintaining the lower level of cholesterol along with it, it helps in regulating the blood pressure further minimizing the risk of heart diseases. Studies from American Cancer society suggest that there are number of things like heartbeat, triglyceride and cholesterol levels which can be maintained by the water stored in copper vessels.

  1. Lowers the risk of cancer

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that is known for lowering down the body cells and eliminates them slowly, if it is found in its last stage then it becomes almost impossible for doctors also to save the patient. Some of the cases are like which can effects patient and the family as well. There are number of people who die every year from the cancer problems.

Development of cancer arises from the formation of free radicals in the body which tend to terminate healthy cells from the body but copper works in opposite to this site and has very strong anti-oxidant properties which can help in formation of free radicals and further lowers the risk of cancer.

  1. Protection against the various infections

Infections are the diseases which are very viral on some day or another, saving you from these is a difficult but possible task to do so. Copper has sterilizing effect on the bacteria which has came from the metallic properties, this is called as oligodynamic nature in the technical language. The property is very helpful in erasing bacteria very efficiently from the body.

Its anti-viral properties help us to fight and kill E.coli and S.aureus becteria which are normally found in the surrounding, the very first impact of these bacteria is to increase the effect of viral diseases on our body. But copper water is the thing which can help us from being included in this.

  1. Regulation of the working of thyroid gland

Increase of thyroid hormone in the body leads to various diseases one of them is called as hyperthyroidism and another is called as Hypothyroidism, there are two reasons behind the arise of this problem, one is the excess of thyroid hormone and another is deficiency of the same. Both the cases, this is because of the lack of Copper in the body, regulation of this process can only be done by increasing the amount of copper in your body.

Chemically doctors can provide you the medicines which are rich in copper and can fulfil your need. On the other hand you have copper vessel water which is a natural way to get rid of these diseases. And, if consumption of copper water is included in your daily routine then you will not have to face this situation in anyways.

  1. Reliefs you from arthritis and inflamed joints

According to the aging, people tend to get weak day by day and face inflamed joint pains in daily life, however this adds when they are not on a proper diet and food which can reduce their problems. Studies show that copper has anti-inflammatory problems which can help you in reducing the pain and get a relief from the same. Problems like arthritis and rheumatoid are main reasons which lead to inflammation and joint pain. Copper provides boost to your immune system along with it, copper helps in strengthening the bones as well, that can defiantly reduce weakness and helps you to live a healthy live moreover.

  1. Helps in beating anaemia

The good thing is that copper is needed for many processes that occur in our body and we have strict need of the same. Thinks like cell formation and adding iron to the body and circulating it to various parts of body. This becomes the reason that how anaemia can be kept at bay with the help of copper intake in the body on daily basis. It maintains the level of iron and regulates the flow of blood vessels in the body.

This is advised to be careful while buying the vessels of copper as there are many types of vessels available in the market. Search for the one which is of pure copper and has no mixed metal in it which will work for storage of water into it. Copper is a soft one and other vessels will be quite strong as compared to a right copper vessel. If you have only one person in the house to drink water from copper vessel then you can reduce your budget and can go for a simple glass of copper. So, these were the number of benefits of copper vessel stored water, drink it regularly to stay fit and young.

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