Banana is a tasty fruit and has a number of benefits, somehow people are also advised to have bananas in both the cases, whether it is about gaining or losing weight. So moving to the point, this fruit has all the properties that help in dealing with both the cases.

There are many questions about this thing that, can we gain weight by eating banana? Or can bananas help you lose weight? The answer to both is a yes! How? This is by consuming banana accordingly and according to your need, whether you want to gain or lose your weight.

how many bananas should you eat per day? And how do bananas cause you gain weight?

Eating only bananas and preferring nothing else will work in losing the weight and on the other hand if you have about 5-6 bananas with proper meals, this will be helping you to gain in the weight.

So, here we are with the first questions that what is banana diet plan for weight loss? And how do bananas cause you lose weight? Bananas are rich in calories and contain around 108 calories which are equal to almost 18 gram of carbohydrates which are essential for the effective and smooth functioning of the body organs. Whereas excess of carbohydrates leads to weight gain.

Bananas are not just good in calories but also rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals along, which are responsible for the improvement of basic metabolic rate. As the basic metabolic rate increases, we start to lose weight automatically. Banana also contains pectin which helps in satisfaction of hunger and keeps you feeling full for a longer time.

Bananas help in weight loss as they have less glycemic index that also adds in reduction of weight. Moreover it is also rich in vitamin B6 from which many fruits are deficient, B6 helps in keeping body healthy even after some work out whereas the deficiency of this vitamin in body leads to various diseases.

Enzyme that are essential for the body to increase the rate of food digestion which results in automatic reduction of weight. Its sweet taste satisfies our sweet tooth as well, so there are more things that tend us to take this food and add it to daily diet.

There are different types of banana for weight loss these are the banana which can actually help you out in weight loss and these are some of the types;

  1. Baby bananas
  2. Burro bananas
  3. Cavendish bananas
  4. Red bananas
  5. Plantain bananas

Baby bananas, as the name suggest are the small bananas which are normally found in United States and other four types, Burro, Cavendish, Red and Plantain bananas also help in losing weight. Cavendish bananas are also called as Chiquita bananas which are available worldwide and are most popular in the United States.

how banana can help in weight gain? Is banana one of the best fruits for weight gain? Do eating banana daily increases weight? Or is banana one of the food that can gain weight?

All these are the most common questions and we have answers to them all, bananas are rich in calories which makes them a fruit that can add to the weight gaining activity. Banana of 6-inch length contains around 90-95 calories, which is a very less amount that you consume after having a small amount of food.

So, only having banana does not add to the weight gain anyways, there are a certain type of milkshakes, protein shakes that you need to have along with banana which will be helping you in gaining some weight.

Bananas are no doubt rich in calories but inhaling only and only bananas can lead to weight loss activity which is totally opposite to your expectations.

Our goal is to tell you “the banana diet” which will add to your weight. Bananas are rich in magnesium, and vitamin B6 which is helpful for the digestive system, prevention against bone diseases and regulation of the bowel movement.

Potassium is another good substance found in bananas that adds to electrolyte balance of the body, moreover, potassium is also good for muscle and nerve function which further helps in providing energy to the cells. Each banana completes 10% of your potassium requirement for the day.

For increasing your weight you will need to add bananas with the drinks that contain good amount of calcium and are rich in fats like milkshakes are. Banana shake is also a good option to go for and add it twice in your daily diet. You will need to eat a lot of bananas with these shakes and on the other hand gaining weight also depends upon your metabolism rate and daily activity of your body.

Eating banana daily increases your weight as when you eat too much of this fruit, you intake good amount of natural sugar as well, which is instantly converted into glucose by your body and is used to provide energy for physical activities. However when the amount of natural sugar increases, it is stored as glycogen in muscles and liver, for the use whenever required.

So, when the amount of glycogen increases and exceeds the limit, it is stored in the form of fat and is provided to the body, this is how bananas help you in gaining weight. Along with this, a lot more bananas does not include more that 5 to 6 bananas in a day, too much banana intake can lead to constipation and can also slow down your bowel movement.

how to include banana in your diet to gain weight?

We are now telling you that how banana can be included to your diet in proper ways which will help you to gain weight;

  1. Fruit salad is always a best option for serving yourself and others in order to provide and nutritious and tasty diet. Bananas can also be served in the form of salad by mixing them with other fruits like papaya, apple, watermelon and much more.
  2. Only banana consumption is also good and you can sprinkle some special salt or home masala in order to make it tastier.
  3. Blending banana with lower fat yogurt is also an option to make banana smoothie.
  4. Fruit sandwich is also a good option to go for and banana can be cut into long slices and can be added to the breads to make a fruit sandwich with other fruits as well

All this is not only for adults, banana can help in weight gain in babies as well. All these tasty and smart recipes will increase the yumminess of the fruit and will be easy to consume for the babies and children as well.

Now not only the banana diets but there are also ways to make healthy drinks using banana. A banana shake or banana milkshake. Recipe to make banana milkshake goes here;

You need 1-2 bananas, 0.5-1 glass of milk, sugar (optional), vanilla extract, almonds or other dry fruits, ice cream (optional).

Now follow these steps to make banana milkshake

  1. Mix banana (sliced), milk and ice in a blender.
  2. Now add a scoop of ice cream and almonds.
  3. Mix them all till the mixture converts in a smooth and thick drink.
  4. Toppings can be done by adding some re cheery on the drink.
  5. Now serve and enjoy your drink.

And this is all that how you can add banana to your diet and how different types of bananas help you gain or lose weight in different ways. So, remember not to have too much bananas, just have some in a proper way and daily in the diet to shape your body in a good way.

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