Benefits of Banana and Side Effects of Banana.

Banana is very common fruit we eat in our daily lives but there is always a question that is stuck in everyone’s mind that what are the benefits of banana? We will not only introduce you to the benefits of banana but also to preventions from banana or side effects of banana. Banana is the world’s 4th most consumed fruit in monetary value according to world food association.

So first let us know that what are the main vitamin and proteins that are found in banana, which make it healthy for one and harmful for other. A regular banana weights around 126 grams and is rich in potassium, contains around 422 milligram of potassium, 30 grams of carbohydrate, 110 calories, 1 gram of protein, rich in iron, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Banana is free from fat, sodium and cholesterol. All these have different functions and work according to one’s needs.

Here now we come to, Health Benefits of Banana

  • Banana helps in maintaining the level of potassium in body which further leads to lesser heart problems.
  • Having banana a day can help you maintaining lower blood pressure and banana helps in pregnancy too for the same reason, a pregnant women often faces the problems related to high or very lower blood pressure but banana maintains one’s BP by balancing the amount of potassium in body and prevents sodium to take over the blood cells.
  • Banana reduces the risk of very dangerous diseases like asthma and cancer in body, a study of Imperial college of London found that children who consume one banana in day had 34% less chances of asthma.
  • Banana is a good source of Vitamin C which includes protection against deficiencies in immune system and prenatal health problems.
  • Banana helps not only in preventing against asthma or cancer but it also helps in maintaining the sugar levels (diabetes).
  • Banana also contain a amino acid known as tryptophan that helps in reducing the stress, preserving sharp memory, maintaining the balance in body and boost up mood.
  • Banana helps in stopping the formation of kidney stones as potassium regulates moment of nutrients in body and waste products in & out of cells.
  • Banana during pregnancy can help in providing essential amount of folic acid that helps in development of nerves, brain and spinal cord in growing foetus.
  • During pregnancy, banana reduces amount of anemia in body which in later stages may become cause of complications.
  • Banana is a good source of calcium as well which helps in healthy bone development during pregnancy.
  • A pregnant woman may feel hungry even after a few hours of having her meals so, in the place she can have banana either which reduces hunger pangs.

Side Effects of Banana/Preventions to be taken from banana:

  • People who take beta blocker medicines which are for heart patients should avoid having more than half banana a day. They should not increase the amount of consuming bananas suddenly.
  • Banana may be harmful for those who have problems with their kidneys, if the kidneys are not fully functional then they may face bigger problems.
  • Those who have allergy from banana should not intake it as it may lead to various problems related to mouth or throat like itching, hives (small red patched over body), swelling and wheezing.
  • People with problems related to migraine headache should avoid banana as it may increase the problem for those.
  • Banana is rich in fibre and hence it should be consumed in a limited quantity, more banana reaches in development of problems like bloating, gas & stomach cramps.

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