Asbestosis Definition, Causes and Treatment

Asbestosis is the name of a disease that is found in lungs which takes place when asbestos fibers cause scarring in the lungs.

This restricts the breathing and adds a lot of problems to the breathing, also it makes it difficult for your blood stream to inhale oxygen. Some of the other names of asbestosis are interstitial pneumonitis and pulmonary fibrosis.

This originates from the exposure to asbestos, from which this names also has originated. Now the very common question and the answer is here.

What is asbestosis?

This refers to the certain type of minerals which are resistant to several chemicals and to heat and fire as well. Asbestos generally comes in contact from building products, industrial areas, and automotive industries, it is also capable to make someone it if they expose to this mineral in anyways.

Normally from the workplaces where asbestos is used, this takes place in your body. It takes many years to develop and becomes extremely life threatening.

What are the symptoms of asbestosis?

As said before that this disease takes years to develop and hence normally the symptoms of this takes almost 20-22 years to get visible and noticeable.

And individuals of ages around 10-40 are mostly found to be affected by it.

Some common symptoms of asbestosis are:

  1. You may feel tightness in your chest
  2. Will have problems in breathing
  3. Sometimes chest pain can also be there
  4. Enlargement of finger tips (termed as finger clubbing)
  5. Persistent dry cough
  6. Loss of appetite
  7. Deformities of nails

What are the causes of asbestosis?

The most common causes include inhale of asbestos and when you inhale asbestos fibers, some of them become embedded in the lungs and this creates scar tissues around them. This scarring is termed as “asbestosis”.

Scarring makes it difficult for the lung tissues from expending and compressing normally which creates problem in breathing.

The chances of developing this disease even increase when you have worked on a workplace linked with asbestos without following federal laws of exposure.

Fireworks job and constructions sights also add to this disease. And your chances for developing this or similar disease even increase if you smoke cigarette.

Treatment of asbestosis

Asbestosis cannot be cured, and it only have treatments that can control the further growth of the problem.

You will also need to take some precautions like not exposing yourself again to the asbestosis and other thing is quitting smoking, if you do.

In some of the cases, a lung transplant becomes essential for saving the life of patient and the treatment works lifelong.

Some patients spend a long time of their lives on beds as the natural oxygen intake becomes very hard for them and hence they are oxygenated by means of cylinders or by the oxygen face mask or nose pipes.

Ways to keep yourself away from asbestosis

If your job includes the work related to asbestos then you must start visiting a good doctor for every 3-4 years and get done your x-ray for the same.

Another thing that you can do is remember to use each equipment that is provided for your safety from inhaling asbestos fibers.

Follow all the procedures carefully and sincerely in order if your job includes regular exposure to asbestos.

You should keep an eye on the levels of exposure to asbestos in the workplace and allow only work that includes dealing with asbestos in a certain and limited way, also in specified areas.

You should have knowledge for your job properly and keeping your safety in mind all the time, this requires attention and proper training sessions of employees.

Now it is said that there should be control over asbestos along with cigarette because there are chances of enhancing this problem to the more dangerous one that is mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is not caught in a day and also takes a long time to build up. Mesothelioma is also very aggressive and is capable of killing as well if not cured.

In the last stages it almost becomes impossible to cure and the treatment in last stages also focuses on decreasing the symptoms of mesothelioma, because the cancer cells spread so much that it becomes impossible to eliminate them from the body.

Sometimes many patient develop confusion between asbestosis and mesothelioma, while they are somewhat different problems. Although, the major cause of mesothelioma is cigarette while one type of mesothelioma develops from the asbestos inhalation.

So, for clearing this up we bring you to our next topic.

Difference between Asbestosis and Mesothelioma

asbestosis vs mesothelioma? Both asbestosis and mesothelioma are very rare disease. Hence, number of patients dealing with these are unaware of their actual condition and problems.

Some of those who are aware of this have very less options for the treatment and they are also found to be unaware of the risks and major problems that can take birth from these.

So the different stands right in the front that asbestosis is from the exposure of asbestos while mesothelioma is found around the cavities of abdomen, lungs and heart in rarest of rare cases.

And asbestosis is mostly disease of the lungs only. Some people who are in touch with asbestos and along with it they are cigarette lovers too. Might generate both the problems parallel to each other.

Both these problems have many things common in them as well. Like both are non-curable diseases at their peak stages, also it is almost impossible to recognise them in their early stages.

People need to be extremely aware about both these diseases and there is very less knowledge about asbestosis and mesothelioma. Many patients die due to these problems each year. And in parallel to this, researches for the cure of these are also going on.

This is all about asbestosis and mesothelioma. Keep a distance from the cigarette and along with it stay away from the people who smoke, as mesothelioma is a disease that can take place in passive smokers too and passive smoking develops 25% more chances to be a patient of mesothelioma.

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